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Bad Babbeh

>Be a fluffy dam
>Pink pegasys with blue mane and tail
>About to give birth
>Your special friend is there
>An blue unicorn stallion with a white mane and tail
>Big poopies!
>Give birth to a pink pegasys
>It's a good baby!
>Clean it and help it nurse
>Give birth to a blue unicorn
>It's a good baby!
>Clean it and help it nurse
>Give birth to a white unicorn
>It's a good baby!
>Clean it and help it nurse
>Give birth to a purple pegasys
>It's a good baby!
>Clean it and help it nurse
>After all the babies have eaten you start to fall asleep
>Suddenly you feel a contraction
>Give birth to a tiny yellow pegasys with a pink mane and tail
>Humans call that a "Fluffyshy"
>You're about to clean her
>You smell something rotten
>"DIS BAD BABBEH!" you say
>You stomp on the head of the chirping foal
>Eventually it's head cracks open
>Blood and a small amount of grey matter oozes out of it's skull
>You turn around and shit on the dead foal
>Your babies have awoken and start chirping as if to cheer you on
>"Speshaw Fwend! Give bad babbeh sowwy poopies!" you say
>He squats over the dead foal and drops a solid turd on top of it
>You're not done yet
>"Babbehs! Giv bad babbeh sowwy poopies!"
>The foals crawl over to the dead foal and add their shit to the pile
>The end
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Anonymous1: Lame
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Forever_owwies: The only way to deal with fluffyshy.

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mlp_AusBattler: alicorn fluffyshy that's why they took to it *sage nodding*
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Anonymous2: @mlp_AusBattler: Excuse me? You bitch about people writing abuse stories but when the fluffy's the one killing her foals it's alright by you?! Why don't you go FUCKEN KILL yourself! I hope your wife kills you and shits all over your FUCKING corpse you fucking faggot!
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Disciplinarian: @Anonymous: Someone's a little butt-blasted.
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TickleDicks: @Anonymous: Dude, calm down and just ignore him. Seriously. If he wants to be a troll that's his business. He'll learn what trolling is soon enough.

sh@Disciplinarian: Actually he does make a little bit of sense. Although I don't condone the choice of language he could of gone on about it differently, but frankly you're such a hugboxer that you couldn't tell reason from toilet paper.
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hugbox_hank: @Disciplinarian: I think they're just trying to ape mlp_AusBattler's style back at him.
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Anonymous3: >A while later:
>"Huu huu huu..."
>"Stop crying. Now, repeat: why shouldn't you hurt runts?"
>"Daddeh can sell bad babbehs as "tiny pocket fwuffies"."
>"Good. And that goes double for alicorns because..."
>"...munsta fwuffies go fow 'bout ewebenty gwand each."
>"Good. So what happens if you kill another foal ever again?"
>"Daddeh fowce feeds fwuffy hew own ass."
>"Glad to hear it."

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mlp_AusBattler: @Anonymous: happily single muthabucker and I was being sarcastic but there's no sarcastic font so ill put my anti abuse tag line here *clears throat* GO TO BUCKING HELL FLUFFY HATER I HOPE YOUR HOUSE BURNS DOWN OR YOUR LOVED ONE CONTRACTS AN STD

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mlp_AusBattler: ((Scratch the std part there are lines you don't cross but the part about going to hell stands))

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mlp_AusBattler: @TickleDicks: for your information I am not a troll I just hate people who abuse fluffies just "coz they can" and when they (the fluffys) shit on the carpet, instead of positive reinforcement towards the litter box they kill them I mean wtf!? Short fuse much?

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mlp_AusBattler: I should point out that the ONLY fluffy I'd accept getting abused is Blueblood. Why? Coz he's arrogant and he thinks he's better than all of us

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Ferrotter: @mlp_AusBattler: And yet so many hugboxers are more upset with justifications for abuse than "just because I can" abuse.

Reminds me of the story of the old man, the boy, and the fluffy pony. I think I will write that now.

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The_Dark_One: @mlp_AusBattler: Poor little brony. He doesn't realize that no one cares about his opinions except for him
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Anonymous4: @Anonymous: Why do you niggers love runts so fucking much?
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Anonymous5: @Anonymous: hey man, im with you on this. I hate runt rejectors. But don't be mad. Thats just what the abusefags want. People call us faggots when the real faggot is themselves for abusing innocent little creatures.
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Robot_Cottonball: @Anonymous: Because we don't believe in eugenics
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LeEditor: Alternate ending:

Fluffys don't exist.

The end
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Anonymous6: Alternate ending anon shows up and saves the fluffershy
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