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bluefluff: it took me ages but I finally did it
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Anonymous1: No-no sowwy-stick!
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Anonymous2: Rofl

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Rick_N_Fluffy: "I walked into a sexshop, the lady had a beard.
She talked me through the products, that's where it all got weird.."

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FluffyHugger: The green one seems a bit skeptic about the capabilities of the silly nono stick.
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Zephirot: I love this so much <3
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PeppermintParchment: Yeah,I'd trust this fluffy with vibrator advice.
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Anonymous3: @PeppermintParchment: Nice wady wan dis one. Haf puww stawt, it's own kickstan, an an 80 cee cee gasowine engine. Cweawwy nice wady nee somefin mow powafuw dan nowmaw vibwatow.
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Anonymous4: wot the fuck is this shit ?
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