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I Am Your God


>This machine keeps me warm
>I can smell other babbehs in here!
>Some of them smell like brothers and sissies!
>But I cannot see
>I can smell milkies here
>I crawl to the end of my tube
>The milkies don't taste very good
>But they make the tummy hurties go away
>Every day I know I get bigger!
>One day my see places open
>There are other babbehs everywhere!
>They're in these weird things
>I'm in one of these weird things!
>Slowly the milkies become less and less
>But I grow more more
>My tummy has biggest hurties!
>One day a human comes
>You're not sure how you know it's human but you just know!
>But he just stares at you and all the other babies

>You stare at the Foal-In-A-Can machine
>This is the tenth day in a row
>This particular machine is an experimental one
>You can choose to refill the foals milk change their bedding clean the poop and pee >Or at least a worker should when they come to check
>The newst idea for hugboxers they claim
>While still making money
>Same price as a foal gets them a new chance at life
>Yet you don't pay for any of them
>Their eyes should be opening now

>The new human is clearly here to be your daddy!
>You can't talk yet but you cheep as loud as you can
>You pound your hoofies at your strange places walls
>Hoping he'll notice you
>But all the other babbehs do too!
>So you pounder harder and chirp until your throat hurts
>You need milkies!
>But your getting so low...

>Day twenty
>You still stare at the foals
>Most are far too large to fit in their cans confines
>Only a handful have been bought
>Many still are only capable of weakly cheeping and peeping
>Some have starved to death
>Too stupid to ration milk
>Others covered in shit and piss
>Some have become necrotic
>You can't help but smirk
>By the looks of it no ones paid to have anything changed
>The company does changings weekly if paid to do so
>Yet when a foal is purchased, nothing
>It's almost ironcally funny
>Sometimes you'll tap on the glass to get their attention
>Just to stare at them
>Only to leave
>Back to your safe cozy life
>Maybe if one lives through the end of the month you'll take one

>Why does this human never take you or any other fluffies home?!?
>He just looks at us!
>It gives you biggest heart hurties!
>Your housie thing is too small! And you're covered in poopies and peepees
>And you've barley any milkies left
>You feel you should be a talky fluffy now
>But you can only cheep and chirp still
Still many more dawk times pass...
>Wan die...

>You look at your phones clock
>About and hour before clean up arrives
>You look around
>Looks for an eligible canidate for a new daddy
>Plain blue with a red mane
>Standard by every aspect
>Looks like a male
>You pop in a single quarter and press his number
>The machine whirrs into life and the mechanical arm gently removes the "Foal"
>Nearly an adult now
>Stuff the can in you sweater pocket and head home
>Weak scared sounding cheeps can be heard
>Realize this is the first time the fluffy has been in darkness
>Machine built with 24/7 warming/Comfort light
>Doesn't matter anyways

>Why are you in darkies?!?!
>Monsters live in the darkies!
>You try and tell your new daddy!
>The man that kept looking but never took you
>You were so happy when he finally picked you!
>But he put you in this darkenss!
>Is your new daddy really an evil monster daddy!?
>Huuhuu... Just wan die...

>You arrive home
>Take the can out and set it on the table
>Get a nose plug ready for the smell
>Set down paper towel and newspaper for the mess
>Pop the top open and drop the fluffy into the world
>Have to smack the bottom like a ketchup bottle
>Fluffy is too big
>It chirps in distress
>Can't even talk it seems...

>You're being shooken around and given hurties now!
>This human really is a monster!
>You can barely see anymore
>But you know you need to escape to a good human mummah or daddy!
>Your hope is renewed!

>You sigh and figure you'll clean the thing off and and get it some milk
>You leave the table and head to the bathroom and kitchen
>The foals remains silent throghout the process

>You climb to your leggies
>They're so weak!
>But you're able to waddle ever so slowly
>You walk half blindly until you fall through the air!
>You SCCCRREEE in distress until you smack on the floor
>You feel you fragile legs shatter and your chest and stomach crack
>You try and chirp for help
>But only weak wheezes escape your lips

>You rushed back in however upon hearing the fluffy scream
>"What the hell happened?!?"
>Fluffy is nowhere to be found
>Hear a small wheezing from the floor
>Fluffy bleeding from mouth, ears, and bones sticking out throughout body
>Stare down at the pitiful creature for a few moments
>"...Forgive me..."
>Gently scoop up foal from floor
>Stuff the mangled creature back into it's former home
>It screams and screams in pain
>Out back you go
>Into the trash can and darkness once again

>You scream in pain
>Monsters scream at you
>You hear voices outside the darkness
>Suddenly you feel warm
>The Pain eases
>And suddenly you don't care whats going on

>The garbage man picked up the bin as he does every day
>Small chirps can be heard from inside
>He shakes his head
>People throw away fluffies like crazy these day
>At least kill the fuckin things before you do
>Don't have time for this
>Toss it in with the rest and crush it into nothing
>Don't bother to really look at it

>Back inside you clean the mess
>Delivery should be done now
>Head back out to the same machine
>Newly stocked tiny foals chirp and peep from their canned hells
>Maybe one will live this time...
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Fatalsirenz: Another shortish green text style sadbox from a few different perspectives. Mildly abusive without getting too much into it. Leave a bit of a mystery for the fun of it. Enjoy!
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Anonymous1: Somebody should do automat-style fluffies. I don't like the abuse of the young and innocent (save for their "crime" of being born a chimeric shitrat), but you could have it set up where you pick it out you can adopt it to love or abuse with a pet-care stwarter kit, or a chef in the kiosk makes it into something edible on site.
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Anonymous2: Such is life, for the absolutely worthless.

A quick death is by far too merciful for these things
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Anonymous3: Filled to the brim with every day evil, so delicious.
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Anonymous4: In before the whinging.

I liked it.
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Anonymous5: sadbox? This is funbox.

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guodzilla: Dammit, I wish I knew how to create .SWF games. I have a kickin' idea for an interactive, time-progressive foal-in-a-can game.

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Budgie_Smuggler: It was so close... I love how fluffies are most often their own worst enemies.
- Reply
Anonymous6: Honestly, a fluff from that type of machine after a couple of weeks will be super well behaved after living through that.
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Darth_Maracas: Not to bad. I like it.
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bloodgutsandfluff: I like it, but why did the company wait a month to change them out? It seems like even with people changing their milk etc, it would still be in their best interest to change it more often. Didn't stop me from enjoying I just don't get it.

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Fatalsirenz: @Darth_Maracas: Thank you kindly!

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Fatalsirenz: @bloodgutsandfluff: I figured it as this. Since it's "hugbox" the capitalistic bullshit of. "Since people can take care of it! If they pay to care for these foals then they'll get what they need weekly!" I don't think it's been stated how long foals actually live in cans for in any head Cannon. I may be wrong. But it's generally accepted as time passes they get cheaper and cheaper. Hence why hours before its time to change out a fluffy is just a quarter. To me foal-in-a-can is just another cop out cash grab by fluffy companies. And they try and recycle old ideas into something semi new and fresh. Hence the monthly changings. They start "expensive" at first when they're teeny tiny foals at like $5 a pop but as they grow and really get past the cute sellable phase they drop to like 3$, 2$, 1$ .50 and down to a quart. Basically just snake food that will never actually be capable of being abnormal functioning fluffy that you can buy in bulk. I based it semi of Jose and the cans where the clean up crew just kills the remaining ones and tosses them in the trash and the vicious cycle continues of if people buy them yay, ifmpsoole pay for them to have a better chance, yay, if not... oh well too bad so sad put the numbers in the books and try and push marketing harder. It was also semi inspired by Jose with the fact that most radical hug boxers are crazy and just destroy the machines and whatnot cause "cruelty" when they can't just adopt and free them themselves. Play on their stupidity and be like "well you don't have to adopt! But you can still do something, while we still make money!" It's basically just a giant pile of bullshit to try and appeal to everyone. Naturally I didn't go into this whole process cause it's green text but that's my explanation kek

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Fatalsirenz: Though the biggest narrative is in the title and the final scenes. Slight religious tones here. The whole fact of the matter that. We don't have too see the devil to know it's evil. But when something good happens we need to see proof that it is indeed god. Despite surviving such terrible odds. The nameless foal sees this man as it's god as all fluffies do. But once due to its own folly and slightly to the man's own doing and it's far too simple mind thinks this man the devil. Despite being blind from filth and lack of nutrition it knows this man is evil. But it needed to know that he was a loving kind human just as they're programmed to believe.