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The Sunnyside Fluffy Farm part 2 - Interview

"So I just sit down? All right?" Olaf asked, pointing at the a chair sitting in the spotlight. "Is the mic on?" he asks, tapping on his mic and twitches at the sound it makes. "Yeah, it's on.." he says, scratching his ears. " So, where do I start? The beginning? All right.. Fromn when I was born, or how I got he-- All right, all right, calm down now. Geez.. Well then, let's start."

Good day, everyone. My name is Olaf, or Olof, Sydankare. I am born and raised on the west coast of Sweden, in a town on a island called Öckerö. It's a medium sized town, but it's where I found my first passion, the sea. I love the sea, and all the creatures that lives in it. I could go on for hours on what I know and love about the ocean. But we're not here for that, now are we? We're here for the fluffy stories! But we'll get to it.

In this town, I had but one friend, who is today my wife, named Sandra. I love her more than any other human being, or sea creature on this planet. We had a lot in common, like moving to America. And we did just that. After we quit school, we moved here, to Massachusetts. It's a lil town, but what we just need.

Fluffies had been around for some years by then, and we wanted to work with them. We were lucky to get work in a small shop who worked as a breeder/daycare for fluffies. People came in and left their fluffies for the day, or they bought new ones. The owner was a 40 year old bald fatso, with a bear stained white shirt. But he was good around fluffies. We worked here for one year, til the boss tried to rape my wife, and lashed out on me for not letting him. Like we owed something to him.

We went around for a lil time, trying to find some work, and we got job at a feral rescue place. They picked ferals off the street and gave them a second chance, like selling them to people. In most cases, those that wants to buy them are abusers. We quickly learned not to care, and to realize that they are toys. And not animals. So we "manned up, I guess, and learned to kill them. It wasn't that hard for me, since I am fucked up already, but my wife had problems. She is the kindest and purest soul you can find. Hell, she's too shy to kiss in public til this day! Ah, she's too precious.

We worked here for a year, but they had to close down. Not sure why, but I guess it was a pest problem. But it didn't take long before we got work in a abusement store. It was a odd thing, but we learned how to do a lot of things. We learned how to amputee and heal the wound quickly, how to skin them without hurting the furr all too much. The owner was a cheerful guy, for being a sociopath. No, he is. He had been in jail for 15 year for murdering a couple of people. Now he kills fluffies for fun. Heck, his wife was a odd ball as well. I think they met each other in prison and killed some prisoners ina jail fight. Heh, pretty hectic.

We worked there for 2 and a half years, until a shocking thing came up. He was in debt. To a mafia. A mafia out of all the kinds of people. But, we had the chance to meet the boss, and he was pretty odd. He was a short man named Mr. Biscon and talked like a drunk Polack. Hard to understand. But after a couple of whiskey's, I got my boss, Micheal, out of debt. Hell, Mr. Biscon liked us so much that he'd help us to start our own little place, in exchange that he gets the smarties. For what, I didn't know, and didn't care. We did it.

The comming weeks, we buildt ourselves a nice little plays. We took everything from our 3 other jobs, to this one. A good mix cock tail. We had 2 sections: The the Sunnyside and the Moonside. Sunnyside was for breeding, selling babies/fluffies and works as a daycare. People put their fluffies in here for the day, or for a longer time. For a sum of course. If they decide to leave them here, they have to pay us. Why? Well we have a lot of shit so we need god damn money.

Anyways, the moon side is for abusers. We sell all sorts of equipment, to live babies as food. We sell skins as well! Why? Well people wants it, so we give them! Simple as that. Pillow fluffies are somethihing we sell, but they are located in the Sunnyside. There's a lot in our little store, and it didn't take too long for it to blow up. It became the most popular fluffy store in America. Hell, we became so popular, we could get a new place after a few months!

And so start the the great Sunnyside Fluffy Farm, a old farm outside of town. The farm had a large farm house, so it was perfect place for the little ones to run around. And, we could still have our abuse center. Hell, we could fill it with more things! And, it has a cute little house which we moved to. It was around this time my wife was pregnant as well, so a lot of stress was put on me. But I handled it.

We started to build another building over a plain of grass, so that the fluffies could go around on it inside. So predetors or abusers get them. They'll have to pay for that. Call me greedy, but hey, everyone needs money.

A lot of people that comes here always asks how we feed this many fluffies. And it's quite simple. We have tubes in the wall that fills treanches around the area. The water flows through the field, so they can go there and drink. Shitting and pissing goes into the litter boxes, which are located around the field. I change them every other morning, or when I get the time. It's tiring work, but I have nothing else to do.

One thing that is also different from the other store, is that we have a waiting room. In there are couches, chairs and a radio. You simply ring a bell and I come to help. It's heard through out the facility, so I'll always hear it. When I come, I ask them what they want to buy. Is it abuse and stuff, we go into the door to the left of the desk. If they want to buy fluffy supplies or a flufyf, the door to the right. Simple system.

We have a special system, as well. I call it "The 3 Fluffies". It's pretty basic. In the fluffy field, there tend to be dissobidient fluffies. Some are smarties, while some doesn't follow the rules. And there's only 2! Don't attack customers and do your shitting and pissing in the box. Babies can ignore this til they are a week old, but the parents need to teach them. If they can't, we take their babies from them. We let them have a new batch, but if they can't learn it to them, then we throw them into one of 3 stages of the special system, so I should explain it now.

The first one, is for those that I just said. Smarties and rule breakers. They are thrown into the Dirt Room. A fenced dark room with dirt. I never clean it, so they waddle around in feces and piss. Mr. Biscon sends a man to pick them up every month, dead or alive.

The second one is for those that has good colors. We make them into Breeding Ovens. We cut their limbs off, gauge their eyes out and cut their tounge off. And then, we impregnant them with some males with good colors. The babies are sent to some mothers that can't have babies anymore, so they milk them. The Breeding Ovens have tubes attached on their ass and down their throat, doing the obvious. When the babies are born, a fluffy in there puts them into 2 kinds of boxes, depening on their colors. If they're great, they are put into a box with toys in them. If they're bad, they're put into a litter box. The good colored ones are sold as ordinary babies, and the bad as food.

The third one is those with good colors, but keep making babies who have horrible colors or have some faults with them. I.e born without limbs, derpies and others. Those, we skin. There's no need for them to stay, so we skin them and sell the furr. Then, I throw them into the incinirator. It's enjoyable to watch it happen, actually. Not sure why.

What's left... I think that's it, really. Not much more to add. I have classes in doing abusement for beginners and my wife does classes in how to cook fluffies. We do take in feral herds, though. We clean them and teach them how to behave. And I think you know what happens when they don't follow. All right, have a good day you folks. See ya!
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Anonymous1: Can you do cooking next? Not enough fluffy cooking.

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Fluffehlover: Sure
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Jaeger: You have no idea how big of an improvement this was. Holy shit you've gotten better.
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Jaeger: Also, your descriptions of the amputees was great. I'd love to a story on miserable pillowfluffs sometime. :)

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Fluffehlover: @Jaeger: Thanks, mate. It warms my cold heart to see that. And I could try.
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Anonymous2: Met his wife in prison. Either typo or being subtle.

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Fluffehlover: @Anonymous: Psychopaths will be psychopaths

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Simpfan: Don't you hate it when you get bear stains on your shirt? That shouldn't happen if you restrict your contact to teddy bears, but hanging around with the likes of Yogi and Boo Boo could get messy, what with all those picnic baskets.
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