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>be fluffy pony
>meet a grey foal with no mane
>'Nyu fwend?', you ask
>'Fwend! Babbeh wuv fwend!'
>you and babbeh give each other good huggies
>'Yay, nyu fwend! Wan pway?'
>'Wan miwkies! Gif miwkies!'
>your new friend must be hungry!
>huggies are hard work for a fluffy pony
>there is a problem, though
>you are a girl fluffy, but you don't know how to make milk

>'Sowwy, nuu can gif miwkies', you say
>the little fluffy doesn't seem to understand
>'Tummy owwies! Wan *chirp* miwkies! Miwkies fo' babbeh!'
>you need to help your best friend, but how?
>mummas are for giving milk, not friends!
>you aren't even a mumma
>poopies leak from your poopie place as you make biggest thinkies
>'Fwuffy nuu haf miwkies. Mumma haf miwkies. Fwuffy take babbeh fo' mumma!'
>you can smell poopies and fluff close by
>that's where the babbeh's herd must be!
>you lift the babbeh onto your back, where it smells your poopy rear end
>'Smeww nuu pwetty! Tummy owwies! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!', the foal cries out loud
>'Nuu, babbeh, nuu cwy!', you say gently
>you try to give huggies with your back, but you don't have weggies there
>a bunch of new voices
>'Wha? Munsta? Whewe babbeh?', they ask
>you turn a bit and see a bunch of fluffies!
>they must be the herd you smelled!
>'Hewwo, fwends!', you wave with one hoof
>'HEWP, HEWP!', the babbeh shrieks desperately, 'MEANIE MUNSTA OWWIES!'
>the herd quickly gets scared
>lots of fluffies run away, while the toughest ones waddle at full speed at you
>'Munsta fwuffy take babbeh! Fwuffies hewp babbeh!'

>'Nuu', you attempt to clarify, 'nuu am munsta. Am fwuffy!'
>the closest toughie jumps a full inch and rams you in the face
>your moufie makes boo-boo juice all over
>babbeh falls from your back
>the angered fluffies start beating you with their pillowy hooves
>'Dummeh fwuffy! Babbeh nuu is fo' owwies!', a yellow pegasus cries out
>you try to say 'sowwy', but your moufie is suddenly full of nummies
>try to eat nummies
>'Owwies! Bad fwuffy huwt toughie weggie!', the same pegasus squeals
>oh, that wasn't nummies!
>you try to apologize, but the weggie goes back into your mouth
>it makes some of your teefies go away
>they give you big owwies when they go away

>the biggest earthie there ignores you, rushing to your fallen friend
>'Am Smawty, babbeh. Wha wong?'
>'Huuuu...munsta meanie! Nuu miwkies! Gif boo-boo!'
>he gently picks up the foal and puts it on a nearby toughie's back
>that fluffy then takes the babbeh away
>anger in his eyes, he points a purple weggie at your face
>'Gif big owwies! Bad fwuffy nuu is gud fwuffy!'
>turning his back on you, he strains and makes a single poopie in your direction
>a grave fluffy insult, for only the worst monsters

>'Am gud fwuffy! Babb-AH!', you grunt
>a big fluffy just bucked you in the moufie
>the owwies are the worst owwies ever, and now your face doesn't work anymore
>another buck, two hoofsies crashing into your sides
>all your poopies come out of your poopie place
>'Icky! Munsta make bad poopies on gwassies! Dummeh make bad poopies!'
>your eyes tear up
>you really didn't mean to be a bad fluffy!
>'Dis worst meanie munsta! Gif specha huggies!', your yellow tormenter declares
>you feel something press against your no-no bits
>'AHHHHHH! Nuh, pwe-juh! Nuh wuh bah hugujuh!', you try and mumble through your injuries
>yellow toughie puffs up his cheeks, which blush a furious red with anger
>'Babbeh nuu wan owwies! Babbeh haf owwies fwom dummeh, dummeh get bad huggies!'
>he slaps you with a soft weggie, and now you can't make words at all

>the meanie goes behind you
>a big unicorn takes his place in front of you
>he takes his pointy thing and puts it into one of your seeing things
>now it doesn't work anymore, like your moufie
>you shriek when a fluffy puts something into your no-no place
>it hurts so bad
>your nummies go the wrong way out of your destroyed moufie
>the toughies don't like that
>'Icky fwuffy! Gif mo' owwies!'
>you feel more marshmallowy blows rain down onto your head
>they stop when their hoofsies are covered in boo-boo juice
>then they start calling you icky again, for making bad boo-boo juice

>your head slumps into the poopy-nummy-boo-boo wawa on the ground
>your weggies still work, but all your owwies stop them from going
>you can only lay there, where it nuu smeww pwetty, and be hurt more
>out of the corner of your working eye, you can see the grey babbeh
>its mumma is on her back, and babbeh is on her tummy
>'Mumma fix owwies', the small pink mare coos to the babbeh, 'gif huggies an' wuv!'
>the little babbeh crawls up to her teats and starts nursing
>she gently hugs the little foal's bottom with her front hooves
>babbeh gets huggies and milk
>you get the worst owwies and boo-boo juice
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NuWanRong: False child abuse accusation, Fluffy Style.

Good job takenoko.

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takenoko: deathproofpony's recent story made me wonder 'why don't ferals pull the false accusation card more often?' My answer is that my fluffies just aren't that deceptive, and make for poor villains. So I took the framework of a 'false accusation' story and made it a tragic misunderstanding.

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Waggytail: Wow, yes. Very good job.

>you try to give huggies with your back, but you don't have weggies there.
Hah, I can totally imagine this, the fluffy just arching her back, trying to make it hug the foal!
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Ryunnosuke: Great story, really shows how misunderstandings can make any introduction go awry.
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Draiu: This is as enterntaining as that one greentext where weed saves the day.

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deathproofpony: That herd needs to be beaten with a Garden Weasel.
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Anonymous1: Fucking fluff bags make me rage hard today

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TricornKingKrampus: This just made me sad. I want to feel angry at them, especially the foal, but I can't as it's clearly just a horrible, tragic misunderstanding. Hopefully the abused mare winds up in Fluffy Heaven for her attempted kindness. (I'm guessing she died from the beating correct?)

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Menthol: ah tragedy, you are like most of the best things in life: an acquired taste.

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RevMe: no good deed goes unpunished.
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Forever_owwies: Who cares? Every fluffy in the herd will die within a week anyway.

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mlp_AusBattler: Jeez... the moral here is keep yourself TO yourself
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the_ringmaster: am i the only one who got the urge to punt every single fluffy into thst herd full speed into a spiked wall with flaming cactuses?

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ONInonymous: @the_ringmaster: Nope, I'm right there with you. KILL THEM ALL.
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