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The Hollow Man
Part 6: The Sins of the Father

The sun has yet to rise when you’re roused from your slumber by Pear’s voice booming through the baby monitor. “BIGGEST POOPIES!” You feel the corners of your mouth pull themselves skyward of their own volition. It was time.

You race into the safe room, earning an “Eep!” from the startled fluffies as you burst through the door. Oliver had somehow managed to drag himself over to Pear, and was trying his best to hug her with his obliterated legs. You grab him by the mane and toss him aside, causing him to roll a few times and “Huu huu huuuuu…” quietly.

Pear definitely doesn’t look happy to see you. “NU! NU WAN MUNSTAH DADDEH! WEAVE PEAW AN TUMMEH BABBEHS AWONE!” You uppercut her in the jaw, clacking her teeth together, and splitting one of her front teeth. “HUU HUUU HUUUUUU… toofie huwties…” You shuffle around her and lift her tail. You can already see the head of one of the foals emerging.

“Alright Pear, the first one’s almost here. You need to push.” Pear flails her legs in a panic. “NUUU! NU WAN GIF BABBEH TO MUNSTAH! TUMMEH BABBEH STAY IN MUMMAH!” You sigh. Of course she wouldn’t make the easy. You grab another pair of gloves, and an assortment of small towels from your bags, and make your way back to Pear, giving her bloated body a firm squeeze. “NUUU! NU SQUEEZIES FO SOON-MUMMAH!” The foal is propelled a little further out of her, and her contractions do the rest. You catch the foal before it lands in the mountain of shit behind her, and gently wipe of the gunk, before setting it down behind her. It’s a pleasant pale blue earth filly, and it begins chirping almost immediately.

This causes Pear to absolutely freak out. “NUUUUU! BABBEH STAY ‘WAY FROM MUNSTAH DADDEH! COME TU MUMMAH! HUU HUU HUUUUU…” As she fusses, another foal slides out of her along with a gush of amniotic fluid. “Ugh…” You wipe off the second foal, a hot-pink pegasus colt, then a pastel yellow earthie filly, and finally a midnight blue alicorn colt.

Pear screams “BIGGEST POOPIES” one more time, and the placenta emerges, accompanied by a veritable torrent of fluids and blood. Given she’s contained in the litter box, Pear is now bathing in her own gunk. “Huuu huuu huuuu…wait…. Weggies!” She stands up and turns to face you and her newborns, cheeks puffed. “DUMMEH MUNSTAH DADDEH! GIF BABBEHS TO MUMMAH OR GIF BIGGEST OWIES!” You give her a sharp kick to the nose, sending her toppling end over end out of the litterbox, when she lay sobbing. “Huuu huuu huuu… pwease munstah, mummah am sowwy. Gif babbehs… nee miwkies and huggies and wuv… huuuuu”

You ignore her and begin carrying the foals over to the table. Oliver instantly begins to panic. “NUUUUU! NU TAKE BABBEHS TO SOWWY TABWE! NU GIF HUWTIES! BABBEHS IS ONWY WITTWE!”

You take a detour so you can step on one of his legs on your way, relishing the crunch beneath your bare foot. “SCREEEEEEEEEEEEE! WEGGIE NUUUUUUUU! SCREEEEEEE! HUUUU HUUUUUUU HUUUUUUUUUUUU…” The foals seem to sense his distress, and start peeping and chirping in your hands, hugging eachother for comfort. Disgusting.

You lay them out on the table, and retrieve one of your shopping bags, setting it on the corner of the table. First things first, you do need to feed them. You have only just started pouring some Bio-Has (You’re sure it’s just a knock off of Hasbio, but from the smell, you begin to have doubts) when you feel a peculiar sensation on your leg, like someone mistook you for the leg of the table and rested their foot against you. You look down to see Pear “viciously” biting it.

She sees you’ve noticed her, and puffs her cheeks, spreads her legs and tries to look as imtimidating as possible. “PEAW SAID GIF BABBEHS! GIF FOWEVAH SWEEPIES POOPIES MUNSTAH DADDEH!” You lean down to pick her, and she abruptly turns around and sprays your legs with shit for the second time. “GIF SOWWY POOPIES TO MEANIE STUPPI MUNSTAH!”

You grab her by hear tail and lift her up, so she hangs upside down. “Huuu huuu… taiw huwties…” You dangle her in front of you so her face is level with yours. “You forgot one important thing, you fucking bitch. I don’t need to worry about hurting the foals in you anymore.” The look on her face tells you she’s realised her mistake. “I’ll deal with you after I’ve fed your babies.”

“NU! BABBEH NEED MUMMAH WIW-SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!” You swing her around in a circle by her tail and lob her across the room, causing her to smack face-first into the wall. You hear a satifying crack as her jaw dislocates. The foals, sensing their mother’s distress, are peeping frantically. You fill 4 tiny bottles, and give them to all but the blue filly. They hug the bottles to themselves and suckle happily, while the pink colt continues to chirp. You have another plan for him.

Leaving them to their business, you head out to the kitchen, and grab a half-eaten jar of salsa from the fridge, toss out what remains, and wash out the jar. After poking a couple of holes in the lid with a screwdriver, you take it back to the safe room, deposit the hungry foal inside with a splash of milk, and seal the lid.

You then set the jar down in front of the sobbing Pear. “EEEEEEE! BA’EH!” She tries to hug the foal, but ends up sending the jar clattering across the floor, causing the foal to chirp rapidly in distress. “BA’EH! O ACK O U’UH!” You shake your head. Her voice was annoying enough before she started talking like this. You snap her jaw back into place. “SCREEEEEEEE! MOUF HUWTIES!”

You let her go and she runs over to her jarred foal in a panic. She flops down onto her belly and stares at him. “Wat am babbeh doing in jawwie? Nu can hug mummah… huuu…” The baby slowly clams down and starts lapping up the milk from the bottom of the jar. This causes Pear to panic further.

“NU BABBEH! DAT BAD NUMMIES! NEE MUMMAH MIWKIES!” You crouch down next to her. “That’s where you’re wrong, Pear. He doesn’t need you. None of your babies do. This is the closest you’ll ever be to your foals. You’ll never hug them, never nurse them. Not that you could anyway, with these” You poke her destroyed mammaries, and she bursts into tears.

“NUUUUUU! MUMMAH WUV BABBEHS! NEED GIVE MIWKIES AND HUGGIES AND WUV! HUUUUU HUUU HUUUU… WAI MUNSTAH DADDEH NU LET MUMMAH HAF BABBEHS…” You sigh, casually break one of the bones in her tail. “SCREEEEEEEEEEEE! WAI MOWE TAIW HUWTIES! HUUU HUUU HUUUU” After she settles down, you answer her question. “I told you from the first moment the idea came into your stupid head that I didn’t want you having children. You ignored me. Everything, EVERYTHING, that happens to your foals from here is entirely your fault. You were a bad mother before they were even born, because you inflicted on them a life of suffering.”

It’s all too much for Pear. “NU! PEAW NU AM BAD MUMMEH! PEAW IS BESTEST MUMMAH WITH BESTEST BABBEHS! DUMMEH POOPIE MEANIE MMUNSTAH GIF BABBEHS NAO! HUUU HUUUU HUUUUUUUUUU” You shake your head. “I’ve had about enough of your names Pear. Time to teach you a lesson.” You grab the red pegasus, you chirps happily at the feel of your familiar hands. You show him to Pear, and she gasps. “Peaw haf wingie babbeh! Pwease munstah daddeh, let Peaw haf dat babbeh?”

“No Pear, you don’t have a ‘wingie baby.” She looks confused. “Buh… dat babbeh haf wingies…” You look her in the eye, grin manically, and tear off the foal’s right wing. It instantly begins to chirp in agony. “CHIRP CHIRP! PEEP! CHIRP!” Pear looks aghast. “NUUU! DEMMEH STOOPI MUNSTAH NU HUWT BABBEH!”

“Again with the names… let me make this very clear Pear. Every time you call me poopie, or dummy, or stupid, or anything else unpleasant, I will hurt your foals. You’ve just signed this one’s death warrant, I’m afraid.”

“NUUUU! FWUFFY AM SOWWY! PWEASE NU GIF BESTEST BABBEH FOWEVAH SWEEPIES!” You laugh. “Don’t worry, I’ll take my time with it.” You twist off one of the foal’s legs, renewing its terrified chirping. “NUUUUUUU! NU TAKE BABBEH WEGGIES!” You twist off another. “NUU-HUUU-HUUUUUUU… WAI HUWT WITTWE BABBEH!? HE NU DU WONG!” Another leg comes off, this one, you flick at the angusihed Pear. “NUUUUUUUUUU! PWEASE NU TAKE WASTEST WEGGIE FROM BABBEH! PWEASE MUNSTAH DADDEH! HUUU HUUU HUUUUUUU”

You sigh. “Alright, fine. I’ll leave the last leg” Pear looks relived. “Tank ‘ou munstah daddeh. Peaw nu caww meanie names nu mowe…”
“I’ll do this instead.” You rip off the foal’s head, bringing a large amount of its spine with it, and accidentally crushing its skull.

“NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU” Pear flops to the ground in misery, hiding behind her front hooves as she wails in anguish. You toss the pieces of the foal at her feet, and she screams in horror. “That’s your food for the day.”
“NUUU! PEAW NU WAN NUM POOW BABBEH. HUU HUU HUUUU… wai gif babbeh fowevah sweepies…”
“It had no right to exist, Pear. And if you haven’t eaten it by the time I come back, I will kill another one. Do you really want two of your babies to die for your disobedience?”

She doesn’t answer, and simply sobs pitifully while hugging the pieces of her foal, singing the mummah song under her breath.

“Mummah wuv babbehs… huu huuu huuuuu…”

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Budgie_Smuggler: Been bored today, so I figure I may as well keep pumping these out. Any suggestions for the other 3 foals?

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Fatalsirenz: Do... Do I have a boner?
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Anonymous1: Raise one of the foals to rape it's siblings and mother

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Budgie_Smuggler: @Fatalsirenz: The best kind of boner my friend. A throbbing abuse-boner.
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BottledBeggar: @Fatalsirenz:

I'd be more disgusted if you didn't

Well! It seems that I got my wish, so I don't have any more room to try and influence the fates of any others

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Fatalsirenz: @Budgie_Smuggler: Use more tooth picks. Lace one with some kind of hot sauce and insert it into the foals asshole. Then hang it from its limbs with fishing line from the ceiling just out of her reach. Usually I don't care much for alicorn abuse but since he doesn't seem to know too much about fluffies I'll let it slide this time. Use a razor blade and slice off thing layers of its hooves one by one. Actually let the alicorn be raised lovingly and kindly until it's a talkie baby then do that. Use a heavy duty file to grind down its horn to a stump. Then similar to its sibling suspend it from the celling by its wings which will inventively rip off causing its legs to shatter. Then for the other also raise it kindly. But once its teeth come in rip them out and tell Pear that since it doesn't have teeth it can only drink Millie's forever. But wait! Her tits are useless! And he's run out of formula himself and can't get anymore. Oh shit she only had three babies... And you killed the one already... Well do that and then the hanging. Maybe pry one of their eyes open and shine a super bright military grade light in them completely frying them and then waiting for it to actually open its eyes and be blind. Find a feral stud fluffy to rape Pear in front of Oliver if he doesn't die off. And then kill or do whatever with the stud. And use a GX-36 Modulator on Pear when she's heavily pregnant again. (GX-36 is a sawzall with a dildo instead of a saw) and abort her new tummy babies that way.

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Fatalsirenz: @Fatalsirenz: The fuck did I just write?
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Anonymous3: If Pear rejects the alicorn colt once she sees it, it would be amusing to raise it as the replacement pet with growth hormones and train it to torture and kill "bad" fluffies that hate alicorns. Prolong Oliver and Pear's anguish by letting them watch thier munsta babbeh give forever sweepies to a feral mumma and her good babbehs when they call him a munsta.

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Dirtbiker989: @Fatalsirenz: Gold, my friend...

You just wrote yourself some fucking gold...

That goes double for you, @Budgie_Smuggler
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Anonymous4: Another alicorn is showing up. So much money to be have.
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GreatFieryDongoOfDoom: I really hate when people excuse disobediant mare that get's knocked up by a stallion, against owners wishes. "She was only following her instinct". Idiotic. Fluffies are perfectly capable of thinking, thus should be able to follow rules. You can even train your pets that don't fully understand you to certain extent, thus there is no excuse for Fluffies.

...on the other hand - this behavior produces pregnant mares, ripe for punishment, thus while it enrages me, I'm also ok with that, MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

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Fatalsirenz: @Budgie_Smuggler: More ideas! Since Oliver's legs are useless turn him into a litter pal for the lovingly raised foals especially the alicorn. But don't cut his vocal cords quite yet. Raise the alicorn to believe that his parents think he's a bad evil monster (the irony of it is kinda funny since they already will think so.) But the MC loves him and that's why he takes care of him. All the while having no idea the sure value of the alicorn. The alicorn being a fluffy beliving it's parents could never hate it and call it a monster will always have hope in the back of its mind. And one he's nearly grown introduce him back to his parents who will invetibly call him a monster. Breaking his heart to pieces that his human daddy was right all along. Then MC can introduce daddy litter pal who shouts and screams that he has to clean the monsters asshole. Wait a few weeks of more luxury then start the torture for not believing in him. (The MC)
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Anonymous5: You should have heard m threaten the kill all of the foals unless pear kills one and reward her for doing so by letting her give them milk from her tits but have it be super painful since they're destroyed.
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Fluffiesareminorities: Sorry, have him threaten to kill all the foals, can't type worth a crap (or remember if I'm logged in or not)

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UltraKek: Awesome. But it seems that you forgot the colors of the foals partway through the story. You say pear gives birth to a blue earth filly, pink pegasus colt, yellow earth filly, and dark blue alicorn. He jars the pink colt, but there at the end he's suddenly tearing apart a red pegasus foal. Just watch out for inconsistencies like that.

Other than that, this story is great!
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Anonymous6: @Budgie_Smuggler: sell the alicorn man, don't be stupid

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UltraKek: @Anonymous: Honestly, I'm kind of getting tired of alicorns these days, since there doesn't seem to be any originality in how they're dealt with. Every time one pops out the story tends to follow the same tropes: protagonist white knights it/sells it/raises it to hate its family if they consider it a monster, etc.

I know it's not the "logical" response due to conventional headcanon, but I'd like to see some stories buck the trend and just have the protagonist treat he alicorn no differently. Maybe he's not a white knighting faggot, or alicorns aren't really worth all THAT much more than other fluffies, or he doesn't give a fuck about the money.

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UltraKek: @UltraKek: I know these complaints might seem ironic given that most abuse stories in general seem to pull from the same pool of tropes, but it's just the white knighting for alicorns and poopie babies that I'm getting tired of.

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RevMe: Maybe something involving using the toothpick to enlarge the urethra?

Maybe makin' his dickhole as big as his asshole? OR MOUTH.
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Anonymous7: Man, everyone wants to write this shit for you. How about some vague suggestions instead?

Torture the foals while they are just out of reach of Pear so she can't comfort them.

Mess with the foals so they associate Pear with pain and are scared when their eyes open and see her.

Make Pear have to choose between killing Oliver or all of her foals and watch her maternal instincts betray her special friend.

Make the alicorn want to hug Pear, but she is afraid of it and tries to run away. This hurts Pear somehow and causes the alicorn to have "heart hurties".

Also, the remaining foals HAVE to die while thinking about "miwkies"!

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RevMe: if you dissect a foal's brain, the curves of the cortex spell out "MIWKIES".
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Anonymous8: Art...

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Fatalsirenz: @RevMe: I laughed harder than I should have.
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Anonymous9: @RevMe: did Foaloit4 tell you that?
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Anonymous10(9): @Anonymous: *Foalout4
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Anonymous11: @UltraKek: yeah for them being so rare and valueable, they sure seem to show up a lot, and honestly, who gives a shit?
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Anonymous12(11): would a newborn mammal thing be able to understand drinking milk from the bottom of a jar it was contained in, and would it be able to?

Food for thought.

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Fatalsirenz: @Anonymous: I think the scent of milk would be enough for it to get the idea
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BottledBeggar: @Anonymous:

Common conceit seems to be they have the instinctual drive to seek out milkies, in whatever form or source it presents itself

- Reply
Budgie_Smuggler: Holy comment section, Batman! I'm liking some of these ideas though. To those worried about the alicorn, don't worry, I have some very special plans for Pear's "munstah babbeh." Should have another story out by tonight (Australian Time) Thankyou all for reading!

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icepickvasectomy: Fuck, I came. What the hell is wrong with me?

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Ants_and_Rocks: Good shit as always.

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MoonSquad: @Budgie_Smuggler:

If the mother was shit colored she could have said he dindu nuffin
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