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AIDS: Although not very politically correct, Shmoo does care about his playmate. And Esmeralda is just happy to be to her first party ever.

Seeing as hardly anyone seems to like Fluffyshy, she's also happy to have them over.

The "candles" are mere candy sticks. Even a hugboxer such as myself don't trust fluffies around open flames.

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Shitty-Sketcher-Kun: Nice work

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guodzilla: @AIDS: I think "spastic fwiend" may have had a LIIIITTLE too much soda.

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drawfag11: and then they all caught on fire for no reason!
no, really, the candles aren't even on.

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UltraKek: Is fluffyshy supposed to look like she has creepy black holes where her eyes should be?
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SluggiesNotHuggies: @guodzilla: More like cocaine.

@UltraKek: Yup. Always has been. All of which makes it the abomination to has always been.

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AIDS: @guodzilla: More like her mummah drank too much soda while she was in the womb.
She's often depicted as trembling and making squeaks and squeals so I always assumed she had some neurological disorder.

Knowing fluffies, that might just happen. They're too dumb to even manage to obey the laws of physics and chemistry.

I'm mainly basing her looks on how she'd been previously, and fairly consistently drawn. Slightly over-large head, large dark eyes and very notable eye lashes. So I'm just trying to stick to the canon looks of Fluffyshy.

@Shitty-Sketcher-Kun: Thanks.

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Anonifluff: Well, "spastic" isn't really all that insulting in the US. I know it is elsewhere, though.

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AIDS: @Anonifluff: In UK I think, and certainly here in Sweden.
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Anonymous1: "Spastic friend," lol

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AIDS: @Anonymous: Hey, Shmoo ain't wrong. :D
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