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Woe to Ferals-Part 4

You’re a fluffy mummah! You live with your herd just outside of the human lands in the forest.

Your herd went through a really meany cold time but it’s almost over now! The mean snowies are starting to turn into to water, that means the cold times are going away. But it’s still cold out and nummies are still hard to find! It got so bad that you had to num your poopy baby to make milkies for your other babies, but that’s okay, he was a bad poopy baby anyways! You still have....three! That’s it, three babies left, that’s one less than your leggies right?

Anyways you still have three talky babies left, including your bestest baby, he has yellow fluff just like you and a orange mane and tail just like you! Your other two babies are good babies, one is a pointy colt with light orange fluff just like your special friend and a dark purple mane and tail, the other is a filly with dark green fluff and a light blue mane and tail just like your special friend. You love your babies! But you love your bestest baby the most. Your special friend is about to leave the nestie when the smarty shows up, he’s bigger than your special friend and has light purple fluff with a bright yellow mane.

“Nummie findew!” The smarty calls out into your little den. “Yu dewe?”

“Y-yus smawty, nummie findew an speciaw fwiend an babbehs am hewe.” Your special friend calls out.

“Gud, nummie findew an famiwy am gon gu out an fin’ bestest nummies togethew! Yu babbehs am big an stwong nuff nao to hewp fin’ nummies fow hewd.” The smarty says.

“Yus smawty, nummie findew wiww take famiwy tu fin’ nummies.” Says your special friend in a respectful tone.

“Gud, nao gu fin’ nummies nao!” The smarty yells.

You all hurriedly get out of the den with your babies in tow, you don’t like the idea of your babies leaving the herd’s safe place but they have to learn to find nummies for the herd so you guess it’s okay. You all set out and follow your special friend. While walking your babies pipe up and ask how to find nummies.

“How fin’ nummies daddeh?” Peeps your bestest baby.

“Wewe nummies? Nummies hidsies?” Asks your mint green filly.

“Wai nummies dun jus cum tu fwuffies?” Questions your blue colt.

“Shhh babbehs, wisten tu daddeh.” Says your special friend as he turns his attention to your babbies. “Dewe aww sowts of nummies fow fwuffies tu fin’, but sum nummies am hawd tu fin’, it weawwy am hawd tu fin’ nummies in cowd times! Fwuffies nee tu wook fow bewwy nummies, dey gwow on bushies, ow fin hoomin nummies dey am bestest nummies. Hoomin nummies am by bwack wockies an hoomin housies but sumtimes am in fowest.”
Your babies’ eyes grow wide in awe at the knowledge your special friend has about nummies. Your special friend continues on about which nummies are good or bad and how to tell. He also tells how to store nummies in fluff to take back to the herd’s nummie pile. All this is said while walking and eventually your special friend finishes and you reach a clearing in the forest. Even before you had babies you never went this far to find nummies and you can tell by the look on your special friend’s face that he hasn’t been here either. In the middle of the clearing you see a big metal housie and a smaller human housie near it, there is also a black rocky leading to other human housies in the distance.

Your special friend turns to you and your babies and makes an announcement.

“Dis is hoomin wands, can fin’ wots an wots of nummies hewe!” Proclaims your special friend.

You babies cheer but you quickly shush them.

“Quiest babbehs, nu make wots of noisies! Dis maybeh meanie hoomin wand.” You say in a hushed tone.

“Das wight babbehs, sum hoomins awe meanies and sum awe nicey. Jus wook quietwy fow nummies. Fowwow daddeh.” You special friend says as he leads you and your babies to the human housie and big metal housie.

As you all walk out of the forest and into the grassy clearing and up to the big metal housie, you notice there is a big wall on the back of it, but before you can investigate it any further you hear a voice behind you.

“Who yu fwuffies? Nu twesspassin!” An unknown voice calls out.

You and your babies make scaredy poopies as the voice startles you, but your special friend doesn’t, he’s so brave! You all turn to see the cause of the voice and spot a large black fluffy with a grey mane, he’s so big, bigger than your smarty! Your babies cower behind you and you get behind your special friend. Your special friend makes a smile and begins speaking to the large fluffy.

“Hewwo!” Says your special friend with a smile. “Nyu fwiend? Hewp fin’ nummies fow hewd?”

“NU! Yu am dummeh fwuffies! Am bad fewaw fwuffs!” Yells the black fluffy.

He’s so meanie! Why would he call you dummies? That’s not nice, you’re just trying to find nummies for your herd. Your special friend makes scaredy peepees and lowers his ears and begins backing away slowly from the meanie black fluffy.

“Huuuu, why nyu fwuffy su meanie? Jus wan fin’ nummies fow hewd an famiwy. Haf wowstest tummie ouchies. Pwease be nicey nyu fwuffy?” Begs your special friend.

“Hmmm? Dummeh fwuffy haf hewd?” Asks the black fluffy as he cocks his head slightly. “Whewe am hewd? Show Bwutus an ummmm....Bwutus wiww gif nummies!”
“Weawwy?” Says your special friend in a surprised tone. “Fwuffy gif nummies fow showin hewd? Otay fowwow fwuffy!”

“Dummeh! Fwuffy’s name am Bwutus! Get it wight!” Yells the black fluffy as he point to him self. “Am Bwutus!”

“Otay, sowwy Bwutus.” Says your special friend as he turns and gestures Brutus to follow him.

You’re so happy! You and your family are going to get nummies! All you have to do is show Brutus where your herd is. He does seem kinda meanie, but he changed to being a bit nicer once your special friend brought up your herd. Maybe Brutus wants to join, that would be nice. You’re so happy!

You and your babies and Brutus follow your special friend for about one forever before you get close to the herd’s land. Along the way, your babies kept asking Brutus questions and so did you but he just gave you meanie looks and told you to be quiet. Maybe he’s nervous about meeting the herd? That’s it! He’s just nervous and wants to think of what to say. Maybe he’s not so meanie after all. Anyways, once you all get close to the herd Brutus tells you and your family to stop in the bush you are all currently in upon seeing the herd in the clearing.

“Otay, yu showded Bwutus hewd, but nu gu tu hewd yet. Bwutus ummmm....wanna show yu nummies nao an an...an wanna impwess hewd wif nummies.” Says Brutus.

“Hmm? Oh! Bwutus wanna make hewd wike Bwutus by giffing nummies?” Says your special friend after thinking hard for a moment.

“Yus...dat wight, tu make hewd wik Bwutus...yus.” Says Brutus slowly. “Otay, fowwow Bwutus tu nummies.”

You all follow Brutus back to the big metal housie and small human housie. This time there is another fluffy just outside the wall of the small housie. He’s big like Brutus, but he’s got orange fluff and a black mane. He smiles as he trots up to Brutus.

“Hewwo Bwutus! Who am dese fwuffies?” He asks.

“Hewwo Dickwess! Dey am dummeh fwuffies, gon show tu daddeh!” Brutus replies.

“Nu am dummehs!” Protests your special friend. “Bwutus pwomise tu gif nummies if fwuffy show Bwutus hew-OOF! Screeee!”

Oh no! Brutus just gave your special friend a sorry hoofsie! Brutus really is a meanie! You make scaredy peepees and your babies start to cry and do the same! You need to hide! You put your hooves over your eyes! That’s sure to hide your from the meanie fluffies.

“Dickwess! Gu get daddeh an teww daddeh Bwutus find dummeh fewaws an hewd!” You hear Brutus command.
You hear the other fluffy walk off and you can hear something walk towards you. You try to tell your babies to be quiet and quietly huu to yourself as you hear your special friend crying a little ways away. Next thing you know you get hit on your nosey place.

“Screee! Nosey pwace huwties! Huuuuuu! How find fwuffy?” You cry out as you look up at your attacker.

You see Brutus towering over you as he gives you another sorry hoof to your face.

“Huuuuuhuuuhuuu! Wai am Bwutus su meanies? Fwuffy am gud fwuffy! Speciaw fwiend hewp!Huuuu!” You wail.

Your special friend tries to get up but Brutus goes over to him and hits him a few more times till he stays down. You and your babies cry even more as Brutus goes around behind you and sniffs your special place. He shouldn’t be doing that! Only your special friend should sniff your special place! You begin to protest but Brutus gives you a mean look as he begins to mount you. All you can manage to do is quietly sob as he begins to give you bad special huggies to you right in front of your babies! This is the worstest day ever!


You’re Jack Reese, and over the winter your breeding business has gone well. You sold Lavender for a really good sum of money. With the money you made off her plus your holiday sales you were able to buy the land next to your house and get your new store building built. The store isn’t quite done yet, but in about another month or so you should have it up and running.

Lavender’s two remaining foals, Ace and Ruby, are now of breeding age and you’ve already got Ruby knocked up with her first litter, she should give birth in about a month. Ace, is doing well, you were able to get any budding smarty behavior out of him with three sorry boxings and a few whacks from the sorry stick. All is going well, you’ve trained you more violent and smarter stallions that won’t sell to patrol your property and hunt for ferals, though there haven’t been many ferals in the winter months so you’re not sure how well it’ll work come spring.

It’s funny though, it didn’t take you long to train your stallions that ferals are bad fluffies that don’t even try to be good and live with their rightful mommas and daddies. You even taught them which colors were good colors and to kill any bad colored ferals. You also taught them to get ferals to lead them to herds so they could tell you. You’d then go to th herds and cull them, sparing any decently colored fluffies.

Right now though, you’re eating lunch in the kitchen when you hear the fluffy door from the back yard open. Gotta be one of your stallions. As soon as you think that you can hear the pitter patter of fluffy hooves waddling across the floor to you.

“Daddeh! Daddeh!Daddeh! Dickwess haf gud news!” Yells Dickless as he rushes over to your leg and bounces up and down in excitement.

“Easy there Dickless, what’s the news?” You say as you pat his head.
“Bwutus fin dummey fewaws an an...an fin fewaw hewd tu!” Says Dickless with smile. “Cum wook daddeh!” Dickless, then waddles back to the backyard.

You follow, putting on your coat and boots and walking out the door. The cold January air nips at you as you walk out to the empty lot behind your back yard. You’re greeted by the sight of a badly beaten feral stallion with orange fluff stained red from his blood, a few feet away Brutus is madly fucking what you assume is the feral stallion’s special friend with her three babies crying and chirping. Brutus finishes and pulls himself off the sobbing mare. He huffs and puffs from fucking the feral but he makes his way to you with a smile on his face.

“Wook daddeh! Bwutus fin dummeh fewaw fwuffies! Bwutus gib dem sowwy hoofsies an an gifed dummeh mawe sowwy enfies!” Says Brutus with glee.

“I see that Brutus, you’re such a good fluffy!” You say as you scratch him behind the ears.

“Fank yu daddeh!”

“You’re welcome. Now, Dickless told me you also found out where the feral herd is too?” You ask.

“Yus! Bwutus fin dummeh fewaw hewd! Bwutus can show daddeh!”

“Good, but not right this moment. Daddy has to take care of these bad feral fluffies. Just look at them! They probably ran away and are a menace to society!” You say pointing to the feral fluffies.

“Dummeh fewaws!” Brutus says as he backs his ass towards the still sobbing mare and her babies and unleashes a torrent of shit.

You tell Brutus to stand guard and have Dickless patrol the property once more. You head back in and get some gloves and a garbage bag. You make a post on your abuse section of the web site that you have some cheap ferals that just came in. On the computer screen it reads:

Three feral foals, a mother, and a father. All with sub par colors, ripe and ready for abuse! Foals are $1 each. Mother is $4 and moat likely pregnant and father is $3 as well though slightly damaged. Buy the whole family for $8 and get a free regular grade sorry stick!

You then head back outside and and toss the feral fluffies in the garbage bag and empty them into your old shed in the back yard. It still has the forever sorry box in it along with the workbench and lawn tools, but it also has the new addition of the feral pen. It’s just a small pen that can hold up to a dozen fluffies. You use it to keep ferals in when you want to make a quick buck by selling to the abuse community. Sure, they’ll buy your other fluffies if they want to, but you offer the ferals at such a low price they are usually bought up, and they get bought up fast.

Anyways, you dump the feral family in, they are the only ones in there for the moment. As the family sobs and cries and tries to hug one another you make a mental note not to wipe out the whole feral herd. You throw some stale kibble and a bowl of cold water before heading out to find the feral herd.


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ThatRaptorGuy: Part 4 is here! Sorry it took so long, I'm out of state visiting family for Thanksgiving. Was finally able to set aside some time to finish up this part.

Also is there anything you guys would like to see in the future? Any specific abuse or things happen to the breeder with customers? Let me know.
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Anonymous1: make the smarty get tricked into enfing some of the foals as a way for it to get free.
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Anonymous2: I really like this series

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Feyascia: @ThatRaptorGuy: Sad babbehs! Happy-go-lucky foals placed into horrible situations and misery beyond their ability to comprehend why.
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TheFoalFryer: I presume I can't order a foal platter?
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Anonymous3: Great series. I agree with Anon 1. Or really any abuse of soon-mummahs and her unborn foals would be awesome. Feral gutter trash.

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Guzziman: @ThatRaptorGuy: Breeder competition, killing fluffies is cool but there are other people who love to kill and sell fluffies for money.

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Feyascia: I really enjoyed the fluff POV.
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Anonymous4: I always imagine freshly born foals like pinkies.
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Anonymous5: I want to see Smarty on fire.
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Anonymous6: Holy shit raptor, in a month your writing has definitely improved. Spare for the occasional typo here and there it's actually quite impressive how your able to seemly swap from perspectives. Keep up the good work.
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Anonymous7: Conscript some of the ferals as "enforcers" like Brutus and his buddies, and use them against future herds.
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Anonymous8: the food finding fluffy could have been a nice addition, as seems well tempered, but still another fucking a installment
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Anonymous9: And then brutus got std.
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Sorrowkandy: dude lets kick this abuse to 11 yo
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