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The fluffy pony sobbed, limping down the hall of the maze as it heard that horrible sound.

‘Whirr-click…whirr-click…whirr-click…’ it was enough to drive even the a fluffy of powerful mental constitution mad.

The hysterical, puffy eyes of the sniveling stallion that crawled for its life was a testament to this, his vision spotty and smeared from his own tears.

His front legs dragged him as fast as possible, his hind legs having been snapped clean in half and bent at horrible angles.

All things considered, though, he had been lucky compared to the torture that…thing did to his herd.

He could still hear their screams echo ceaselessly in his head, matched by the rhythmic and deliberate ‘whirr-click…whirr-click…whirr-click…*

“Nu-huu-huu-huuu! Pwease nu huwt Beanie! Am gud fwuffy!” the lime green stallion bawled as he turned his head to see his pursuer patiently walk after him.

His pursuer’s one organic eye showed no expression, the rest of him fittingly as blank and emotionless.

The creature was silent, save for a tune he sung in his rasping metallic, voice.

“Shatter da fwesh…weinfowce da bone…”

Beanie’s stamina began to fade, his heart pounding in his chest as more and more of his boo-boo juice flowed from his shattered legs.

“…Embrace dis cawbon mesh, dis powa’s aww my own…” the voice continued.

“Pwease otha weggies…stahp spiwwing boo-boo wawa! Beanie…nee’…git-away…” he pitifully cried.

His attacker slowly stepped into the light, illuminating his face…or what was left of it.

His muzzle was outfitted with some form of mechanical jaws, and his left seeing tingie had a weird, pupiless version that glowed.

He had tubes and hard fluff all over his body, and his tail was a rod of joints that flexed back and forth.

One of his legs was replaced with a super strong prosthetic with a gripping tip in place of a Fluffy’s dexterous hoof.

“Dees simpwe pawts ob mine awe intew-change-a-bwe…unwimited connections when yo’we di-gi-taw…” the monster continued, Beanie too out of it from shock and blood loss to do much else but pitifully drag himself a few inches at a time.

The attacker raised up his prosthetic leg, before bringing it forcefully down on the broken joint connecting Beanie’s shin with his thigh. He let loose a high pitched squeal as he heard the sickening snap of bone and the splash of blood.

He wriggled and hiccupped as he tried to dislodge himself, only resulting in the monster pulling off his destroyed leg, Beanie screaming all the while as the monster calmly but gleefully continued.

“Becoming one with wires…is sensa-shun-aww…”

A faint creak of joints could be heard, Beanie slowly turning his gaze behind him as he saw interlocking fangs of steel block his vision and engulf his world into one of darkness.

He screamed for a moment as a splattering crunch echoed through the air, the cyborg fluffy’s jaws now holding the crushed remains of the stallion’s skull.

Quickly ‘spitting out’ his prey’s brains, he turned around and finished his song, the resurrected cannibal known as Cujo returning to serve his master.

“Go ou’ wit de owd…an in wit’ da nyu….”
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Boogeyman123: Finally got the time to get back to writing; enjoy a non canon story with a reference to (what I think it is at least) an awesome song.
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Anonymous1: Why include a prosthetic tail?
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Anonymous2(1): How dexterous are their hooves?

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guodzilla: As the cyborg "whir-clicked" his way back whence he came, an inky puddle of impenetrable blackness oozed , hissed, bubbled and roiled in his path.

Cujo stopped as a long arm with a gnarled fist reached out and extended towards him, as once it had before,long ago.

"Great to have you back again, Cujo," hissed a sibilant, otherworldly voice. "Great job!"

Cujo's half-metal face twisted into a grin as a metal armature reached out an contacted the apparition with a bro-fist.

"Fank oo, Guodzilla," replied the half-mech cannibal-fluff. "It am gweat to be back!"

The specter vanished, but its voice lingered on.

"Keep up the good work, buddy!"

"I wiww, ol' pal. An' fanks again!"

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guodzilla: @Boogeyman123: sorry bout that little addition...anyway, thanks for bringing Cujo back again. I've missed him!
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Boogeyman123: @Anonymous: This character had canonically died, but in this AU/Non-Canon rendition he was brought back as a cyborg. The prosthetic tail basically is meant as an indicator of decomposition; it rotted off to the point it needed to be replaced.
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Boogeyman123: @Anonymous: From what I've gathered, they can hold basic objects like blocks and balls and such; that's really all the prosthetic can do.
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MagnusBagnus: Fluffies stop having bloodloss pretty quickly because their blood will clot at the wound.
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Anonymous3(1): @MagnusBagnus: Why does this name look familiar?
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MagnusBagnus: @Anonymous:?
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Ponyopteryx: IDK Why but while reading this, I was hearing Rob Zombie's "House of 1000 Corpses" song. "Yeeeaaaa! Cut the flesh and make it bleed. Fresh (fluffy) skin is what I need..."
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