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You’re Steven. You're spending the day out with Grandma while does some grow up stuff. You wish sometimes that you were a grown up and could do whatever you wanted, but you like going to the stores with Grandma too. You’re leaving the store to go get ice cream now. As you walk down the sidewalk holding Grandma’s hand you pass a big colorful box with bright colors and words on it. You tug away from Grandma and look through the glass. Inside you see little colorful animals. You hit the glass and watch them squirm around in the little plastic tubes. They chirp kind of like birds and they’re so small and fluffy!

“Mamaw! Can I have one of, one of the fuzzy bird things?” You ask, tapping the glass again and watching them all squirm and chirp. It’s so cute!

“A bird? Oh, those aren’t birds, Steven. They’re little fluffy ponies.” She stands beside you and looks at the machine for a minute.

“Can I have a fluffy pony?” You pull on her shirt and look up at her.

“Oh, I guess so. I don’t think your mom would mind.” You watch her put the money in the machine. “What color do you want, dear?”

“I want a red one! Get me a red one.” Red is your favorite color.

“Okay. Here, push this button.” You push the button and watch as the can with the little creature inside slides forward and rolls down the the opening at the bottom of the machine. A robotic fluffy voice plays as you reach for the can, the little foal inside stumbling and chirping.
“Fankoo nyu daddeh! Fwuffy wuv nice mistuh.”
Holding it up to your face you look at it, watching it struggle to stand as you move the can from side to side. You giggle every time it falls down and chirps. It doesn’t even have it’s eyes open yet. It has a pretty red coat and an orange mane and tail growing in. You see it’s tiny wings flutter as it stumbles around. Grandma takes your other and you go for ice cream.

Your mom seemed excited about your new pet. Her and Grandma spent a long time talking while you played with it when you got home. Mom wasn’t happy at first, but she seemed to like it more after Grandma left. You watched your new pet for the rest of the evening, it would waddle around and fall over and chirp. You were really excited because you got one with wings! You couldn’t wait to see how far it could fly. But mom said it isn’t ready to come out of the tube yet. You set it on the table beside your bed when it’s bed time. You watch it as you fall asleep, still crawling a little every once in a while.

You’ve had your new pet for two days now. It’s so cute, and chirps all the time. It’s wings are still small but it’s eyes are open now. Mom says you get to take it out of the can tomorrow. You’re so excited! It’s raining today so you’re inside with your fluffy asleep in it’s tube beside you on the floor. Mom is watching some grown up show and you’re bored. You watch the little thing sleep for a bit. You start to rock the can back and forth with your hand. It coos happily, but is still asleep. Then, you roll it across the floor. You use enough momentum to roll the fluffy over twice before it falls off the little pillow inside and lands of it’s back. It start to chirp loud.

“Steven! What did you do?” Mom looks down at you from the couch and sees the tube rolled across the room.

“I wanted it to wake up.” You say innocently. You’re bored and you just wanted your new pet to wake up and play.

“You can’t do that. It’s just a baby! You don’t want to hurt it do you?”


“Then don’t do that again, ok?”

“Ok, mom.” You get up retrieve your pet. You’re mom has gone back to watching tv, so you go to your room. You almost close the door, but mom says you’re not allowed to shut it all the way. The foal has gone back to sleep. You sit down on the floor again and roll it forward. The foal slides around and chirps. It looks at you and puts it’s hooves out with a smile. You tap the glass at it’s nose and it falls over chirping again.

“Do a trick, fluffy.” You command. It just stands on it’s hind legs, putting it’s little hooves up against the tube again and chirps at you. It does that all the time, so that doesn’t count as a trick. You hit the tube, making it roll across the carpet. The foal is held to the side with the force, until the can stops against your bed and it falls over. It starts chirping and you hear a new sound come from it. It’s kind of like crying.
*chirp chirp* huuhuuhuu *chirp chirp*
You get up and run over to the can and look. It’s laying on it’s side again, tears coming from it’s tiny eyes.
“Do a trick.” You say again. It just chirps and lays there making the ‘huuhuu’ noise some more. You pick up the tub and set it away from the bed, the give it a quick kick, rolling it even faster across your room. You run over in time to see the little thing try to stand up. It falls over and vomits. You’ve never seen it do that before! This is fun.
*chirp chirp*huuhuuhuu
You do this a few more times, causing the foal to vomit 4 more times. It’s now soaked in it’s own vomit and the can is a little smeared. You roll it a few more times but it doesn’t throw up again. It doesn’t even try to stand up. It just lays there and chirps and makes that ‘huuhuu’ noise like it’s crying. You pick it up and look at it. The foal is laying on the hard plastic in a puddle of it’s own vomit. You look at it crying and chirping.
“Hellooo. Get up fluffy.” It just lays there. You tap the tube a few times. “Get up! Play, fluffy.” It opens it’s eyes and lifts it’s head a little. You looks at you with tears in it’s eyes. It’s head won’t stay still.
*chirp chirp*
It’s head keeps wobbling as it chirps, but it still won’t get up.
“Get up, I said!” You shake the can a little. The foal bounces on the hard plastic and chirps and cries. It doesn’t bounce too high, and it still won’t get up.
“Do something fun, fluffy. I want to see you play.” Maybe if you shake it harder. You shake it a little harder. You can see that it bounced off the top of the tube this time because there is a fresh smear. It still won’t play. You take the can in both hands and vigorously shake the can up and down. You can feel the foal bounce around the inside of the can. Then the inside starts to look a little brown instead of white like the vomit. You stop shaking the can and look at the foal. You can’t see it well through the brown smears, but it’s twitching a little and jerking it’s legs around.
*chip* *cheepcheep* *pip* huuuuhuuuuuuhuu *pip chip chirp* huuuuuuhuuuu
At least it’s trying to get up now. Then you notice that it smells bad. Like poop. Finally you realize the fluffy pooped. Not knowing really what to do, you carry it back to Mom.
“Mom, I think the fluffy pooped.” You hold the can out to her.

What, honey? Oh my…! Oh, give me that steven. What did you do?”

“I didn’t do it.” You lie “It just pooped.”

“Alright, well, I guess he’s coming out today.” Mom says as she carries the can into the bathroom.

“Yaaaay yay yay yay! I get to play with it today! Yay!” You bounce around and follow your mom into the bathroom. She pulls the lid off and slides the foal out into the sink. It still twitches and bit.
*cheep* *peepeep* Huuuhuu
It keeps trying to stand and falling. Mom turns on the water and it starts chirping loud again. She washes it off and dries it then hands it to you.
“Now be gentle with it. It’s still little.” It looks up at you as you hold it to your chest. It’s eyes are different that they were before. They’re pointing in different directions.

“Hehehe. It’s eyes are funny.” It shivers and twitches against you, still ‘huuhuu’ing. You pet it on the forehead with your finger and it starts to calm down.

“What?” Mom looks at it. She doesn’t seem to think the eyes are funny, but you still do. “Oh, of course she gets a defective one.” You don’t think it’s defective though, and now you can really play with it!
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Bass: Got some writer's block as far as the 'Man of Science' stories are going. I'm open to suggestions as to what should happen next or for any more experiments that you nice people might want to see done.

As far as this one goes, I plan on at least one more part to this story. Maybe more depending on how it goes.
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Anonymous1: Nice story Bass,, look forward to the next part

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silverlineing: Man people are having writers/artist block left and right, even I'm havering it, like the story, it's really something seeing a fluffy with a kid
- Reply
Anonymous2: The only thing worse than fluffies are children.

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MisterTerrific: Derpy fluffies are the best fluffies.
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Madmartigan: I hope it dies in agony. The only thing more retarded than derped fluffies are autists that started all that 'derpy' bullshit to begin with.
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Anonymous3: @Madmartigan: coming from the asshole who managed to squeeze out 14 pages of boring torture porn.
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kibbles_n_tits: @Madmartigan: There are no derp'd ponies in my universe. Just tarded Down's ponies.

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Teatime42: @Madmartigan: I still like Derpy the best. :P

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BadTouch: This was hilarious. This child will grow up to be a model citizen.
I don't like derp fluffs because even abusers avoid abusing them. Boosers are almost as fond of tardfluffs as hugboxers are of runts and canon-character-colored fluffies.

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Megatron: I really can't pass a vending machine without a twinge of sadness I can't buy a foal these days. Thanks a lot booru.
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Anonymous4: ^ you're taking it too seriously. Go for a hike, guy.

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deathproofpony: This is great. Evil little kids are great fun.
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Monom: I like this. It has a certain amount of playfulness that a lot of abusers forget to include
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Anonymous5: @Anonymous: I agree, however I have no desire to physically harm children. I'm not against scaring the piss out of the little snot machines, but I'd never want to leave any lasting damage.

Thus, we have fluffies.
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Madmartigan: @Teatime42: The whole Derpy obsession is one of the reasons I stopped associating with the fandom. "Oh, an animation glitch? Better make a huge deal out it."

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Teatime42: @Madmartigan: I don't really make a hug deal about it, I just like her is all.

I mean, it's not like I'm gonna make her my "Waifu" or anything. XD

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Bass: Personally I see fluffies as almost completely detached from the regular fandom. Aside from a few fluffy breeds that look like some of the main characters, there are no real links.
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Anonymous6: @Anonymous: OW THE EDGE
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Hugboxer1: this kid is a retard. please let the kid get run over and the fluffy sent to a better owner where the poor guy will be treated with respect and kindness. INB4 anon fag say shit about stomping on the little guy (the fluffy)
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Menthol: @Hugboxer1: and? faggot is used as a general insult online, gay or not. get over yourself kiddo.
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Anonymous7: @Menthol: well im hoping people who do use fag online don't actually use it to refer to gay people but that's the problem with its semantic ambiguity these days.

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taufan99: @Hugboxer1: Calm down, brah. Even as an autistic child, I don't get offended by the misuse of the term.

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Menthol: @Anonymous: it's unfortunate, sure, but it happens.

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Teatime42: @Hugboxer1: It's aggravating as hell, yeah, but getting made about it and losing your cool is just gonna get you made fun of.

Just ignore it, and think negatively of them.

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Teatime42: Read the story finally:

If/when I ever have kids, and I get them a pet, I'm watching them like a hawk. Frikking a'. XD

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Lazurus: @Teatime42: I agree, the lil' bastard would probably traumatize and/or kill a normal pet, I feel kinda sorry for this fluffy in the long run of things...
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Anonymous8: What a brat
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Anonymous9: I'm a abuser but I hope that fucking kid dies
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Anonymous10: Word of warning for anyone who wants to start this ten part series: there's no payoff. It slogs for ten parts and ends with nothing to show for it.

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RQ: @Anonymous: Yeah, but the journey is the reward. A journey in sweet, sweet suffering.
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Anonymous11: @MisterTerrific: Not really, fluffies are retarded enough as it is
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Anonymous12: This kid is astupid little asshole.
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Anonymous13: Good story but what an asshole