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>Be a rich guy travelling the world with your fluffy.
>You bought her where you first visited: America.
>Give your Fluffy candyfloss one time.
>She loves it so you give her it as a special treat anywhere you go and find it.
>She becomes familiar with candyfloss the world over.
>Different flavourings, different types of sugar used, even little gimmicks.
>Sticks with small blinking LEDs that make the whole bundle light up.
>Sticks that are basically long bits of Pocky
>All sorts of wonderful candyfloss.
>You finally return home, to your motherland, and show Fluffy the candyfloss of the place you both were born.
>You leave her to it as you go to the toilet.
>To your shock, Fluffy screams.
>You come back to find a scene of horror.
>Fluffy is gone.
>Just some blood, tufts of fluff.
>The candy has blood on it too.
>Heartbroken and horrified by this mystery, you call the police.
>You recall stories of abuse towards Fluffies from America and Europe.
>The police are initially baffled too.
>No one got into your home.
>And there's nothing they can think of that would simply kill a Fluffy like this.
>Abuse simply doesn't happen towards Fluffies in this country.
>An hour after the first police officers arrived, an older policeman arrives.
>He surveys the scene and sighs.
>"Your Fluffy, it ate Candyfloss, didn't it?"
>You nod, still too upset to speak.
>"And you bought her in America, yes?"
>Nod again.
>He sighs again.
>"American Fluffies are different from ours. You see, there was a small problem in the genetic memory programming. American fluffies that know they are American know a little of the world. They recognise country names. This was to stop them asking silly questions if they overheard conversations between humans. Sadly, only countries were included in the mix before release."
>You are puzzled by this.
>"The country data had been installed in some to test it. About one in five ponies may have the genetic memory, including yours, I wager. Unfortunately the Americans initially used data from the eighties because the fluffies were still in development, and they weren't sure the feature was going to be retained. Fluffies with the data were never meant to be outside the lab."
>Another policeman gasps.
>"Sergeant, you don't mean..."
>"Yes," He says, face serious.
>"In America, Fluffy Eats Candyfloss. "
>"In Soviet Russia, Candyfloss Eats Fluffy."


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Mr_Fondale: I LoLed at the end XD

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Fortune: The simpliest punchlines just become funnier when they're really built up. Brava!

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Emil: A really nice surprise story ^^

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FanglyFish: Made me laugh. *Thumbs up.*
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lordanubis: HAH!
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Anonymous1: oh for fucks sake

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Ferrotter: Punchline owwies! Punchline owwies! Hahaha!
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PandaSennin: Now this was funny.

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Tabula_Rojo: I was confused, but then there was a Yakov Smirnoff joke so I was happy
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Anonymous2: you... magnificent you

that was an awesome one

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JoeHabana: @Anonymous: aaaaaan once again forget to log in... damn

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Painkiller: ROFL! Win of the highest order.

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hrflufnstuf: lmao
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Anonymous3: this win is the greatest win to ever win. it is positively wintacular.
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