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>Be a fluffy mare
>You're in a feral herd, and things are pretty poor
>You just got special hugs from one of the stallions
>It felt good, but thats beside the point
>You didn't realise how bad this was for you


>You had just finished getting special hugs, when another mummah started giving birth!
>You watched in awe as she birthed two girl fluffies, and a boy!
>The fluffies daddy stoood nearby, watching with disinterest
>He looked unhappy at the boy fluffy, but he still gave it a nuzzle!
>But then all the other stallions came around to look
>They nuzzled the girl fluffies and approved, speaking of "Wan gif speshal huggies when big fwuffy!"
>It was weird, but you ignored it
>Then they all saw the colt
>They imediately starting bucking it and biting it!

>"Nuu! Nu huwt babbeh, is gud babbeh!"

>"Shuddup dummie mawe! Dis boy fwuffy is bad fwuffy! Gif big huwties!"

>They beat him and kicked him until he took the forever sleep
>It gave you big sadies
>You asked the mummah why, and she sobbed and sobbed

>"Dey meanie fwuffies! Dey dun wan nyu boy fwuffies, cos den dey tink new boy fwuffies wiww steaw aww da mawes and haf aww da speshal huggies! Dey big poopie heads!"

>You nodded and left her to grieve
>You were shocked by her words
>But then you realised the truth
>When you were barely a month old, you saw a similar birth
>All the stallions did the same thing to a colt, killing him when he started walking
>Your mummah said it was because he was a bad babbeh
>But now you know differently

>Flash to the present!

>You look at your belly and worry
>You don't want to risk one of your babies getting the forever sleep
>If it's a boy, they will kill him!
>You look around at the herd, and see the daddy of the new born foals
>He nuzzles the girls and looks sadly at the blood on the floor, from his son
>Thats it!
>You have the bestest idea ever
>You walk up to him and smile

>"Hewwo fwend! Wan gif fwuffy speshal huggies?"

>He looks at you and smiles

>"Otay! Wuv speshal huggies, gif yu babbehs!"

>You lie there and take his enfing
>It hurts, but you let him do his thing
>He soon finishes and falls off, panting

>"Wuv speshal huggies eba!"

>You smile and trot off to the next stallion in the herd

>"Hewwo! Wan gif fwuffy speshal huggies?"

>"Otay! Fwuffy gif bestest huggies!"

>You carry on going around the herd, until every male has given you special hugs
>By the end of the day your no-no place is really sore and sticky
>You feel gross, but contented
>You crawl into your den and curl up into a ball, falling asleep

>"Mummah wuv oo babbehs, not gunna wet any meanie fwuffies gif yu owies!"

>Three weeks later

>You're really pregnant!
>And your water just broke!

>"Huu, huuu, fwuffy haf owies, pwease babbehs! Pwease cum out!"

>The entire herd has gathered around to watch and help
>Soon, your foals pop out
>One girl, and four boys!
>All the fluffies gasp, but the mares look paniced

>"Nuuu! Wun babbehs, wun way fwom meanies!"

>The closet stallion bucks her in the side
>Soon, they all come to look at your babies, crawling towards your milky place
>The stallions look at the babis, sniff them, then look at each other, confused

>"Not suwe if ma babbehs ow not...."

>"Me tink dat ma babbeh....wooks kinda wike me...."

>"Has hownie...must be ma babbeh..."

>They share confused glances, and eventually all walk away
>Your plan worked!

>"Yay! Mummah save babbehs, babbehs wive and nu gut huwties!"

>You snuggle your four babies and coo to them gently

>"Mummah wuv oo babbehs...gunna pwotect yu foweva!"

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Wayward_N: Clever girl.
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Anonymous1: Okay, a story I had to write. All of it is based in truth upon real horses.

Apparently, in feral herds, if a new colt is born, the father of it will leave it alone. The rest of the herd will attack and kill the new born, as they view him as a threat to their lives, their chance to have sex.

The mares realise this, and (I swear, I'm not making this up) the mares, one they know they're pregnant, go around the herd and have sex with every stallion, so when/if a colt is born, none of them know if it's their son or not, so they don't kill him.

Also, interesting tidbit about horses. A mare, when she knows she is pregnant, if she thinks the life of her newborn will be in danger, she can just give herself an abortion, just by thinking it. And she miscarries her foal and then carries on as normal.

So thought I'd create a new take on that aspect of horses, with fluffy ponies!
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Anonymous2(1): Also, this:

"Feral horse herds, like those of wild horses, are usually made up of small bands led by a dominant mare, containing additional mares, their foals, and immature horses of both sexes. There is usually one herd stallion, though occasionally a few less-dominant males may remain with the group."

So I guess Smarties should be mares from now on, and there should be one resident fuck stallion in the herd.
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AnimalControl: @Anonymous:

I love this concept. I'm always pleased to see when someone else does the kind of research that I put into my stories.

Oh, and this is done by certain tribal cultures of humans, though the woman has only two partners. They share her, and they are both considered to be the father of the baby, as they have different ideas about how conception works. That way, if one of the men dies, she's got a back-up Dad for the child.
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TheSnowman: Smart fluffy.

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deathproofpony: This is brilliant. I remember reading the same thing somewhere.

Also, horses will sometimes kill a foal if it's "damaged", like one of the legs is screwed up or something. I saw a National Geographic special where one of the stallions kicked and stomped the foal to death because it couldn't walk, much like we do with fluffies killing runts or deformed foals.

Well done.
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Anonymous3: @Anonymous: @Anonymous: These arent horses son, these are chimeric hybrids, that were engineered in a lab to be sold as a commercial product.
They are just a fuck nest of wrongness, thats pretty much the main schtick of fluffies.
So bringing "real world" aspects into something thats fictional, is sort of redundant, even as personal headcanon.

You arent making sense.

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Guzziman: i'd rather we had smart tags instead of stupidity tags. fluffies are almost always being stupid, but not here.
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norm: @Anonymous: you don't know what "chimeric" means, do you?

protip: if fluffys were chimera they wouldn't be able to breed more fluffies

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deathproofpony: @Anonymous: Why doesn't it make sense? Logically the fluffy would exhibit behavior of the breeds that comprise it. Hence, young foals chirping like baby rabbits, eating grass like ponies, etc.
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Anonymous4: .... Once again, dumb stallions making mare's lives miserable. One story put it best, Fluffys are losers because life will take everything from them and they can't do anything. If this is true then being a Fluffy mare is even worse because your own kind will treat you like baggage, tear you away from your family in a Raid, rape you and kill your young. Mares, forever surrounded by morons.
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Anonymous5(4): @Anonymous: Would be nice to see Fluffys take on more equine characteristics, despite their stupidity and mixed genetics, they are still ponies. Things have steadily changed with them over time, first they were dumb and annoying now they are land grubbing, bratty vermin. Who isn't to say that there will be another shift in character. Even just a small one.

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Wayward_N: @Anonymous: Now now, fluffies are only bratty vermin according to abusers.
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Anonymous6: @Wayward_N: You say it like theres no hugbox or neutral stories with bratty fluffies or asshole ferals.
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AnimalControl: There's another reason for a female to mate with as many males as she can...its called "sperm competition". Whoever has the healthiest sperm among all the males sires the baby, and thus the mother ensures the health of her offspring that way.
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norm: @deathproofpony:
being a Fluffy mare is even worse because your own kind will treat you like baggage, tear you away from your family in a Raid, rape you and kill your young.

yeah, actually we have as many or more reasons to think fluffies would treat females as more valuable then males. stories implying the contrary are more due to a prevalence of psychological issues *in spite of* the internal logic of the story

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takenoko: @norm: Not to mention that, if they're designed with any FiM logic in mind, they'd automatically place more importance on the females. Then again, fluffies have horrible reasoning. A Smarty would be the first to say that 'wape gud fo' stwong femawe chawectas!'

@Guzziman: You can add whatever tags you'd like, whether they catch on is what determines their usage. An 'intelligent' tag could be interesting, if people want to retroactively add it to stories they read with fluffies being smart.

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Wayward_N: @Anonymous: Oh some fluffies are real brats, I just wouldn't call them vermin. I find that being able to talk is a good indicator of not being vermin.

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deathproofpony: @norm: I don't understand why you're quoting this when it wasn't my post.
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loverofscifi: Good god that was a smart fluffy!
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Anonymous7: Yeah. that's a pretty clever tactic from an evolutionary standpoint.
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Anonymous8: @Anonymous: Brilliant!
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Anonymous9: Then the whole herd was massacred by a pack of wolves.
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Anonymous10: YAAAAAY!
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Anonymous11(10): NOT to the above comment however.I HATE abusefags.
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Anonymous12(10): @AnimalControl: that makes sense actually
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Anonymous13: Anon 1, that isn't actually always true. They do kill runts, though, but not always colts. When colts are older, they get driven away from the herd, that's how it goes.
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Anonymous14(10): Smart mummah!
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AnimalControl: @takenoko:

A Smarty would be the first to say that 'wape gud fo' stwong femawe chawectas!'

I didn't know Joss Wheadon was a smarty.

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mlp_AusBattler: Where's the intelligent tag coz that plan was genius

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Daffy: This idea is genius.
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Anonymous15: man, that's a great headcannon.
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Anonymous16: I'm not even gonna lie. That was much smarter than anything I could have thought of
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Anonymous17: If I saw any fluffy mistreat a baby, I would kill the adult and raise the foal myself, but not before telling the damned why it was dying (I hate bullies).
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