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Hobby Horse: Chapter 8.1 – Tulip Checks In
By Draeger

Day 83

You wake, slowly. You realize you can’t see anything. You can’t tell, but your eyes are swollen shut and wrapped with gauze. You try to feel the funny thing wrapped around your head, but your legs won’t work. Before you can wonder why, you remember your tummy babies! You realize you can’t feel them inside you anymore. You want to cry for them to move again, but your mouth won’t let you. You have no idea what happened to your special friend. In your sudden anguish and helplessness, you only know that nothing is as it should be.

You are Tulip, a barely fully-grown fluffy mare. You have bloody, dirt-caked, straw-yellow fluff and a bloody, dirt-caked, grass-green mane and matching tail. Yesterday was the worst day of your young fluffy life. You are alive, but only just.


Forevers pass, and though you can’t FEEL any pain right now, your mind is a swirl of painful memories. You remember finding the humans playing hit-the-ball yesterday. You remember them getting very angry with you. One of them grabbing you and your special friend, Mista Meseeks. The sensation of being thrown up in the air, and falling. The loud impact of the big sorry-stick in your exposed flank and the massive pain. Hitting the ground a couple feet away, seizing with agony, and more coming over you in waves. Each involuntary twitch and spasm causing more and more pain. Seeing your special friend, his head a gory mess. All of these horrible memories return piecemeal, some in the wrong order, none of it making any sense. Eventually, after many forevers, though you still can’t move or speak or even cry, you begin to calm down and process the trauma. You sort out what happened, but there’s no ‘why’. Why had those humans been so angry at you? Why had they hurt you and your special friend? What had happened after that? Where are you now?

Unfortunately, you are a fluffy, with a fluffy’s attention span and capacity for intellect. Your train of thought is suddenly, forcibly derailed by the return of sensory input. All of a sudden you can wiggle your hooves and The sedative is beginning to wear off, and your senses achingly return. Achingly indeed; a smoldering, throbbing pain creeps over your awareness, and after a few forevers it is almost unbearable, and you nearly black out again. Before you can, however, a human lady puts her not-hoof on you, and you freeze. Your change in condition has alerted the veterinary nurse assigned to the intensive care unit in which you---and dozens of other fluffies---lay in little cots. Most, like you, are hooked up to heart rate monitors. You and a few others even have tiny IV feeds taped to your shaven forelegs. You don’t know it, but you are one of the few lucky fluffies in the tri-county area to receive full medical care at an actual fluffy clinic.

The nurse strokes your chest and tummy above the site of an expertly-performed emergency fluffy c-section as she reads your telemetry and takes your vitals.

“Coming out of sedation nicely, Miss Tulip,” the nurse addresses you sweetly, though to you the voice sounds far-away, muffled by the wrap around your head. “Just a little bit longer and we’ll call Doctor Hartnell over to give you a little checkup, okay?”

Why, oh why is that name so sickeningly, horribly familiar to you? You are able to ponder this new feeling of dread for an instant before the nurse takes her hand away, and, the momentary comfort gone, you are again wracked by pain.
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Draeger: Just a QUICKIE to pick up where NotImportant left off and let y'all know this isn't dead. Props to YippySkippy for starting this whole deal. 8.2 up later tonight hopefully. Enjoy.
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Draeger: SHIT just noticed a typo, OH WELL.

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NotimPortant: pretty good stuff, cant wait to see more
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Draeger: @NotimPortant: thanks bud! You sure tried to kill her dead but I just can't let that happen.

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NotimPortant: @Draeger: i just wanted to have her suffer

and in truth ive been wanting to write that baseball story for a while and i finally had the opportunity to squeeze it in
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yippyskippy1909: @Draeger: Don't feel bad about a typo. Thanks to RQ, I noticed an entire missing sentence in part 5 which established Dr. Hartnell as kind of an arrogant dick. Meh. Can't win 'em all.

Trivia tidbit: Tulip's registration number, 107675W, is also the first 7 digits of my '65 Corvair's VIN tag.

@NotimPortant: I did a little baseball in "Murder Hotel" parts 3 & 4. Feels great to write a good old fashioned beating, doesn't it?

Speaking of that story, I should put out a few more chapters sometime...soon...maybe...SQUIRREL!!

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Skrelptastic: @Draeger: You say that like this shouldn't deserve to die.
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Anonymous1: Good luck Tulip

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Destroyer_of_worlds: @Destroyer_of_worlds: WTH why am I dumb and can't post picture comments like all the cool boys and girls?

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Chicken: @Destroyer_of_worlds: not sure but i think its adding
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Anonymous2: The End.