abuse artist:gr1m_1 blood breeder explicit fluffy_facts fluffy_pony_drowns foal_abuse headcanon milkies pillow_fluff punch shit_factory // 1030x775 // 865.9KB artist:I_hate_pod_six author:I_hate_pod_six headcanon headcanon_building safe worldbuilding // 0x0 // 40.5KB Fluffy-life-cycle fluffy headcanon lifecycle // 2278x3570 // 1020.2KB first-post head_canon headcanon part-1 safe worldbuilding // 0x0 // 5.0KB abuse alicorn artist:Disintegral conditioning creamsicle explicit fluffy_facts fluntfy_ponnis foal_abuse headcanon hypnosis poopeh_babbeh prototype_fluffy safe_room shit // 1000x3000 // 2.1MB artist:rq author:rq foal_association headcanon headcanon_building neutral neutralbox shelter // 0x0 // 42.3KB artist:rq foal_association headcanon headcanon_building neutral neutralbox // 640x480 // 15.4KB alicorns author:fluffiesarefood fluffies-as-food garden_fluffies headcanon jellenheimers micro-fluffies sea-fluffs trump // 0x0 // 6.3KB anatomy artist:pumpiikin fluffy furless furless_fluff furless_fluffy headcanon hoof hoofsies pumpiikin's_fluffies safe stallion // 1048x508 // 249.8KB amputee author:fluffiesarefood fluffies-as-food headcanon pillow_fluff pillowfluff pillowfluffs pillowfluffs-are-happy-fluffs pillowfluffs-are-sad-fluffs pillowfluffs-as-food safe // 0x0 // 3.3KB applefluff artist:bogie development fluffy_prototypes fluffyshy headcanon penis pinkyfluffy questionable twifluff // 1266x1322 // 56.0KB author:dajinbo exposition headcanon tagme weawwy_weawwy_gay // 0x0 // 4.7KB chirpie doctorbenway headcanon safe shit-edit shit_edit starwars zonie // 698x800 // 238.2KB advertising author:foalout4 feral fluffies hasbio headcanon headcanon_building programming safe // 0x0 // 2.7KB headcanon // 0x0 // 2.2KB demographics discussion economics headcanon headcanon_building meta-ish population safe statistics thread // 0x0 // 1.0KB encyclopedia guide guide_book headcanon neutral safe // 0x0 // 21.0KB author:foalout4 good-daddeh good-foal good-foals good-mare good-mummah good-smarty good-stallion headcanon headcanon_building innocence innocent innocent_fluffies innocent_fluffy ripe_for_abuse safe // 0x0 // 9.1KB anthro author:foalout4 fluffy_satyr headcanon headcanon_building safe satyr // 0x0 // 7.5KB artist:puffinfluff bratty breeds headcanon jellenheimer jellenthulhu safe sea-fluffs species // 1646x2814 // 1.3MB author:foalout4 chirp chirpeh_babbeh chirpeh_babbehs chirping foal foals headcanon headcanon_building instinct instincts mare mummah peep peeping peeps safe // 0x0 // 2.3KB author:missionfrombog biology breeding foal headcanon infodumpster lifecycle mummah safe talkie_babbeh wan_babbehs weanling weanlings // 0x0 // 9.4KB author:fluffypegasus headcanon how_do_grammar hugbox-ish safe // 0x0 // 1.5KB an bento book crisis fluffy fwuffyscum headcanon history lore of oral the // 0x0 // 7.6KB author:yearofthemonkey fluff-tv genetics headcanon impending-something neutral not-hooves safe // 0x0 // 7.7KB catastrophe global headcanon long_winded_politcal_bullshit loredump paramilitary prologue slavbox // 0x0 // 5.6KB author:auntyjane brat broken_leg crying deserved deserved_punishment dummeh earning-their-keep electricity feral flookers fluffy_farm_work headcanon herd impending-something labor leader-not-smarty leadership lesson mare part-3 safe smarty sobbing story:goodintentions tears text workies working_fluffies // 0x0 // 33.0KB accidental_abuse author:threeroadsdiverged birth chestnut chip confusion death fluffy_pov foals guilt hasbio headcanon helpless huggies_can't_fix_everything hyperventilation kidnapping lab miscarriage panic peta pregnant questionable sadbox simba special_friend sprinkle stillborn the_first_miscarriage truck // 0x0 // 22.8KB
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