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Funkshire: So this time around, we couldn't decide. The entries were a little light, but they were damn good.

On one hand we had Shadysmarty with his awesome drawing of the two. For his depiction of Biscuit as the more dominate of the two he is awarded custody of Biscuit the male fluffy.

Hugboxfag blew us away with an awesome story that made the two likable and even explained why they were the way they were. For that and his depiction as Cookie as the more dominate of the two he is awarded custody of Cookie the female.

Like I said, we were light on entries, but we made up for it in quality over quantity. Congratulations to both of you and I hope to see you when the next foal is announced later today!

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Funkshire: Just because the Sourcelink is being a twat.

Hugboxfag Entry:

ShadySmarty's Entry:

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takenoko: Double-foal's contest has two winners? How fitting! :D

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SpudFan: When's the next contest? I like reading people's different takes on a character.

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Funkshire: @SpudFan: Tonight actually, I'll have the new foal up shortly.

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Hugboxfag: Gotta admit, I thought ShadySmarty would have taken that one alone. He made a really, really good looking picture that encapsuled the characters in just two word balloons.

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Funkshire: @Hugboxfag: Both of you did very well on it. To the point that there wasn't much other option than to give you each half of the foal. Your story made me actually not want to squash them while Shady's made me want to squash them.

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Ferrotter: Gonna cut 'em in half? And if so, down the middle? Or down the middle of each one?
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