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Cheeseman: This may be an inexpensive way to produce nuclear fusion.
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man-man: You mean Ass Blaster vs Ass Blaster that talks?

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Lazurus: Who will be able to hold out the longest!

This week on "Fluffies V. Wild!"

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deathproofpony: So that happened.

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Anonifluff: Due to the excess methane, the fire travels right inside the fluffy, cooking it alive from the inside out.
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Anonymous1: man-man that would be better
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bloodgutsandfluff: The shit gets inside the Ass blaster, causing a clog in the "exhaust." Gas pressure builds as the fluffy acts like a smarty dick until the pressure results in an enormous explosion killing both participants.
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Anonymous2: ass blaster vs more abuseable ass blaster FUCK YES
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