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Polly part 4
by lolcow69

(Hey, guys I'm actively looking for someone to maybe draw a comic of this one, sent out a few private messages, no replies yet, so if you feel like putting some art to this, just let me know!)

It's morning and you haven't sleept at all, the sorry box is so uncomfortable it makes your leggies hurt. Your mummah comes and takes you out again, hoses you down, and puts you back in the safe room.
Except this time, she puts you on a leash. It won't let you move far beyond your bed and you can't see the tv. Boxer shoots you satisfied glances, infuriating you further.

"Dummeh Bawksah! Dis am aww 'ouw fawt!" You scream at him. He looks at you angrily.

"Powwy am bad fwuffy! Dis am Powwy fawt, Powwy shud be gud fwuffy!"

You snarl at him wordlessly, puff out your cheeks and stomp your hoof! You are so mad! How dare this poopie monster talk to you like that!

"Bawksah, come tu Powwy, tu get wowstest owwies!"

Instead of listening to you he blows you a raspberry! The nerve of this fluffy!

"Bawksah nu hab tu wisten to Powwy, Powwy am bad fwuffy, Powwy gib Bawksah speciaw wumps wowstest owwies!"

Just then the door opens and your mummah comes in. "Hey Boxer, I have a surprise for you!"

"WEAWWY?!? Bawksah WUB supwise! Wat am Bawksahs supwise, mummah?

"Haha, I got you some crayons and a coloring book! Now you can draw pretty pictures for mommy!"

"YAY! WUB cwayons! WUB mummah!" He stands on his hind legs and waves his frontlegs in the air. "Wook, mummah am dancie fwuffy fow 'ou!"

"Oh, baby that makes your mummah super happy!" She looks at you. "See Polly? Good fluffies get surprises, if you can be a good fluffy, maybe you'll get a surprise next time!"

"Powwy AM gud fwuffy mummah, Powwy wan' supwise!" You tell her, tears in your eyes.

"You are not a good fluffy! You hurt Boxer! You have a lot of work to do before you can become a good fluffy!"

You ARE a good fluffy! It's all Boxers fault that you got the sorry box! You are the prettiest fluffy, so that means you are the best fluffy!

"Mummah, Powwy am pwetty, am bestest fwuffy! It am Bawksah's fawt Powwy get sowwy bawks! Bawksah am dummeh poopie fwuffy, get Powwy in twouble! Pwease, mummah, Powwy nu wan weash!"

"I am sorry Polly, but I can't trust you alone with Boxer. Until you stop being a brat, you stay on the leash."


To your surprise she doesnt fetch the sorry stick. She bursts out in tears.

"I-i'm sorry you feel that way, polly. I'm trying to be a good mommy, but you aren't making it easy! I don't want to hurt you, I just want you to act better."

Boxer rushes over and hugs your mummahs leg.

"Pwease dun' cwy mummah, 'ou am bestest mummah eva! Powwy am dummeh fwuffy! Bawksah gib huggies fow heawt huwties?"

Your mummah reaches down and hugs Boxer tightly. "Thanks little fluff, mummah needs a hug."


You run and lunge at Boxer, but you have forgotten about the leash. Mid-jump it yanks you back painfully. You begin to sob loudly.

"Huuuuuu... meanie weash gib Powwy huwties! HATECHU MUMMAH! HATECHU DUMMEH BAWSAH!"

Your mummah stands up and walks over to you. You start raining down sorry hoofsies on her shin, this'll teach her to obey!


After 10 seconds you tire yourself out, your mummah just looks at you with red rimmed eyes.

"Polly, stop! You need to stop being so bad!"

You aren't finished yet, you turn around and spray sorry poopies all over your mummahs legs, she steps back in disgust.

"Polly, I think I need help with you. I'm gonna hire a fluffy trainer. This cannot go on!"

"Powwy nu need twainah, am gud fwuffy, mummah am bad mummah! Bad mummah need twainah!"

Boxer, meanwhile has covered his eyes with his hooves, scared of the shouting.

"You attacked your mummah, so that means you get the sorry stick 15 times! Then you can go right back to the sorry box!"

She walks over and grab the sorry stick. You feel sickening dread in the pit of your tummie.

"Powwy am sowwy mummah! Nu wan sowwy stick! Nu wan Sowwy ba-" *WHAM!*


You attempt to run but the meanie leash wont let you go anywhere.




*Sob* you spray poopies and peepees everywhere.





You hunker down and cry your mummah continues to rain blows down on you.


She hits you one last time and walks out of the room. You lay on your side crying loudly.Boxer continues to cover his eyes.

To be continued.....
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Anonymous1: love it so much

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Dhylec: This is starting to get fun
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Anonymous2: Death to Polly

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ObviouslyOblivious: I swear, this owner is half the reason Polly turned out like this, and a fucking fluffy trainer ain't gonna do shit to a brat. It'll always come back.

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AIDS: @ObviouslyOblivious: "Spare the rod, spoil the fluffy."
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