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Just Toys...

>You're Ryan MacHillen
>You don't know why, but you've always had the urge to destroy cute things
>Toys, pictures, animals... kids
>Three of those four things are acceptable
>Well,Hasbro released this, "Fluffy pony" thing claiming it to be a, "bio-toy"
>Well key word is toy, so they're open game for you
>A few months prior to their release, they over populate, ferals in every town and city
>One day, a family comes knocking on your door, and the stallion confronts you with,
>"Oh, pwease mista, can fwuffy an' babbehs an' speshow fwend have nummies, pwease?"
>You quickly reply to him, "Oah, sure."
>Little does that sentient toy know, it's entire synthetic family is bound to die shortly
>"Oh tank you mista! Mummeh nee's give babbehs miwkies!" says the mare
>"Ah, no problem."
>That's when you kick right in the side of her frail fake head
>She, and her babbies go flying
>The mare's "speshow fwend" whips around and gasps in shock as his mate hits the floor, her mouth leaking blood
>"Speshow fwend! Nuuu!" he cries as he waddles over to his dying fuck buddy
>"Nuu... Speshow fwend take wongest sweepies..." he says
>The fuck is that?
>Over in the corner are the fluffy babies that went flying off the mare when you kicked her
>You scoop them up and present them to the last remaining adult fluffy in your home
>"*GASP* Nu huwt babbehs! Pwease!"
>You only laugh at him as he follows you into the kitchen begging you to give the little ones mercy
>You will
>Okay, you won't
>You place the little play things into the sink, and place the father of the soon to die babbies near by
>Just so he my see their demise
>"Wha're you gon' to do to babbehs!? Pwease, nu huwt babbehs! Wet fwuffeh an' babbehs go, PWEASE!"
>You turn the sink on and the father starts to wail,
>He hops into the quickly rising water, stepping on one of his own children
>He begins thrashing around into the water ins search for his young
>You take him out, along with the largest knife you had to the backyard
>There you pin him to the ground, and jam the knife deep into one of his front legs
>"AHAHAHAAAAAAAAAHG! OWWIES! BIG HUWT, WEGGIE HAVE BIG HUWT!" he cries as you head to the garage
>There you get a jerry can and head back to the wailing fluffy
>There you pour the gasoline within the jerry can onto the fluffy
>"*BKACK* *CHULK* *COUGH* *COUGH* Bwown wawa's nu taste pwetty!"
>You take the box of matches stored away in your shirt pocket out, and light one
>Tossing it onto the fluffy, igniting as soon as the match strikes the fuel
>Well, you are going to help him, you don't want to set you lawn on fire, do you?
>You turn your hose on full blast and spray the fluffy, trapped in an inferno
>Steam billows from the fluffy, masking it within waters smoke
>The steam rises allowing you to view your handiwork
>The fluffy is lying there, crying
>It's skin black and red, littered with blisters
>The leg you stuck the knife in, is cased in the melted plastic of your kitchen knife
>These things are more tollerant to fire than you thought
>You douce it in gasoline once more, like before, it ignites
>Just screaming is all that comes from the fire
>You wait just a tad bit longer this time before smothering the flames
>what lay before looks just like the charcoal that has become of many toys before it
>You head back inside, and turn the garbage disposal on
>They died like all toys die,
>They are forcefully dismantaled
>Or burn in a toxic inferno...
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Forever_owwies: Great abuse story, simple yet fun.
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Anonymous1: Sigh, anothef examplr of how newer abuse stories are meant for masturbation and now for laughs.

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ShadySmarty: This does nothing to help my unquenchable blood thirst. Nice job, though.
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Forever_owwies: @Anonymous: So what were they meant for? "For great justice"?
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Anonymous2: @Forever_owwies:

Justice for the lawns who cannot bring justice into their own hands

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mlp_AusBattler: Fluffy haters can clop off or learn to love and tolerate fluffys
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Anonymous3: Loved the ending.
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Anonymous4(2): @mlp_AusBattler:
He doesn't hate fluffies, he just hates cute things
IE: "kids, animals, toys, pictures"
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TickleDicks: @mlp_AusBattler: People have the right to like what they want on here. Your opinion only reflects who you are.

I like the Hasbio "Bio-toy" angle of this. TBH, there needs to be more of it.

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Wayward_N: Uh, toys can't die because they're not alive. Fluffies are alive in-universe, so they can't be toys.
But the point is moot because posters only call fluffies 'toys' to piss off hugboxers.
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Disciplinarian: @Wayward_N: Either that or self-delusion.

"I'm n-not a bad person! Th-They're just toys! R-Really! I'm a good p-person! H-honest!"

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Wayward_N: @Disciplinarian: In real life they're probably perfectly normal people. It's just while they're on this site they're kinda dickish.
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Anonymous5: @Wayward_N: Um, there's nothing saying that a toy can't be a living creature.

Toy - Noun
1. An object for a child to play with, typically a model or miniature replica of something.
2. An object, esp. a gadget or machine, regarded as providing amusement for an adult: "in 1914 the car was still a rich man's toy".

Fluffy ponies started as miniature replica MLP ponies for kids and bronies. The fact that they are living is why they are 'bio-toys' and not just toys.
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Disciplinarian: @Wayward_N: Who you are in the dark, etc.

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Wayward_N: @Anonymous: I see where you're coming from, but I have to disagree. A living thing cannot be a replica. For example if you had a toy lion made of plastic, then that toy lion is a replica of a real lion; but if that tiny lion is made of flesh and blood and is alive, then it isn't a replica of a lion anymore, it's just a tiny lion.
Additionally, whenever the term "bio-toy" is used, it's always used in a derogatory way to say "Dur hur hur, fluffies don't have real feelings so it's okay to brutally torture and kill them in the most demented ways possible!" This is done solely to piss off hugboxers who are tired of this kind of bullshit.

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Wayward_N: @Disciplinarian: Maybe a little.
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winux: @Anonymous: Agree

@Wayward_N: in-universe fluffies are a toys. If you think these are creatures that deserve some respect just for being "living creatures", hope you do not feed on plants or animals. Seeing the other side of the coin, Watson (IBM computer) is a person too

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Wayward_N: @winux: I'm simply saying that they're living beings, not toys. That is all.
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Anonymous6: @Anonymous: Consider the word "object." That would imply "not a living thing."

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takenoko: @Anonymous: >nothing saying that a toy can't be a living creature.
>The fact that they are living is why they are 'bio-toys' and not just toys.

That's a bit of a contradiction. You were right the first time. Morals notwithstanding, living things can and have been treated as toys by humans (small fish, insects, human slaves of another race or creed). The term 'biotoy' instead comes from how fluffies are animals that nevertheless were designed, produced and marketed as toys by HasBio.

@Wayward_N: Not really. The biotoy concept has been there ever since the start of the 'realistic fluffy' movement. It has nothing to do with hugboxers, abusers or their squabbles with each other. I've always been a fan of it because the term promotes debate, and because the concept makes fluffies different from other fictional designer pets.
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Anonymous7: Abusefags obviously never had toys as kids. Or they did, but didn't understand that toys are for PLAYING with, not destroying. My dad would've kicked my ass if I'd intentionally destroyed any of MY toys.
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Anonymous8: @winux: we hugboxers don't demand them rights because they're living creatures, its because they're SENTIENT creatures.
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Anonymous9: @takenoko: I, in fact, like the term bio-toys. Even if I don't exactly agree with it, I like it for the reasons you mentioned an also because it's actually funny.

Some abusers use the term "bio-toys" to imply fluffy ponies are in fact flesh-made robots with a predefined behaviour to justify their torturing. I completely disagree with this view: it would make "morally acceptable" to kill fluffy ponies in real life if they existed because they would actually feel nothing (just like breaking a toy), but this is a work of fiction after all so it's just an excuse to make it less funny both for hugboxers and abusefags: if it doesn't feel because it isn't sentient, what's so funny about it?

However, bio-toys is a funny name because, even if fluffy ponies are sentient, it shows how stupid they are to consider them less than an animal, just a toy. They are so fucking pathetic nobody considers them to actually worth a penny, and so they are called "bio-toys" because they are something considered to be only for humans' amusement. It's ironic, but it fits so much the fluffy universe it actually makes a lot of sense.
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