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Movie Night. Part 3.

The screen darkens to black as white letters appear. A fluffy voice speaks the words as they scroll by. “Da fowwowing pwogwam am weawe, weawe scawy. Nu fow babbehs, soon mummehs ow scawdy fwuffies da make sacwdy poopies, yewah discwetion am adwised. Dis pwogwam am made fow mummahs and daddehs to watch wif der fwuffies.”

Cue ominous music. Bright red letters appear across the screen as a creepy fluffy voice reads them off.

‘Da Cwippaws: Dey Come Fow Yaw Fwuff’

“Last time.” A voice announces. Cut to several flashbacks from the previous episode. Brave getting syrup on him. The entrance to the groomers. Brave walking into the kennel. A man in a green suit getting off the bus. Jennifer talking about the product recall and the appearance of Fred. Side shot of Fred and Junior with Brave on a grooming table between them. “It does so appear that your fluffy has been ever so… naughty.” Junior in his parent’s kitchen on his cell phone. “Why? Because, those Clippers? They’re Cursed!”

Cue vaguely menacing score.

Scene opens to the view of a park bench on a clear summer’s day. Sitting on the bench are Junior with a short fluffed Brave next to him and a statuesque blonde Jennifer in a sun dress. Between them are print outs and files in manila folders. Junior tries to focus on the page before him as his companion leans forward to retrieve a folder from the bottom of the stack. Opening the folder, Jennifer says. “Here it is, a write up from psychologist Dr. Humphrey’s study on the rapid behavioral change in a series of cases. All relating to the acquisition of certain pair of red and black Clippers. Though his colleagues dismiss the idea of a ’haunted’ or ’cursed’ object Humphrey insists that it’s the key to the utter change in personality of over a dozen disparate people to the exact same obsessive psychosis. Mainly, that of someone obsessed with trimming off all the fur or fluff of any small animals they can get a hold of, and the more that animal has, the more of a target it is. Well I don‘t have to tell you how much that makes fluffies a target.”

“HuuHuu, meanie munsta take fwuff ‘way fwom good fwuffies! Nu wike!” Brave pitifully moans as he tries to hide behind his hooves.

Absentmindedly petting his distressed companion, Junior’s face scrunches in confusion. “But how can you be sure this isn’t just some weird English guy? I mean, they call cookies, biscuits, they call French fries, chips and they call chips, crisps. I don’t even know what they call biscuits…. Roundy doughy bakies? “

At the mention of food, the trembling of the pink ball of misery ceases as his ears perk up. “Bwave wan biscut, Junya haf fwuffy tweat fow bestest fwuffy?”

Slightly annoyed, the busty blond rejoins “No, that’s the thing. I had my uncle do a back ground check on ‘Fredrick’. His real name is John Tullvert and before he moved here, he lived his whole life in Nashville Tennessee. He ran his family’s rental storage faculty. Then one day, he simply moved away. Upon contacting his family and friends, most of them said that he left without notice. But his cousin Jed said that a day or so before he left, he was talking about clearing out a long term unit who’s lease had expired months ago and was unable to contact anyone in regards to it.” Pulling out another folder, she flips it open. “Uncle Joe traced the contact information and came up with a name; Damien Holloway. Checking his background, turns out old man Holloway was involved in all manner of strange occult practices, voodoo, witchcraft, hexcraft, lovecraft, druidism, spiritualism, veganisim and a list of others. He collected all sorts of objects before his death three years ago. His collection was scattered across the country and this appears to be one of his caches.”

“Bwave wanna pway cash! Bwave chasie baww? Bwing back tu pwetty wady?” The pink fluffy’s ears perk up and his tail waves back and forth in anticipation.

Junior shakes his head as he replies “Sorry Brave, the cache we’re talking about is a hoard of stuff, not a game.’

“Dat nu sound wike fun. Hoawd am dummeh.” Pouts an irritated fluffy.

Sighing, Jennifer continues “I’ve talked with a few people who specialize in these things. Though they have different theories, they all agree on one thing, though the Clippers or something related to them are responsible for the change in Mr. Tullvert, something else is responsible for all the ‘accidents’ plaguing the fluffies of our town. We need to find out what and how to get rid of it!”

Putting down the file he was holding, Junior nods. “Well, I bet it’s at his place. Were does he live? An abandoned mansion? One of those spooky Queen Anne houses? Where does he make his evil lair?!”

Fade to commercial.

Scene opens with three fluffies in a well appointed living room. A red fluffy with gold mane sits next to blue fluffy with a lilac mane. Both stare incredulously at the mono green fluffy. “Weawy? Sketties when eba wan?” Red and Blue both intone.

Grinning ear to ear, Green replies “Dat wight! Com’on!” Happy music plays as all three scramble from the living room, jump cut to the hall, jump cut to all three piling into the safe room and over to a plastic contraption with several fluffy sized ‘plates’ next to it.

Shoving a plate onto a receiving station till it audibly clicks, Green then moves over to a fluffy sized lever and pushes down. Camera focuses in on the plate that begins to spin as long strands of dough like ‘sketti’ are piled onto the plate from a retractable arm. Red an Blue facial expressions turn to pure joy as they bounce excitedly up and down.

Cut to all three plates full of ‘sketties’. Green looks up and faces the camera and says “Fwuffy Time Sketti Makew’tm! Ebwe time am skettie time wif ‘Fwuffy Time Skettie Makew’tm! Aww good fwuffies memba tu ask mummeh and daddeh fow ‘Fwuffy Time Sketti Makew’tm and dun staph tiww dey say ‘otay!”

Cue light peaceful score.

Cut to a close up of a sign “Happy Pines Terrace”. Camera pulls back to show a new, yet modest condominium complex. Bright, clean and simple. Camera pans over to the trio walking towards the entry doors and zooms in.

“You sure he lives here? Doesn’t look like a like a place someone cursed and damned would live in.” Puzzles Junior as he scratches Brave behind the ears.

Smirking, Jennifer quips “You’ve never had to deal with a Homeowners Association.”

Rolling his eyes, the young man follows the shapely blonde through the clean entryway and over to the elevators.

Pushing the ‘up’ button, the shapely woman turns to the others and intones “If we do this right, we’ll be in and out before you know it.”

Cut to ¾ view of an elevator interior.

Holding Brave under his arm, Junior queries “How are we going to get in exactly? I thought he’d live in the middle of nowhere and it would be easy to go unnoticed. I think someone would notice if I broke the door down.”

“Bwave fink dat jus wun ‘way an nu go tu scawy munsta wayuh! Nu wan wose mowe fwuff!” Moans the quivering pink ball as he tries to hid behind his hooves.

“I spent a summer or two with Uncle Joe and picked up a few things.” The blonde says as she rummages around in her handbag. Finally she holds up a small bundle triumphantly. “Won’t take anytime at all.”

Cut to the inside of an apartment facing the entry door. The knob wiggles and turns slightly before the door opens to reveal a bent over Jennifer holding a set of lock picks.

“Ok, we’re in, lets split up and start looking for clues.” She announces, straitening up and putting the picks back into her handbag. Glancing around, the shapely blonde moves over to the desk in the living room and begins picking through the neatly sorted papers there.

Setting his trembling pink burden down and closing the door behind him, Junior moves towards the back rooms. “Guess I’ll check in here. Come one Brave, help me look .”

Camera cuts down to the fluffy’s level, just over his shoulder.

Toddling after his human companion, the nervous fluffy looks around as if expecting the dreaded munsta to jump out at any moment. “Huuhuu, scawy con.. condu… condumi.. scawy munsta wayuh! Nu be in housie, dummeh munsta! Huu…”

Peeking round the corner of the first open doorway reveals a fastidiously clean bathroom. A place for everything and everything in it‘s place. “Onwe see toiwet munsta in hewe.” Mutters the nervous fluffy as he turns to leave.

The following doorway reveals Junior looking through a well kept bedroom, full of perfectly arranged knickknacks and a closet full of pressed suits. Spying the trembling puffball, Junior comments “I’ll look though here, check out that last door would you?” Flipping through a scrap book, the young man mutters to himself “How much do you really need to know about the Queen? *flip* Or tea?”

Turning away from the bedroom, Brave turns towards the hall that seems to stretch away as the trembling fluffy makes his way down it. The lights dim as he approaches the plain, yet vaguely ominous looking door. “Huuu, pwease nu be in woom, munsta… huuu. Why Bwave haf wook in woom? Bwave wook at Queen ‘n tea ‘nstead….”

Camrea cuts to the inside of said room, close to the door. What little of the walls that can be seen are covered in corkboards and the edges of photographs, news clippings and crude drawings upon them.

The door slowly swings open, a terrible squeaking of the hinges is heard. Framed in the doorway is a miserable pink figure with a black mane and tail who’s eyes widen in shock and despair at what he sees. Brave‘s ears droop down and his tail slumps in defeat. Camera turns to a collapsing world shot. “Nuuuuuu!”

Fade to commercial.

Scene opens with a close up ¾ down side view of a just walking purple foal on a carpeted floor. A look of curiosity on her face as she makes her way across the floor, only to turn to one of abject horror. Cue monolith theme from 2001. Camera swing around behind her and a large red color fills the rest of the screen. Pulling back the large red ball is three times the size of the small foal.

A softly spoken mare’s voice over is hear as the camera cuts to the purple foal playing with a ping pong sized yellow ball just perfect for her. “Wittwe wawkie babbehs nu am big nuff fow big fluffy bawws, Fwuff bwand Foawbawws am just what Mummeh say am bestest fow wittwe wawkie babbehs! Fwuff eben make Foawbawws fow wittwe chipry babbehs! “ Camera pulls back to show a little green chirpy foal playing with a marble sized blue ball next to the purple foal.

“Aww Mummehs an Daddehs make suew good fwuffies get tu pway wiff bawws. But onwe weawe good Mummehs an Daddehs wet der fwuffies pway wif Foawbawws!”

Cue spooky score.

Scene open in the apartment living room, a statuesque blonde thumbing through papers as the faint cries of a mournful fluffy are heard. “Brave is in trouble!” Squeaks Jennifer as she brings a clutched fist to her chest, unintentionally pulling the fabric taunt over her frame. Lunging forward, time slows down as the camera cuts to a side view of the busty groomer running down the hall in high heels and a sun dress. The camera follows her as she comes to the last door in the apartment.

Camera cut to the inside of the room, close up on the terrified pink puffball as Jennifer rushes up, bends over and scoops him up and buries his face in her generous cleavage. “You poor, poor fluffy!”

Junior comes up behind he pair, a look of concern on his face before he spots his fluffy’s position. “Some guys have all the luck” he mutters. Pushing past the two and into the room, the camera backs up and swings to the side revealing corkboard covered walls with hundreds of pictures of fluffies, newspaper clippings and odd drawings on them all crammed together and overlapping one another. Shelves jammed with overstuffed boxes filled with odd statuettes, small books covered with weird symbols, unidentifiable things and more pictures takes up what wall space that doesn’t have corkboard.

As the young man stares at the walls and shelves, the camera follows his gaze as he turns to a strange alter in the middle of the room. A nine edged star made of granite rests flat on an oak frame carved with leering faces of strange and grotesque imps, goblins and daemons. Nine black and red candles rest on each edge and arranged around the center are the pictures of nine fluffies. Each lining up with one of the candles on the outer edge. Each one with something sticky covering part of their image. A dollop of honey here, a spot of paint there. Tar on one and prickly burrs on another. Each picture covered in fluffy doom.

“This guy is sick!” Breaths Junior, shock disgust plays over his face. “So… so what do we do with this thing now that we found it? Smash it? Burn it? Uh… Call a mover to come take it away?”

Pulling a gasping pink furball away from her chest and tucking him beneath an arm, Jennifer replies. “No, though the alter is important, it’s not the source of the suffering. That is!” Pointing her finger, the camera turns towards the direction indicated and rests upon an strange piece of dried fruit that’s wrapped in a multi colored harness and looped into a necklace.

Looking at the object, Brave begins to tremble uncontrollably. Covering his eyes with his hooves he moans “Nu wike! Scawy! Go ‘way dummeh bad fing! HuuHuu!”

Slowly approaching the haphazardly placed amulet Junior queries “Is this a dried peach or something? It smells like… like Christmas at my Grandma‘s house….”

“No” Jennifer’s voice comes over his shoulder as she approches from behind the young man. “It’s a dried fig coated in ginger and other strange concoctions. Supposedly it’s an old Babylonian curse amulet to bring suffering that must be wrapped in the hair of one’s foes.”

“Uh, is it safe to touch?” Junior queries, his hand inches from the fiendish object.

Fumbling through her purse, Jennifer pulls out a small patristic bag. “Just to be safe, put it in here.” Watching as the young man carefully goes about the task of securing the amulet, she pulls out her cell and fires off a quick text. “Ok, I’ve let my friends know that we have it. Now we have to meet them tonight and destroy it.”

Nodding, the he rejoins “Then we’re done with all this and everything goes back to normal?”

Shaking her head, she sadly replies. “I’m afraid not. This will only destroy the amulet, the source of the ‘sticky’ accidents. We still have to get the clippers back and secure them in the case they came in. Otherwise he’ll just make another amulet and in six months it’ll all start over again!”

Cue light melancholy score. Scene cuts to night time in an empty park. A dejected looking trio of Junior, Jennifer and Brave walk away from a motley group of people.

Rubbing his neck, Junior complains. “I can’t believe that not only could they not destroy it, but that they took four hours to talk about how ‘evil’ it was before finding out they couldn’t do anything about it! What was with that one guy, the skinny one with the greasy hair. I never even said anything to him, but he kept giving me dirty looks all night. When I mentioned I’m going to collage on a football scholarship and was going to study engineering I thought he was going to blow a gasket. The hell is his deal?”

“Dat dummem nu get huggies fwom mummeh ‘nuff, dat wah Bwave tink. Nu smeww pwetty. ‘Nee baff!” Grumbles an irate fluff ball.

Checking her phone, Jennifer glumly replies. “Look, they weren’t my first choice, but Damien and Laura are out of town and Carl promised me he and his friends knew enough to help. That greasy haired guy…. Well lets just say he hates you because not only are you planning on getting a useful degree where you won’t be asking if you want fries with that at the end of the day or that you got a scholarship through hard work. But that he thinks that we’re dating.”

“We’re not?” is Junior’s coy reply.

Stifling a giggle, the blonde replies. “Well, we’ll see.” Giving her hair a playful toss, she suddenly looks serious. “But before any of that we’re going to have to get those clippers away from ’Fred’ and I have just the plan!” Turning to the pink and black fluffy “Brave, I need you to be the bait.”


Malevolent laughter. Fade to black. The ominous words “To be continued….” scroll across the screen.
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