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Bamboo Torture

Be bored kid hanging out at old neighbor’s house.

Ol’ Uncle Bob’s getting too old to take care of himself but he swore he’d die in his chair before they take him off to the ‘old people’s colony’.

Help out Uncle Bob by watering his mango tree, prized azaleas and the odd 3-4 bamboo shoots at the corner of his green scum filled pond which according to him, was once filled with koi fish.

In return, Uncle Bob showed you his rusted katana he took from surrendered Japanese troops. This is the coolest thing ever!

Suddenly, you both hear children shouting and fighting amongst themselves in the garden.

Nope.exe, It’s a herd of filthy shitrats.

Top tier smarty led a whole herd of them through the opened gate and right through the azalea bushes leave half of them stuck, trampled and dying mangled in the bush.

Uncle Bob yells at the herd while you fast walked and punted them out of the garden. Shitrat smarty decides to stand his ground and starts blowing raspberries at you, puffing out his cheeks trying to look as fluffy as possible.
Uncle Bob tells you not to kick the smarty and to grab him.

You grab smarty by its tail while it flails its stubby legs and wiggle his tubby body trying to nip at you, looking crosser and crosser by the minute.

Uncle Bob takes some twine and ties up his mouth, squeezes the lil’ bastard onto the mango tree and looks at you while chuckling saying ‘there, we got free manure’ before bringing smarty over to the bamboo plants.

He looks around before locating a bamboo shoot, stares at the pissed off, puffed up fluffy once in the eye and shoves the entire plant up its poopie place.

The smarty froze for a moment in shock before it finally realized what happened and start to squirm around in pain and beat its stubby hooves on Uncle Bob’s hand.
He then drives a stake to the ground, brings more twine and bundles him up to make sure he can’t move.

You look at Uncle Bob and wait for him to explain what’s happening. All he says is he learnt a trick from the Japs while in the jungle and asked me to come back and visit him a few days later.


You go back home and do your thing, you would have forgotten about the smarty had it not been the incessant whimpering you hear from it.
That is, until the 4th day, when everything went quiet.
You go back to Uncle Bob to check on him and the fluffy, only to see him smoking his badass pipe on the front porch and pointing his pipe at the bamboo plants.

You see the bamboo shoots have penetrated the smarty’s anal cavity, ruptured its internal organs before shooting through its neck and destroying its vocal chords before poking through the fluffy’s eye socket.

The poor bastard isn’t dead yet! It’s gasping for breath in short shallow gasps and looking at you pleadingly with its one good eye which is being crawled on by a giant red ant. Man, fuck those things.

Uncle Bob repeats himself again that he learnt a thing or two from the Japs and told me to always be careful of them as they are vicious two bit bastards.

Well, thanks to them vicious two bit bastards, I found something new to play with fluffies!
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Moumang: Hewwo
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Anonymous1: @Moumang: Hewwo tu da howwow cawwed fwuffyboowu!

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Wawa_Loca: this is great, id love to read more!

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InvasiveSpecies: More uses for fluffies! Absorb them into the garden! I love this!
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COWZersss: We know one thing, they make some of the best shit for your gardens.

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Skrelptastic: I thoroughly enjoyed this.

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Guzziman: Gotta keep it on life support.