Text Uploads

For Readers

You can toggle the author's formatting (if any) on and off with the "Toggle formatting" option at the top of every text post. The "Download" option lets you download the text file. If you toggle the formatting off and then use the download option, all BBCode tags will be stripped from the file before you download it, otherwise they will be preserved.

For Writers

Text uploads have to be plain text with the extension .txt. If you're not sure, write it in notepad or paste a pre-existing story into notepad, save it and upload the new file.

The maximum text length is currently 4000 lines at 120 characters per line.

Text can be formatted with a customized version of BBCode. Here is a list of the currently available tags:

[s]Struck through[/s]Struck through
[size=56]Sized[/size]Sized (maximum is 199px)
[color=ff00ff]Colored[/color]Colored (must be six-digit hexadecimal)
[background=ff00ff]Background[/background]Background (must be six-digit hexadecimal)
(must be six-digit hexadecimal)

Here is an example:

Turns into:

Title Goes Here

> Now this is the story
> all about how
> my life got flipped
> turned upside down

Before you upload a text file, you can pass it through the preview to see how it will look after upload.


There are no currently known bugs with the text upload feature, but if you find any bugs, let me know.