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A Perfectly Normal Town
Part One

There are many strange things you dream about. You dream about improving yourself, having a land to call your own, having friends to keep you safe, and finding some special to share it all with.

Awaking to find none of these things makes your heart hurt, but it is just another day and things can always change. You roll out of bed, making sure to not slip on the hard floor. There was a bad water leak yesterday which has left most of the floor hard to walk in. The water seems sticky too, probably mixed in with nasty chemicals or sewage.

You don't live in a nice neighbourhood, nobody around here seems to notice you as you walk by. You stop in at nearest watering hole, ready to drink the daylight away. However the bartender knows you too well, shooing you away to the corner with all the other undesirables. You know the drill by now, you could do a little dance for pocket change and maybe then you can afford some disgusting drink to sooth your dry mouth. It works, as usual there's a much better person than you ready to throw pocket change away for someone else's suffering. The bartender can't argue, they need the money too. They've got a family, a loving wife, a baby on the way and enough material goods to never know what it's like to be you. You have none of these things and no way of obtaining them, that realisation makes you leave. You thank them for the drink and get called shit in return, it's fine however as it's basically your name nowadays. It's still light out and therefore you can't justify going home yet, but there is a park nearby where all the happy families enjoy the summer heat. You'll probably get called; a paedophile, or a stalker, or a bum or a failure. It doesn't matter, hearing the sound of happy families make you happy. Even if it isn't for you, the feeling is contagious. There's no need for other distractions as you have all you need right here and you close your eyes, taking in all the laughing and affection between the others. You're part of their circle now, even if they were rather you didn't exist.

That all came crashing down when you feel pain in your face, and you recoil back and fall over. You can't see as everything is blurry from the impact. Someone is laughing at you, probably enjoying your pain. You get to your feet and walk away, you know when you aren't wanting. It was fun while it lasted but now it's time to leave. There's no place for you here, as you are bitterly reminded. Heading home, you can't help but notice all the happy people around. Even the workers are smiling, knowing their jobs meaning others have a happier life.

Lost in thought, you don't notice a door opening. It slams into your already tender face, causing blood to begin dripping anew. The assailant screams and runs, you don't exactly seem like a friendly face. Someone else helps you back up to your feet, a kind gesture you aren't used to. They walk back inside and leaving without a work, looking to see the source of your pain. It was a pet store, selling some weird kind of creature. You had never seen them this small, a fluffy ball that made bird noises. The sign above was hard to read, but you found that they were called 'Fluffy Ponies'. They came in all sorts of colours, and you mean all the colours. Some were young and barely a few days old, some were older and had surprisingly emotive faces. They stared at you expectantly, as if they wanting something.

You had nothing to give.

You start to walk away when you hear one cry out. You can't pinpoint where it is, but the sound hurts your ears. Your heart pangs as you know there is nothing you can do, and you run as fast as you can. You run all the way home without further injury, at least until you reach your room. You forgot the wet floor, and you skid right into the wall. The weight of the day finally upon you, you begin to cry. Slowly it becomes louder and more forceful, echoing around your small room, hurting your ears as you continue, When you finally stop, you realise you are covered in the murky water and there is no way you can clean it off. You resign to bed, knowing there is nothing you can do.

It was a very bitter ending to a completely average day. This is the town you grew up in, and this is the town you will die in. Everyone you know regrets your existence, and when you have gone everyone will forget you ever existed. These bitter-sweet lullabies whisk you off to a deep sleep, where you will probably dream of other's happiness, unobtainable to such a pathetic creature such as yourself.

I awoke with a start, blinded by the unnaturally bright light. I looked down at my extremities, they are all fastened and restrained. I saw shadows, vague representations of the people who did this to me. I screamed to them, pleading them to let me go. I promised them anything, I didn't want any more pain. I know what happens in these situations, trafficking was talked about constantly in my little town that was probably so far away. I would be tortured, castrated, forced to witness unimaginable horrors. Even though I have nothing to give, I have my life and what little there is of it I begged to my captors to not take.

A familiar voice chimes in, "Are you even listening to yourself Mary? You don't have 'speshuw-wumps' and we aren't going to give you 'biggest owchies'." He ends with a small chuckle that continues all around me, the others start as well.

I screamed "Really? If you let me go I'll give you all the best hugs I can give and I'll love you all forever!" I started to tear up again when they began to laugh even harder. They were horrible monsters after all, why would they care about me?

A feminine voice breaks through the noise "I guess the language sticks but not the speech patterns huh? Before we continue the sideshow any further, maybe we should give her a mirror."

My eyes widened, not quite believing my eyes. "Why do I have a beautiful blonde mane and pink fur? I'm an ugly shitty baby, everyone I know has always called me that!"

The laughing stops, the others are now visible and had worried expressions on their face. "Everyone you know is in this room Mary, and you have always looked like this. You are not a fluffy pony."

I was very confused. "That's not possible. I've always been me, as much as I can count."

"Judging from what you think you are, I'm guessing that it isn't a whole lot."

"Shut up Chloe! We were afraid this might happen and you think it is okay to just joke about this?" A voice very close to me shouts, hurting my ears.

"Look at your arms Mary. Look at everything that is you".

I was still confused, but I complied. They are indeed weirdly shaped, just like the others. They have long parts to them, and I slowly began to move them. It felt natural.

"Why can't I move my legs?" I ask sheepishly.

"Because we thought you might hurt yourself, and judging from what's just happened that was probably likely."

"I'm afraid you are a "stuppeh hoomin" just like the rest of us."

"But I have hooves, see!" I pointed very naturally, getting more flustered by the second.

"That's... uh, complicated. 'Daddy', you want to speak up?" asked another person.

"It's hard seeing my daughter like this, but I suppose I should alleviate her worries." He spoke as if he knew me, and his face seemed familiar but I couldn't quite place it.

"My name is Alexander dear, do you remember? I'm the head of Hasbio, and the sole progenitor of the fluffy pony species. I'm also your father, a role I don't play as often as I should." He spoke sternly, but with certain warmth to it.

"You have hooves because I'm an irresponsible researcher who left a bunch of morons in charge of containment. When you have a bunch of test subjects, a collection of all staff DNA on record, and incompetent fools in close proximity, accidents happen." He ended sharply.

"You... hate Mary? You wish I didn't happen?" I fought through tears. I finally had a family and they wished I didn't exist.

"Of course not, above all you opened my eyes and changed me into a much better person as a result. Do you remember now? Please say you do." He almost pleaded, while still maintaining a professional demeanour.

"I... think so?" You say sheepishly. It had started coming back slowly, but surely.

"I've... just made a colossal fool of myself, haven't it?" The roaring laughter that followed let you know you were right.
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Lobster_Ballet: ... I have no idea what's going on.

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Bahamut: That was kind of the point but this my first time writing something like this so I may have come across a little too vague. The second part should clear some things up.
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Anonymous1: I feel like this is either from a regular fluffies POV or a anthros.
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Anonymous2: is this a fluffy faun?
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Anonymous3: What the fuck is going on
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Anonymous4(3): Also don't tag whore, people don't want to read this garbage when looking for good stories
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NaggorFigget: is this some retarded that thinks she's a fluffy? or is this just a fluffy story without the retarded flufspeak?
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Anonymous5: I am confuse.
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Anonymous6(5): Is this meta? Or satire?

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tedjackson: @NaggorFigget: fuckin with tags can get you a ban, for future ref...
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