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>Be the owner of Lavandar, the fluffy pony
>He's snarky, you're a ditz, it works
>Be walking with him around town
>A lot of good things about Lavandar came with that attitude
>He understands where to poop, to stay decently clean while eating, and doesn't need a leash or carrying when you go walking around
"Nice day today"
"Pwease don' fowce smaww dawk"
>You love him
>Walk past the park
>A lot of fluffies there today
>All tame, the ferals seem to be pretty docile and out-of-sight in the town in general
>One with red fluff and an orange mane runs up to your foal
"New fwen'?"
>Lavandar looks him over
>He runs diagnostics over whether friendship with this complete stranger is totally worth it
>A disheveled glare at you cements your theory
"Showe, new fwen'!"
>They hug
"Name Raophie! Wha' new fwen' name?"
>Lavandar bites his lip
"Name am... Wavandar"
>Ralphie's face beams
"Dat pwetty name fow foaw!"
>Ralphie looks around
"Whewe foaw mumma?"
>Lavandar gestures to you
"Dis my cawetakah"
>Ralphie looks extremely confused
"Wha' 'cawetakah'?"
>Lavandar's eye twitches
"Is wike... is wike daddeh buh-"
>Ralphie grabs him in his teeth and drags him off as fast as his little legs can muster
>Lavandar is suddenly re-considering friendship with Ralphie
"Whah? Yoo put Wavandar down NAO dummy Raophie!"
>Disregarding Lavandar's pleas, the red fluffball makes his way to a few other fluffies which, judging by the eyelashes, are some hot-looking mares
>But you wouldn't know that because you can't judge how attractive a female fluffy is because you're a human
>And that would be creepy
>Ralphie drops the foal and gets on his hind legs, standing up like a human
>You giggle to yourself, watching from afar
"Oh I am going to enjoy this"
>Lavandar brushes himself off
"Esspec' a caww fwom my congwessman..."
>His complaints go unheard by the mares all babbling about the "cyoote babbeh" and how they want to "gif babbeh huggies"
>Gotta hand it to that Ralphie, he knows how to work the girls
"Yes wadies, dis Raophie's babbeh. Raophie wuv wittle foaw wif all heawt, buh..."
>he cries aloud and they all shudder
>he starts whispering
"...Raophie haf nu mawe to hewp wif dis,"
>He picks up Lavandar
"wittle baww of wuv an' adawable an' sketties"
"Wavandar hate sketties..."
>The mares go wild for the lavender Lavandar tee hee
"Poinsedda wan be mummah wif Raophie!"
"Nu! Wosawade wiww be bes' mummah!"
"Yo mawes nu haf da mummah skiwws wike Jade!"
>A fluffy catfight ensues
>And Ralphie's just standing there, Lavandar dangling from his hoof, standing on his hind legs, and a shit-eating grin cut across his face
>The guy just needs some sunglasses or something
>The red fluffy's charisma and macho leave him like a deflated balloon as the scream pierces his little ears
>He drops Lavandar, who plops cutely on his bottom, before standing up on two of his own legs and attempts to kick Ralphie with little follow up
>You were genuinely suprised by the yell too, made you jump a little
>You turn to the source
>Holy shit
>The hottest woman ever in skin-tight black stretchy pants and a shirt from the nearby waterpark storms towards the fluffies
>Dem breasts, dat hair, dat ass
>And... that voice
>As an actor, you have an appreciation for voices, and by God that's one hell of a set of vocah chords the girl's got
>She picks up Ralphie and faces him towards Lavandar
"Did you use this foal to try and get mares again?!?"
>The little man's facade long-since broken, he starts tearing up
"Ye-yes mummah..."
"Tell him you're sorry"
>She places him next to your little attitude-ridden headache
>Gotta admit, she may seem livid, but there's such a touch of gentleness in the way she handles the little ladies' man
"So-sowwy Wavandah... jus' wanned to impwess pwetty mawes"
"Dis how yoo impwess mawes? Fwuffy-nappin' an' wying?"
>The 10/10 picks up Lavandar
"Hey there! Lavandar, was it?"
>Lavandar nods
"Where's your owner, little guy?"
>He points towards you
"Dewe am dummy hooman who watch Wavandar get town apawt wike Wavandar in faking Wome fighdin' wions an' gwadiatows an' Dwake"
>She waves at you
>THUMP THUMP THUMP your chest replies
>She starts walking over
"I don't think Drake lived in ancient Rome"
"Wavandar don' think dat wady know dummy hooman vewy weww. Stupi' diss awways fin' way to wuin Wavandar's day"
>She laughs
>Oh God that laugh
>Finally, she's less than two feet away
"Hi, I'm Katelyn, is this your wittle fwuffy?"
>Oh god now she's snuggling him
>You nod slowly
"Yeah, that's Lavandar, thanks for saving him from, Ralphie was it?"
>she turns to see Ralphie flexing in front of some other mares
"Kid's got a lot of energy"
>She turns back to you, smile across her face
"Yeah, I really love them. I train fluffies over at the waterpark and do a few shows too"
>You raise an eyebrow, engrossed
"Really? So you're pretty experienced with these little fluffballs?"
>She laughs and starts petting Lavandar, who starts purring
>Fucking purring that god-damn attentionwhore
"Yeah, I've 'been around the block' with them"
"Well, y'see, Lavandar's my first fluffy, and I've been really lucky with him for a while. He's really independent, but sometimes I feel that I still strike out with some of his pitches"
"...stupid diss..."
>She smiles
>Jesus, those blue eyes are gonna kill you
"Well, I can tell you a lot about fluffy care sometime soon"
"That sounds great, maybe over coffee tomorrow morning?"
>She smiles even wider
"Sure, why not? I don't have a show tomorrow"
>She snuggles Lavandar a little more
"And maybe you can even bring Lavandar with you-"
>she stares, scared
"Eh.. I mean... he gets up late"
"Wavandar maintains a wepudayshun fow awawys bein' da birdie dat gets da wormie..."
>She hands off the foal and you look off to the side awkwardly
"See you, tomorrow"
"Just wait one second there big boy"
"You never told me your name!"
>Charm time
"I have many names"
>she giggles
"Alright, can I have A name, please?"
"Call me Clavid"
"Clavid, that's cute"
>Holy blush
"Thanks, it's Dutch"
>She walks off with a quick glance back, smile spread across her face
>You walk home, Lavandar crushed against your chest
"Yoo aww wuining my wib cage..."
>I'm walking on sunshine
>It's time to feel good!
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