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> Be fluffy owner
> Or at least you want to own one
> You decide to drive down to the shelter
> They’re asking waaaaaay too much for one
> Drive back with your head lowered
> You arrive home, you spot a very large herd of ferals on your front lawn
> “Bad babbeh nuu steaw miwkies!”
> one of the mares has just given birth
> It was yelling and abusing a runt, who was only just over an inch long
> It was a Fluffyshy
> You, sharing the unpopular opinion, adore them
> Save the runt with a baseball slide-haymaker combo
> “Owwies. Why huwt fwuffy?”
> You must love all your foals
> “Dummeh babbeh nee fowevuh sweepies!”
> Hold the mother down and let the Fluffyshy suck from all of her teats
> The little yellow puffball curls up in your hand and coos
> Shed tears of joy
> Take all of her foals and hatch an idea
> Grab a bunch of floaties and put them on the mare
> Place her in your pool
> Watch on as she flails her stubby little hooves, floating and screaming as her fur sucks the water up like a sponge
> Grab her and wring her fluff out like a cloth, she is now paralysed and cannot move her legs
> Grab her by her tail and bring her in with you
> Grab a pin
> “Nuu huwt! Nuu wan pokie stick!”
> Find the space between the fifth and sixth vertebrae
> Place the pin in her back
> “EEeeEEeee!! Huwties! Fwuffy nuu can muv!
> Put her on the floor and roll her to a bowl of spaghetti
> It came from a can
> Make some special fluffy chow for the Fluffyshy
> She smells it and nearly falls
> Save her and put her in your pocket
> Make some sweet milk for her
> She chirps joyfully, you swear you heard her say a faint “yay”
> “Babbuh wub nyu dabbee *yay* “
> YOu finish making the milk mixture
> She reaches for it
> “M-...miwkies”
> She sucks on the bottle and drinks
> The mare eats the spaghetti, but can’t move at her head in the slightest
> You decide that if she’s paralyzed, she wouldn’t need her legs
> Put a chloroform soaked rag to her mouth
> She passes out
> Grab an electric razor and shave off all her fluff
> Wake her up the only way you know how
> “Red Robin!”
> “Yum!”
> It actually works
> She starts shivering almost immediately
> “Nuuuu-huhuhuuu! Y meanie hoomin take fwuff?! Fw-...f-wuffy cowd
> She can’t feel her legs or hugs of any kind, she can’t even feel the any of her foals drinking from her
> Get her a sweater, it’s Irish thickness, or an inch and a half thick
> “Yay! Fwuffy wawm again, fank U daddeh!”
> You pick her up and hug her, even if she can’t feel it
> Now do you promise to care for ALL of your foals?
> “Fwuffy take cawe of aww babbehs”
> Promise?
> “Pwomise”
> Good
> The Fluffyshy wakes up
> “Y Mabbuh wook siwwy?”
> She just needed a makeover honey ^^
> Place the Fuffyshy down, her foals notice her and try to attack her
> “Dummeh babbeh nuu steaw miwkies! Kiw dummeh babbeh nao! Smawty get bestes’ nummies!”
> He bites her tail
> “Owwies!”
> He lets go and prepares to give her sorry poopies
> Not on my watch
> Kick him in the but with all your might, you’re wearing steel toed boots
> He’s sent flying into the wall, then landing on his horn, breaking it
> “Hhhhuuuuuuuuu-huhuuuuuuuu *chirp* Y daddeh gib huwties?! Gib back hownie”
> That’s what you get for being a Smarty
> “Ba-...babbeh sowwy”
> Check on the Fluffyshy, she’s got some boo
-boos, nothing that can’t be cured with love
> Keep feeding Fluffyshy
> Fluffy chow is finished, serve it to them all, it’s cooled down enough for them
> Give the Fluffyshy a bit more than the others, she needs it to be as strong, even if it doesn’t make her bones any stronger

2 weeks later...

> Be fluffy owner
> Notice there’s a herd outside
> Fluffyshy is resting in your coat pocket
> Decide it’s time to add to your own personal herd
> Find another dam trying to attack her runt foal
> She sends it flying into the grass
> Run to it to check if it’s okay
> It’s not looking good
> Get a towel and wrap it in it and get some gauze and warm milk
> Give the dam a “you’re next” look
> She thinks she’s getting sketties for her bitchy, ratchet deeds
> Grab out the pin
> Two actually
> Tackle the Smarty first and place it in the exact same spot
> “NNuuuuuuUuuuhu-huuuuuuu! Huwties! Smawty nuu can feew!”
> Repeat process with dam and drug her
> Remove her legs where they connect to the body, allowing for the absence of unwanted stumps
> Cauterize them with your lighter, it wakes her up
> “EEEeeee! Buwnies! Meanie hoomin gib back weggies!”
> Nope
> Place her in the sorrybox
> Drug the Smarty and steal his sperm
> Artificially inseminate the dam, she won’t be able to feel a thing and her brain won’t be able to send the signals of “big poopies”
> She’ll just be a vessel for more fluffies
> Sew her vagoo shut for good measure

Another month later...

> “H-hewp fwuffy, nuu can bweaf”
> If it isn’t the dam, she can’t move as there’s nobody to help her
> Decide to scare her, the only way they’ll come out is through fluffsplosion
> Start screaming and threaten to shoot her
> she starts swelling faster and faster
> She fluffsplodes
> You see that three of the four are runts, while the other is a....a pregnant foal
> Oh boy
> “Y nyu babbuh so big?”
> It’s chirping indicate both joy and confusion
> What’s left of the herd outside lives there
> You decide to add them to your massive fluffy family and go on with your day



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Anonymous1: Me like.
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Anonymous2: AWESOME!
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Robot_Cottonball: @Anonymous: THanks guys

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Teatime42: > Watch on as she flails her stubby little hooves, floating and screaming as her fur sucks the water up like a sponge
> Grab her and wring her fluff out like a cloth, she is now paralysed and cannot move her legs
> Grab her by her tail and bring her in with you
> Grab a pin
> “Nuu huwt! Nuu wan pokie stick!”
> Find the space between the fifth and sixth vertebrae

I think a line may have been transposed a bit. (Paralysis happening before source of paralysis)
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Robot_Cottonball: @Teatime42: Actually because of the way he wrang her out, which was twisting her, it made her parapalegic

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Wayward_N: @Robot_Cottonball: Then why stab her spine?

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Teatime42: @Wayward_N: Beat me to it XD (Asking)
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Anonymous3: @Wayward_N because... fuck John Wayne?
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Anonymous4: @Wayward_N: Because a parapalegic fluffy is considered by the owner to be unfinished work
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Robot_Cottonball: God dammit I got logged out

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Teatime42: @Robot_Cottonball: Ooooh, that makes sense. Course now she's not going to be able to control her bowels.

But somehow, I think that's going to be the least of her problems.
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Robot_Cottonball: @Teatime42: the reason fluffies always have the squirts is cause they don't eat enough protien

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Teatime42: @Robot_Cottonball: I meant from the paralysis. Though I'll keep that in mind.
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Robot_Cottonball: @Teatime42: Her being shaven, just keep her in some poofy winter clothing and she'll be fine

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BestUsedCarSales: This covers all the recent topics of the last week or so except it didn't have a section on how fluffies clean themselves.
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Robot_Cottonball: @BestUsedCarSales: I was just bored when I made this
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bruno: MAKE
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Anonymous5: Badassery at its tupac apple table

Still high

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jein1234: Fucking retarded OP, this sounds like a ponyfag hugboxer did this, I'm 99% sure of this. This shouldn't be labeled as abuse unless you're going to make them suffer FFS.
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Anonymous6: this is nice(I guess)but putting a fluffy in your pocket is not safe.it might shit in there
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