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Cujo meets Princess Snowball (The Abuser’s New Pet Spinoff)

*Disclaimer: I do NOT OWN Princess Snowball or anything affiliated with the character;
I am merely using her in a story which can be considered NON CANON for the hell of it.
Cujo the fluffy pony belongs to me, but Princess Snowball belongs to her rightful owner, badmunsta.
With that out of the way, enjoy the story!*

You are Princess Snowball, the bestest princess momma in the whole world!

Your daddy has made friends with another nice mister who’s agreed to watch over you for the next few days while your real daddy is away!

The nice mister also mentioned bringing over his pet fluffy pony to play with you: you’re so excited you could pop!

Eventually daddy leaves and the nice mister comes into the house with a big….sorry box?

The nice mister puts the sorry box down, then kneels down next to it and whispers something to the fluffy inside.

“Why fwuffy in sowwy box? Did fwuffy fwiend du somefin’ wong?” you ask.

The nice mister stands up and smiles at you, before saying “Yes, but he’s been a good boy recently, so I think he’s earned an early leave from the sorry box...”

You realize that this fluffy pony must be a bad one! But being the princess momma, it’s your duty to rehabilitate all bad fluffies to become good ones!

He reaches down and unlatches the door, before walking upstairs and saying “You two be good now! ~” while laughing strangely….

The sorry box door creaks open, before a large, scruffy gray Pegasus fluffy pony with weird seeing thingies bolts out.

He’s as big, if not a little bigger, than you are. But he’s not nearly as rotund; he possesses a scrawnier, more feral dog physique.

“Wewcome nyu fwiend! My name ees PWINCESS SNOWBAWW!” you exclaim, waving your hoofsies to show him the “splendor” of your kingdom (that being a dirty, musty room with a nasty litterbox, water dish, bad baby sketty dish, crusty carpet, peeling wallpaper and chipped walls, and a single lightbulb.)

“Was yours?” you ask the new fluffy….
Anon’s POV

You’ve recently been paid by the fat lard’s owner to have Cujo kill her within the three days he’s gone.

Cujo at first wasn’t that willing to cooperate, which was understandable; after all, no self-respecting cannibal would sink his/her teeth into that foul smelling, wheezing, artery clogging delusional shit rat…

But when you kneel down to his travel crate, you tell him that all he has to do is kill her, and you promise you’ll buy him a new chew rope, and treat him to his favorite thing to eat, “Tummeh Sketti Surprise” (a mix of dog food, fluffy pony flesh and organs, and made into a meatloaf like thing covered in ketchup.)

He agrees, you and you go upstairs to chill out and listen to the carnage that is about to unfold while counting the money the owner paid you….$300 to kill that thing downstairs…damn, he must really be desperate to get rid of her…
Cujo’s POV

“Koo-joe.” You rasp out to that not pretty smelling monstrosity that grins stupidly before you…

You begin to circle it, looking for a weak spot while it prattles on about “How to be a good fluffy,” Princess Snowball being too wrapped up in her insanity to notice you looking for her neck…

You figure the thick, flabby, jiggling sack of flesh below her face and head IS the neck. You brace yourself for that awful taste, before sprinting towards it and sinking your jaws into her massive jugular, ready to hear her choking screams, feel the blood on your-

“Wa nyu fwiend doin’?” she asks.

You open your bloodshot eyes to find that while you did bite into her neck, her matted, stinky fur and her copious amounts of fat completely protect her from any physical assault.

You release your grip and cough out the hairs that are stuck in her throat, before growling and trying again…and again…and again and again and AGAIN!

You try biting her legs, pounding her skull in, hell, you even try breaking her neck with a swift kick to the side of her head; but Princess Snowball’s sheer mass of fat cushions any blow you dole out; what makes the fact she’s making you look like a stupid, weak house pet fluffy worse is she still thinks you’re PLAYING WITH HER!

“PWINCESS MUMMAH WUB DEEZ NYU GAMES!” she squeals, her body fat jiggling like a glob of gelatin

You grit your jagged teethies in utter rage, your eyes looking ready to pop out of your skull:

"DAT’S IT!" you shriek in your growling voice “YU GUNNA DIE O’ SO HEWP ME!!!-”

Suddenly, a timer goes off, and Princess Snowball pipes “TIME FOW NUMMIES!” Before slowly waddling over to her tray of dying foals and a dish of…water…

Something clicks in your mind, before you smile wickedly as you creep behind her as she stuffs her face with ‘bad babbeh sketties’ as she calls them.

Soon she scarfs them down, letting out a quick belch and apologizing for “Bein’ un pwincesswike~” before she begins to chug down her water….

Seeing your opportunity, you forcefully hold her head underwater, using your strong muscles against her weak ones.

She tries to wriggle weakly, but all that weight is useless unless she can move it around effectively.

The bubbles slowly stop rising, and you cackle as you realize she’s almost drowned-




She couldn’t have…

She just…drank the whole water dish….

That water dish was big enough to quench the thirst of an average fluffy family for a week…more than enough to drown even the biggest, toughest fluffy ponies! (made even more excess considering fluffies have been known to drown in less than an inch of water, and sometimes just by LOOKING at it.)

Your left eye begins to twitch involuntarily, followed by your head jerking in random directions, until you’re frothing at the mouth and convulsing in unbridled rage…

Even the oblivious Princess Snowball takes notice, looking up at you with genuine concern, asking “Ees nyu fwien’ awright?...”

“EEEEEEEYYYYAAAAARABLAGHABLAGHHHRGGGRGGGHHHHBLARGGGHHHHGRAAAAAGGHHHH!” is your only response, coupled with you convulsing and going batshit crazy right in front of her, shrieking at the top of your lungs.

Eventually, you stop and look down at her, gasping as you regain your breath.

You expect to hear more “YU FUNNY!” or maybe “SO SIWWY!” from her royal highness, but instead…nothing…

She’s splattered all over the walls, and…even on you…her massive, cellulite coated remains stuck to the walls and ceiling, with hunks of fluff around the smoldering crater, and her blood soaked crown sitting in the middle.

You start giggling, then laughing, then bursting into hysterics as you begin to realize you did it…you KILLED her….after hours of trying, after dozens of failed attempts, your theatrics must have scared her so bad she went through a “Fluffsplosion,” or when a fluffy pony spontaneously combusts out of fear…

Your owner is watching you laugh your head off, asking you “What the hell was that bang!? And was that unholy demonic screeching you?!”

Eventually, you calm yourself down and explain to him what happened…he finds it hard to believe, but he just looks around at the gore covered walls and shrugs, saying “Whatever works…”

He scrapes the “princess shrapnel” off the walls and puts it alongside the bloody, bent crown in a garbage bag in the freezer.

He intends to show the owner proof of the deed.

He puts you back into the crate and loads you up into the car, before beginning to drive home.

You fall asleep to the knowledge that Princess Snowball is dead…


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Anonymous1: Who even started princess shitball? I dont remember anymore, that multititted chimera hellbitch

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Balkan: Can I have source to princess snowball story or anything of the like? I don't recognize that name...
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Anonymous2: Why? Why hire someone withba fluffy to kill your fluffy? Why not just kill it yourself? Why not just hire the man without the fluffy to kill it if yo cant do it yourself? Why set a time limit of 3 days and leave the man in your house? Why did the fluffy explode from being scared? She didnt even know she was being attacked so why did the shock of it finally hit her and cause her to explode. Please put some effort in..
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Anonymous3: You say it isn't canon but I'm taking it as canon. Badmunsta should have killed her off long, long ago but he is as fucked in the head as his characters.
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Anonymous4: Can someone link me to some stuff of princess snowball?
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Anonymous5: @Anonymous: search "princess _snowball" or "snowball" in the tags, im sure its there. Dont be a lazy fuck
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Anonymous6(5): @Anonymous: under "snowball" there's multiple assloads of stuff, idk whats canon or from whoever started it, good luck. We're all counting on you
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Anonymous7(4): @Anonymous5 when I searched princess snowball, there were like 3 things that came up.
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Anonymous8: @Anonymous: @Anonymous: look in badmunsta profile on the earliest stories
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Boogeyman123: @Anonymous: Yeah, I'll admit this story is a bigger hunk of shit than what Fluffy Ponies make...I rushed to get it out late at night, and I didn't really think through the story like I do with most of my other ones. Sorry.
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Boogeyman123: @Anonymous2: But despite everything,I still enjoy it. It's stupid and silly, but I still like it. But your opinion is yours, dude
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BadMunsta: I can't believe I didn't notice this satire until now. Most of Princess Snowball's content is under the tag "snowball"
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