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RICK:"Hey man. What have you got for me?"

POTENTIAL SELLER: "Well, I have this Fluffy Ailcorn. I got him when he blundered into my backyard. No owners that I could find."


RICK: "Fluffy Ailcorns are super rare, and can be super valuble. If the price is right, I really want it for my shop."

cut back to shop;

RICK: That's cool, Ailcorns can be worth some money. Why hasn't he said anything?

Potential seller: "Uh, well.."

RICK: "He can't talk, can he?"

Potential seller: "I don't know. He's never said anything."

RICK: "Well, before I can even make an offer, I have to consult with one of my experts. That okay with you?"

Potential Seller: "Sure! I can wait."

RICK: "Fluffybooru comments section?"


(FLUFFY PONY CROSSOVER WITH "Pawn Stars" the inexplicably popular TV show)
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Fortune: Hmm, if it can't talk then it is probably more valuable.
After all, some can't stand the babbling of "Huggies?" "Sketties!" and "Pway!", so you get a rare breed with none of the drawbacks.
On the other hand, if it's not speaking, then it's probably been abused, so that lowers the market value. You'd probably have to contact the breeder if it's known to see if it was able to speak then.
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PandaSennin: It depends on the buyer. Some might like a quiet fluffy alicorn but others not. You should probably make sure if it's healthy, what sex it is and if you can breed it.

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deathproofpony: I'm going to need to slide this electrified metal pole in the alicorn's ass to... er... "test" it.

Hey - there's no reason to call security. Hey - get that guy off me! *zaps alicorn in the ass* Take it! Take it like a little bitch! GET YOUR HANDS OFF ME, COCKSUCKER! *DPP is ejected from the building*

*pokes head back in door* Rick is a selfish bald fuckhead! *leaves*
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PandaSennin: @deathproofpony: Just like the show.

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deathproofpony: @PandaSennin: Yeah, it's fun. I wanted to meet Chumley, though. Oh well.
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Harbinger: Spoof of Monty Python parrot sketch but in reverse. Bam.
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PandaSennin: @deathproofpony: That's cool I guess.
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Macfeste: CHUMLEY: Hey, Rick. What is that thing?
RICK: It's a Fluffy Pony, Chum.
CHUMLEY: A Fluffy pony? Like from "My litte Pony"?
RICK: <sigh> Yeah.
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Macfeste: Back from commercial break;

Rick: So, this guy came in the shop with this beautiful black ailcorn, with a grey mane and tail. Could be worth a lot of money, but he hasn't said anything. So I called my buddy the <FLUFFYBOORU COMMENTS SECTION> in to check it out.

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tedjackson: Phineas J Whoopie, you're a genius

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Tabula_Rojo: hey Rick you got an copies of Battletoads?
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coderunt: fuck 'em, feed it other fluffie's vocal chords till it talks
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Anonymous1: Talk to it, find out it's past. People will pay more for a well adjusted fluffy, rather than one that will scream and defecate at the first sign of doing something wrong. All these factors have to be looked in to in order to determine price.
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Ausfag: Fuck, last comment was me.
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MistersS: Well... is the alicorn a male or a female? Some people might pay more depending on the gender. Oh and are we sure that it's an actual alicorn and not a fluffy pony with fake stuff added on it? Are you sure it's fluff is not dyed?
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Ud_the_Imp: Positive reinforcement may help. Try offering it spaghetti, or soft toys, or even a mare to screw if the alicorn's a male.
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Macfeste: @MistersS: Male. Real Ailcorn. Still won't talk.
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MistersS: @Macfeste Is there any physical or psychological trauma? It might not talk because someone abused him in the past?

(Also i'm begging you for more stories in the future about this crossover)
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MistersS: Hello?
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Macfeste: @MistersS: I might put more in this. probably a "resolution" at the very least. I am in no way a talented writer, but I think I'll be able to get the "experts" down.
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Anonymous2: Clearly, an alicorn fluffy is worth the most of any fluffy pony subclass. But given the general proliferation of fluffy ponies out there, coupled with the negative overall image of fluffies since the "Spaghetti Land" incident, I would say that this fluffy pony, at auction, with the right crowd on the right day all heavily drinking, might net...about tree-fiddy.
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