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Mother and Daughter Part 3: The Princess that's not really a Princess
(I fucking hate Princess Sparkle. May contain abuse. Also, edit.)

>Be simple suburban man
>It has been a day after that stupid smarty friend came in your yard and tried to rape your fluffies.
>He actually didn't. He threatened, but you killed him by cheese grater in the ass.
>At least the fluffies have a better smarty friend now.
>You're at home watching TV while your beloved fluffies, Pinkie and Derpy, play with a ball.
>Derpy is having a bit of trouble, due to the fact that she's "clumsy" and sometimes falls down or hits the wall.
>But at least she isn't breaking anything. She mostly knocks over the play ball, the occasional muffin, and etc.
>Worst case scenario is that she knocks over glass.
>And then cuts herself with it.
>"Daddeh! Dewpy Hungwy!"
>"Ok, Derpy, I'll get you and Pinkie some food."
>"Tank yuu daddeh!"
>You walk into the kitchen where you have leftover spaghetti from last night.
>It tasted bad, but your fluffies go ape-shit over it.
>But not like original spaghetti. Fluffies don't go ape-shit over it.
>This one is homemade, and your cooking skills suck.
>You put the spaghetti in the microwave and nuke it.
>What? I don't know an accurate time to microwave it.
>"Daddeh! Wha in micwowave? Sooo hungwy."
>"Oh, it's nothing special, just a HEAPING PILE OF HOMEMADE SPAGHETTI!"
>That's when she goes all out.
>"Calm down, Pinkie. You and Derpy share, ok?"
>"Otay daddeh! Wiww shawe!"
>You put the pasta on the floor where the fluffies can reach it. Derpy is excited for it.
>"SKETTIES! Wuv sketties! Wuv daddeh!"
>"D'awww, I love you too, Derpy."
>You pet her and then you hear a scratching sound on the door.
>"Daddeh? Who dat?"
>"I don't know, Derpy. Want me to take a look?"
>"Wes, daddeh! Howpe it isn't meanie munstas!"
>You open the door and you see something that stuns you.
>Well, not much.
>A white fluffy pony who looks as if it's covered in shit.
>"Yuu hewp Pwincess Spawkwe! NOW!"
>Princess Sparkle? That's a gay name.
>"Dummy hooman! Wisten! Yuu hewp Pwincess now ow get sowwy poopies!"
>"Yeah, no way, spoiled brat."
>"Am nawt spoiwed bwat! Am puwe Pwincess! Yuu--"
>She immediately eyes the spaghetti you cooked.
>She bursts through your door at a measly 5mph.
>You turn around to see your fluffies greeting her.
>"Hewwo! New Fwiend?"
>"New fwiend! Huggies!"
>"No wan huggies fwom stupit fwuffies! Pwincess wants sketties!"
>"Yuu can have sketties, Pwincess! Just shawe!"
>"Nuu cawe! Aww sketties to me!"
>She immediately gobbles up the spaghetti, leaving your loved ones famished.
>"Wahhh! Why meanie eat sketties?"
>"Yuu aww stupit! Fwuffy wan mowe ow gif sowwy poopies!"
>She then takes a dump on your fluffies, caking them with shit.
>"Nuu smeww pwetty!"
>"Why 'ou being meanie?"
>She then bucks Pinkie in the face.
>You then grab the spoiled brat and swat her in the head.
>"WAHHHH! Yuu bein' meanie munsta!"
>She then bites your hand. Not too hard, like a pillow of sorts.
>You then look at her angerly with eyes like a hawks.
>"Oh poopies."
>You then grab the nearest broom and swat her with it.
>"Shut up, bitch!"
>You keep swatting as hard as you can, dealing a fuckton of pain.
>She's screaming like crazy. She's a pussy.
>When you're done, she's a shivering, sobbing wreck.
>"W-wan daddeh..."
>Oh, you haven't seen shit yet, fucker.
>You grab ingrediants: Mare's scent and a shaver.
>You then shave her fluff which guarantees genital contact.
>You then spray her with mare's scent.
>It's mating season, but Pinkie and Derpy are safe.
>You just used a q-tip on 'em. No biggie.
>You then throw Princess Shithead out the door to your yard, where a male feral immediately starts to rape her.
>"enf enf enf!"
>The stallion doesn't give two shits about her.
>When he blew his load and passed out, you come out and break his neck.
>Just for safe measure.
>She's now a cum-stained fluffy with shit on her.
>She's not a princess. You've dethroned her.
>"Wan go now...wan daddeh...pwease wet go--"
>"You then grab her and look at her collar.
>Huh, there's a number and address.
>You bring princess sparkle inside and tape her to a table.
>Don't want her to get away.
>You then grab your phone and call the number.
>"Hello? Who is this?"
>"I found your fluffy. Is she a Princess Sparkle?"
>"You found her? Thank god! I thought she was dead!"
>"Well, she's not. She's also a spoiled brat."
>"Yeah, I know. Always begging and shit. Want me to get her?
>>"No, I'll come."
>"Sure. My address is 1234 Anon Avenue."
>You arrive at the home of Princess Sparkle's owner.
>It's a pretty nice place, you'll give it that.
>And the garden is maybe a hotspot for fluffies to get themselves killed.
>You can almost swear that you can see a shed with a chainsaw next to it.
>Well, in the back, actually.
>You flick her snout. That'll quiet her.
>"Quiet, you."
>You get out of the car and ring the doorbell.
>"Whewe Pwincess? Wan daddeh!"
>The door opens and a male in his twenties comes out.
>"Thanks for finding her, again."
>"No prob, bro."
>"Say, do you wanna come inside?"
>"Sure. What's it about?"
>"what's it look like? I'm "treating" Princess Sparkle!"
>The owner grabs the mare and looks at it.
>"Princess, what did you get into?!"
>"Pwincess got bad huwties fwom meanie munstas! Dey put me in diffewent pwaces!"
>"Like I'll believe that."
>"Did I mention she got knocked up?"
>"Pwincess got bad speciaw huggies fwom mean fwuffy!"
>"Shut up, cunt!"
>"Why daddeh say mean fings to Pwincess?"
>"I'm not your dad anymore, whore!"
>You see him get out a metal stick and he starts swatting the mare.
>"Shut up."
>You see him go outside and throw his once "pet" away in the forest.
>"Whew, I knew she was trouble."
>"Yeah, imagine what it'll be like for her being knocked up."
>"Thanks for stopping by, man."
>"No prob."
>You get outside and go into your car.
>Somewhere, there is a whiteish brown fluffy, who is pregnant and is lost, not knowing what's to come.

PART 4 coming soon
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dragonfire117: Just a new edit by popular demand.
- Reply
PandaSennin: No, still don't like it. Personally I think you ruined Princess Sparkle.

- Reply
TheCode: You sir have just made my day. Nice work! Though suddenly I'm now interested about how Sparkle is going to survive and how is she going to care for the her soon to be babies.
- Reply
Bronitz: It seems that Princess Sparkle can continue her journey.... With unlimited abuse!
- Reply
Anonymous1: It was all good, clean abuse till now.

This just feels like "some really bad things happen to the princess sparkle" kind of "let's up the ante with rape"
- Reply
Bawsnia: Anybody can add on to what happens to Sparkle, right?

- Reply
lordanubis: Yeah, no, this still doesn't work. She's not supposed to get home.
- Reply
KRDiStort: Eh, if her owner snapped that easily, I don't think he would've raised her to be the self-entitled little shit she is.
The fact that she got kicked out of her home kinda takes the fun out of it. Instead of trying to bitch her way home and repeatedly failing, she's now officially abandoned with nowhere to go at all.
That has no potential for the kind of humor the Princess Sparkle stories usually have. That's just... kinda depressing.

- Reply
Oracle: ...

No, not really.

Sorry, this feels non-canon for princess sparkle. She can be annoying and a brat and whatever else, but nothing * permanent* can happen to her.

Like pregnancy, dismemberment, or even grievous wounding.

She also can't re-unite with her family, ever, especially since *some random guy* isn't her family, her family is an 8-year-old girl with some bratty cousins.

SO, yeah, this story is kinda like reading about a torrid relationship between Sonic the hedgehog and his gay lover OC do Not Steal.

- Reply
Mayclore: Protip: to get rid of Princess Sparkle effectively, throw her into a passing train car.

- Reply
Grandine: @KRDiStort: The owner didn't, his cunt of a wife and, also bratty, daughter created the monster that is Princess Sparkle.

- Reply
Oracle: @Grandine: Still not buying it. Why didn't wife / daughter come to greet princess sparkle's return then?

- Reply
Oracle: @Grandine: Besides, we've seen plenty of "Other person is away KILL THEIR FLUFFY!" stories from abusefags. You're telling me that there was no point where Owner was alone with princess that he didn't just kill her, with a knee-jerk reactive I-snap-and-yell-cunt personality like that?

Not seeing it. Non-canon among non-canons.

- Reply
Grandine: Dragonfire isn't the creator of Princess Sparkle, he wrote her "daddy" as an abusefag. Ginger_Fig wrote the original story but in that he (the father) was something of a beta about the Sparkle and didn't do anything to it for the sake of not dealing with more drama from said cunt and brat.
I was never excusing the behavior in Dragonfire's version of the character, merely correcting KRDistort.

- Reply
lordanubis: It should be noted that her original collar was lost a long time ago. Whoever's address that was, it wasn't her Daddy.
- Reply
PhantomFluffy: I'm thinking maybe you need to not try to bring the story of Princess Sparkle to such a huge turning point. Still, this version is much better and will offer for interesting story if the community decides to run with it.
- Reply
PhantomFluffy: Don't send her home though.

- Reply
Ferrotter: Pregnancy isn't permanent. She could get an abortion at a doctor recommended to her next temporary owner by some famous right to lifer with a well known daughter.
- Reply
PandaSennin: @Ferrotter: Has anyone aborted fluffy pony babies? In a legal way at least.

- Reply
Tartan_Fluffy: @PandaSennin: Well, given that in most headcanons Fluffies have no rights I'd say that a lot of people have legally aborted Fluffy babies, but in terms of a legit vet doing it, I'm sure someone has somewhere.
- Reply
PandaSennin: @Tartan_Fluffy: Good point.

- Reply
dragonfire117: So, let me guess. You guys hate it.
- Reply
PhantomFluffy: @dragonfire117: Yep, sorry dude. You sort of missed the point of Princess Sparkle. She's only meant to make brief cameos and not have any interactions with the characters that effect her for more than the amount of time she's in the story.

You took back the torture, which is good, but kept the pregnancy AND had her actually return home. She's not supposed to return home, that's the point. Plus, it wasn't even an accurate depiction of her owner.

You just need to accept that you're not going to be able to change the course of her story the way you want. Princess Sparkle belongs to the FB community.

Try again.
- Reply
DoctorWhooves: Well not bad, but you did still capture the image of the spoiled gold-digger
Thread locked for the current user.