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The Abyss - Chapter 4

I was staring at my feet, wearing only socks, both dirty from the mud outside, the right one even had a hole around my thumb cause it was so old and worn out. My face was hurting, my stomach was hurting, heck, even my arms were hurting from where i’ve been hit. I was mugged, well, not mugged. It was for their amusement. Beating me up and stealing my shoes, tying the laces together and throwing them into the power lines, just for fun, just to see me being miserable.

But i didn’t care about the pain, i was used to pain, and to tell the truth their kicks and punches were nothing compared to the ones from that man. I didn’t care about losing my shoes, i could find new ones with the red cross, heck, i could walk bare feet for all i cared. The problem was that i would get into trouble for arriving home beaten and without shoes. I knew that, there was no avoiding it, there was no way for hiding from it; If i tried to lurk around the town until night, i’d just get another beating for arriving home late. If only he wasn't home, if only it wasn't today. But he was, and i got into trouble, like always.

I never looked in his direction, never met eyes with him, it was worse, it would make him angrier. I could smell the alcohol in his breath, mixed with cigarettes and rot. How could someone mouth stink so much? How could my mother bear to be kissed by him? I could feel his gaze at my head as i looked down, there was no need to look at him to know what he was thinking. I was a disappointment, i was a failure, i was the reason he felt shame at work and around his friends. I was a mistake.

The silence between us was only broken by the sound of the game he was watching on the television, and my mother cleaning dishes in the kitchen. The springs on his chair creaked as he bended down to rest his bottle of beer beside the chair, and he let out a heavy sigh.

“Boy, are you a faggot?” - He said, not really asking me. I knew he didn't care, i knew it was not a question, it was the start of my punishment, for some fucked up reason he always needed to make it seem like i was the one that gotten myself into a situation it was ok for him to use the belt; and i had to comply. It would be worse to ignore him, to be silent, i knew the unspoken rules, and i abided by them.

“No sir.”

“You sure? Because only a faggot let other kids do this to them, and i’m sure i haven't seen you with any chicks until today. You what already? Twelve? Thirteen?”

“I’m sixteen, sir.”

“For fuck sake! Sixteen and still havent gotten some backbone? Fucked some puzzy? Really? What is that bitch doing while i’m at work? Don’t she know how to raise a man?! You’re a little faggot, that’s why you let them do this kinda shit with you. You love cock, no doubt about it.”

“No sir, i don't.”

“You talking back to me? You know what happens if you talk back to me.”

“N… no sir, i…”

“Yeah you’re talking back to me, don't you fucking try to deny it! A faggot and a smartmouth, i gotta smack some sense into you.”

I woke up, heart racing and breathing heavily. I didn't knew where i was, i looked around scared, raising my arms to protect my face, expecting the belt strike at any second now, but what i found was some type of black cat with blue eyes staring at me.

“Dad, are you ok? You’re crying…” - The cat said, and reality sank in as i stared at her.

Bastet, her name was Bastet. I wasn't a sixteen kid living under the cruelty of that man anymore, i was twenty nine years old. He was dead, my mother was also dead, i survived.

I stretched my arms to hug Bast, and stopped myself. I was scared, my condition probably kicked in, if i just hugged her with all the force i wanted, and needed to, like a drowning man hugging a piece of drifting wood he finds, i’d probably break her. So i tried to calm down, taking big and heavy breaths, and hugged Bast, bringing her close to me, hugging her as kindly as i could, and sobbing. The nightmares were back. I hadn't had one in years, and now they were back.

“Dad? Dad?! What's going on?!” - She asked me, visible scared, and for some time all i could do was cry and keep hugging her.

The fucking nightmares were so vivid! It was like going back in time. All the smells, all the sounds, the emotions, the fear; I hated it! I hated how scared it still made me, how powerless i was, i hated that fucking past. WHY? WHY THE FUCK WOULDNT IT JUST FADE AWAY?!

“It’s ok now, Bast. It’s ok…” - I mumbled still hugging she - “I had a nightmare, just a very, VERY bad nightmare.”

She tried to hug me back, enveloping my neck with her front paws and licking my face, and after some time i was able to get a hold of myself. It was bright, too bright, i probably overslept.

“Well, we're off for a really bad morning, aren't we?” - I said getting up, rubbing my eyes not being able to look at Bast - “What time is it already?”

“Don't know” - Bast said following me closely as i walked to the living room, and the Fluffys began to chirp before i even had gotten fully out of my room.

“Yes, yes, i know, i know.” - I said passing them. Water, cleaning, feeding, yeah, i remembered. This was my life now. The cabin, me, Bast, the Fluffys.

I got to the kitchen, opening the water barrel and sticking my hands inside it, bringing out as many cold water as i could and washing my face with it. The cold bitted my cheeks, but it was good, it made me feel connected to this world, to this reality. It pushed the memories away.

I looked at the provisions cardboard box, and fetched a pack of beef jerky, opening it with my teeth and giving a full slice to Bast.

“We deserve a treat.” - I said before she could even question me why i was giving she her favorite treat for no reason, and i holded a slice between my teeth as i filled the iron pot and walked to the living room, munching it with forced enthusiasm.

The foals chirps were getting stronger and stronger, especially the Pegasus ones, and i looked inside the cardboard box as i passed it to put the pot on the fireplace.

‘Holy. Fucking. Hell!’ - I thought looking at the mess they made during the night. There was shit EVERYWHERE.

“What the fuck guys?!” - I said between my teeths while putting the rest of the wood i had into the fireplace, i had to go get more outside without fail today - “You never shitted so much before!”

“They made a mess?” - Bast asked me as she approached me, dragging half of her beef jerky slice.

“Calling this a mess is a understatement” - I said after putting the pot into the fireplace and holding my slice of beef jerky with my right hand - “I don't know what’s gotten into them.”

“Well, they’ve been chirping since early” - She said after taking a bite of her treat - “But you were sleeping like a rock so i didn't wanna disturb you, seeing like you went to bed pretty late and all. Maybe shitting is their way to attract attention?”

“God i hope not” - I said getting close to the foals box, giving them a disgusted look as the stench hitted me, and looked inside it with a little more attention.

The bed had shit all over it, the center was the worst part. The Fluffys were still on their fluffpile, at least the males, cause the Pegasus was at the border of the nest, raising her front hooves to me and chirping as loudly as she could. They were all covered in shit, but she? She seemed like a living piece of shit with pink eyes.

“Jesus fuck girl, how did you get so much shit into you?” - I asked her, still not getting her out of the box, no way in hell i would hold her full of shit while waiting for the water to get warm.

I went back to the kitchen, getting their formula and the bottle, and got their cleaning piece of cloth, looking at the dull brown color it was getting as i used it more and more for shit cleaning. I had to get a new piece of cloth, or at least make a trip to the city to properly wash all my dirty clothes and everything that was dirty into that cabin. Jesus fuck the shirts that had shit on them should be stinking like hell itself right now, i looked at the closed trash bag i was keeping them inside with shivers going up my spine just by thinking about their situation.

I waited for the water to get warm, ignoring the distressful chirps of the foals, and seated beside their cardboard box, beefy jerky fully consumed and courage mustered for the work ahead.

I got the Pegasus first, cause she was making so much noise, and had to hold her away from me when she tried walking into the palm of my hand to get closer.

“No, no, no, no hugs right now” - i said dipping the piece of cloth inside the warm water and squeezing it, and started the cleaning - “First we get you cleaned, THEM you can hug me.”

As i cleaned her i noticed her fur was thickening, that was good, really good. There was still no sign of her mane and tail coming out, but it was a start, and after getting she cleaned i putted her between my crossed legs, just to have her running to my right tight and hugging it while happily chirping.

There were changes on her brother too. As their fur thickened some patterns were becoming visible, and i found it kinda cute. The Unicorn was definitely orange, with black stripes. If he was a feline like Bast i would have a tiger and a black panther on my hands, it would be pretty neat! Maybe i should call him tiger, or something that made me remember a tiger.

The biggest Earthy was puke green with patches of brown, poor fella got the short stick on the color sorting it seemed. Maybe he’d get a good color for his mane and tail. It made no difference for me, but forums said that sometimes the Fluffys would be cruel to the ugly colored ones; even if they themselves didn't knew that the color was only important for us, humans, so it would be easier to sell them.

“Don't worry big guy, i am sure they will leave you alone, i mean, look at you! You’re the biggest one of the batch!” - I said looking at how he filled most of the palm of my hand, and he chirped with joy to me - “Yeah! you’re a beast! The meanest mother fucker of them all! No one will fuck around with you just cause you got the ugliest colors possible.”

He chirped again, i doubt that because he understood me, and i was satisfied with that, putting him with the Pegasus and Unicorn and getting his brother.

The other Earthy was the simplest of the batch, just like the Pegasus he was mono colored, a dull gray, nothing else. Maybe his mane would have a nice color, maybe it would bring some personality to him? Only time would tell. I holded him into the palm of my hand, looking with attention to his light green eyes. He was the dumbest, and forums said that a derped foal eyes would look at different directions at the same time. I stared at them, looking for any sight of derpiness i could find.

He looked at me, and chirped letting some droll fall from the corner of his mouth, it stretched until almost hitting the palm of my hand, and he sucked it back, chirping again and farting.

“OK, you’re just really dumb.” - I said laughing while putting him with his sibling.

I couldn't get the bed clean with just the cloth, i had to get up and get a scrub to get the job really done, and the foals, or rather, the Pegasus, chirped in fear as i did this.

“Relax i will be right back” - i said not looking at her, and her chirps became stronger as i got further away from her.

As i was inside the kitchen getting the scrub she suddenly went silent, and that got me worried. I forgot the scrub and looked over the counter to where i left them, afraid that Bast had done something to the Pegasus so she would shut up, but that was not the case. The Pegasus was coming into the kitchen direction with slow, but determined steps, and Bast was looking at her from atop a cardboard box with a hint of curiosity on her eyes.

The Pegasus kept her eyes to her front, so she couldn't see me above the counter, and i kept looking at her journey. Five, maybe ten minutes later she arrived at the kitchen door, and i made no movement, waiting for her to find me. She looked around, and spotted my feets, eyes sparkling with joy, and started chirping, this time even getting the closest she could of running as she came in my direction.

“Oh man we got a little daddy girl on our hands, don't we?!” - I said laughing while i scooped her from the floor before she reached me, and as soon as our eyes met she stretched her front hooves to me. I was going to let her hug my chest, like she loved to do, but stopped when she seemed to burp, or hiccup, making a strange sound.

I looked at she, and she did it again, this time with a look of deep concentration on her face.

“Da…” - It came out of her mouth, with great effort and in a strange tone.

“What the?”

“Dadd…” - She blurred, almost burped out, and seemed to concentrate even more, squinting her eyes and sticking her tongue out.

“Hey Bast, i think the Pegasus is trying to talk.” - I said looking at Bast full of expectation while the Pegasus was concentrating.

“I bet five bucks she's going to say ‘shit’” - Bast said without looking at us, her tail furiously moving behind her. Little girl was terrible at hiding her jealousy.

“Daddeh!” - The Pegasus said, waving her front hooves in my direction and wagging her naked tail - “Daddeh! DaddEH! DADDEH!”

There was a burst of joy inside my heart, but at the same time, a hint of disappointment and cringe. There was something wrong with her voice. It was NOTHING like Bast’s voice, it didn't sound natural, it was the same as hearing a toy repeating what it was programmed to. Bast voice seemed so natural, so personal, so.. Bast’s. But the Pegasus? It was the same as hearing all other Fluffys, there was nothing that made her voice, her’s, it was odd. I was happy, i truly was, but i believe a part of me expected the same sensation i got when Bast said her first word. And even if it was the same, it was not even close to how happy and excited i felt with Bast. Nonetheless, i felt a big smile on my face, and i looked at Bast.

“Ohohohoho! She called me ‘daddeh’! You hear that Bast?”

“Yeah, it’s impossible to ignore such a ugly voice!” - She said annoyed, and started clawing the cardboard box she was laying on.

I brought the Pegasus close to my chest, letting her rub her head on my chest hair and hug me while saying ‘Daddeh’ now stop, got the scrub, and walked to the bed.

“Ok, i gotta clean your guy’s bed now, down we go” - I said lowering the Pegasus, and she screamed ‘Daddeh’ trying to get back to my chest.

“Jesus, calm down, i’m going nowhere” - i said getting the bed out of the box and cleaned the worse of the mess with the piece of cloth, scrubbing it with some soap after.

The Pegasus was hugging any part of me she could all the time, still saying ‘Daddeh’ as if it explained everything in the world.

I finished cleaning the bed and focused on making their formula, filling the bottle and getting the Pegasus first. She saw the bottle approaching her mouth, and sucked while smiling to me, wagging her naked tail, flapping her tiny wings, and closing her eyes as she drank more and more of the bottle. Belly full she burped, and emitted some more ‘Daddeh’s’ as i putted her on the bed, but went silent as sleep seemed to get the best of her.

Feeding her brothers was as easy as always, they all seemed to share her hunger, and the bigger Earthy was able to gulp down a full bottle this time. The smaller one kept his stupid way of drinking, but this time made me laugh aloud when he finished eating. He burped, but a big ball of formula and saliva formed as he burped, busting in front of him, making him fart while widening his eyes and chirping scared.

“Oh man, i should record you and post everything on the net” - I said lowering him to the bed, putting him on their Fluffpile, and that made me remember that i hadn’t got in touch, or sended anything about the Fluffys to Karen.

‘It’s not like it’s important anyway, they haven't been doing much’ - My mind said as i went to the room to grab my cellphone, turning it on and going back to the living room, watching the Fluffys sleep.

‘Yeah but she asked for it, i kinda wanna indulge the girl, you know? She’s going to help me and seems like a good kid.’

The scream gained life, informing me it was already two in the afternoon, and i was pissed while taking some photos of the Fluffpile. I would have very little daylight to work with, and i still had to finish the deck roof AND start working on the tool shed.

‘You also have to take all the trash bags out, that pile on the kitchen is starting to look ridiculous, didn't you get the damn dumpster on the city to avoid this? And don't forget the firewood, all we had inside the house is gone, bring more inside. It would also be good to look for some more after this sunny days we’ve been getting, once the snow returns anything we find will be too damp to be called firewood.’

“Yeah, yeah, i know! I have to do one thing at a time, ok? Go easy on the list!” - I said annoyed, and Bast looked at me worried.

“Who you talking to, Dad?” - She asked me, and i scratched my head after noticing what i was doing.

“Just talking to myself honey” - I said filling my face burning with shame - “I was thinking about everything i have to do and ended up whining about it, sorry.”
She looked at me, a little worried and in doubt, and i smile, reassuring her everything was fine.

I had no signal so Karen would have to wait for me to take the foals to her, and by their development it didn't seem like it would take too much time. I turned the cellphone off again and stored it into the bedroom nightstand, seeing no reason to waste it’s battery.

I walked to the kitchen, looked at the pile of trash bags, and mustered my resolve to use what daylight i still had the best i could. I got all bags to the dumpster, not really in the mood to push it farther from the cabin, believing no animal would pick the trash scent as the plastic leads safety lock was pretty usefull, and after all trash was inside it i focused on taking firewood to the living room, making a big pile next to the fireplace. I would indeed have to roam the forest for more firewood, so i grabbed my axe, put the foals bed inside a cardboard box, and called out to Bast to go with me.

We didn't had to go too far to find a fallen trunk, it’s wood a little damp on the outside but pretty dry on the inside, and i started chopping it up feeling the smell of wood fill the air around me as i hitted it with the axe, breaking it into smaller chunks i could carry and later chop into firewood. Bast was looking around, trying to find anything she could hunt, but the forest was pretty much dead around us.

“Maybe will find something for you to hunt before the winter really gets going” - I said stopping my chopping, catching my breath while she seemed depressed.

“Yeah, maybe”

“You really miss hunting, don't you?”

“Yeah… i really like it…”

“I promise that if we find something you can hunt, anything, i will go with you, ok?” - I said trying to cheer her up, and her eyes sparked with excitement.

“You can hunt too, Dad?!”

“Well, i’m not as good as you, and i will probably do more harm than good.” - i said with a big grin on my face - “But i will try my best so we enjoy it together.”

“I will let you have the first bite, i promise!” - She said rubbing her head on my right leg, and i shook my head while imagining myself biting whatever we found.

‘Please god let we find a rabbit’ - I thought while she talked about how fun it would be to hunt with me.

I had to make four trips from the fallen trunk to the cabin to take all the wood to it, but was satisfied with the result. Bast was searching for something we could hunt all the time, and was looking pretty disappointed when we stepped inside the cabin again.

“Don't worry honey, we were gathering wood today.” - I said scratching her head after putting the axe aside - “After i finish all i have to do on the cabin i promise we will go out to hunt, ok?”

“Promise?! Really?!” - She said, and smiled as i confirmed nodding my head.

I got a quick look at the foals, happy to see they were still sleeping, and focused the rest of my day on making the deck roof. I was still working on it when the sun setted, and i got so pissed at myself for missing most of the day that i got most of my led lights outside, turning them on around the roof, so i could keep working.

I stoped after it got too dark, so much that even with the led lights i was having a hard time, and decided to call it a day after cleaning up, eating and tending to the foals. I was laying in bed, all my chores done and the image of the Pegasus calling me ‘Daddeh’ after getting fed again, and started petting Bast, pulling her close to me and feeling she kneading my chest while looking into my eyes.

I was afraid to sleep. I was afraid the nightmares would come back. I don’t know where the fuck i had put my pills, but i had to find them, that or i would have to meet the doc earlier, if the nightmares continued i would need to seek for help as fast as possible.

‘Chill dude, chill… it was one bad night, no need to focus on it’ - My mind whispered while i watched Bast sleeping, her small body rising and lowering in sync with her breathing.

She made me happy, really happy. She was my little girl, my daughter. I knew i had been neglecting her the past weeks, focusing on the cabin, the foals, everything that was going on and letting her on the side. I started softly scratching her chin, running my hand to her face, and to her forehead, and a little smile took hold of her face.

‘What if i hurt she? What if i hurt the Fluffys? I… i can't live with myself if i hurt Bast…’ - I thought bringing her closer to me.

‘Relax man, we’re not going to hurt anyone’ - my mind argued back - ‘it’s not like they deserve it. Remember the kids at school? They deserved it. Remember the guys at the bar? They deserved it. Remember the fuckers that tried to mug us? They deserved it.’

‘Your kid don't deserve it. The pets don't deserve it. They love us, they respect us, heck, your kid seems like she'd kill herself for you if ya asked her to’

‘We’ll never hurt them, we only hurt those that deserve it.’

I don’t remember drifting to sleep, but i remember the fear that still had a grip of me as i did so.


It took your Dad some time to sleep. You knew he was tired, yet it took him some good time to sleep.

Something was wrong. You couldn’t really wrap your mind around what it was, but something was wrong.

Your Dad smell was getting stronger by the day, and you liked it, it made you feel more and more connected to him the stronger it got, but something was missing. And this morning; this morning was strange, you’ve never seen so much fear into your Dad’s eyes before, you’ve never smelled so much fear into him.

You’d do anything for him, anything. You’d make whatever was necessary so he would never cry again, so he would never have so much fear into his eyes again, you lived for your Dad, he deserved the best, and you would see to it, you’d make sure he’d get only the best in life. Was he feeling lonely? You knew he liked you very much, he had your company, and also had the shitrats, they seemed pretty useless, but they made him happy, even if just a bit; but you knew your company, and the shitrats, was not the same as another human company.

Maybe he needed some human interaction, you remember how he smelled near that woman, the ‘Doc’ as he called her. Only other situation you felt the same smell coming out of him was when you both met the girl that was going to help with the shitrats. Was that what he needed? A female? You didn't knew. The games he played almost always had a female following the hero. The books and tales he’d read to you always talked about ‘love’, about finding a ‘soulmate’, what was that anyway? What was ‘love’? You never really got to question him about that, he always seemed kinda sad reading those lines, the ones about love, about a soulmate, about family, so you believe it is something that makes him sad; So you don’t talk about it.

Is there anything you can do to make him happy? You don't know, but you will try to find it, you will do your best to find something that makes him laugh, that makes him smile, even if you’re not the one providing it.

But his smell… you got closer to him and inhaled it as deeply as you could. It was becoming intoxicating, and you liked that above all else. It made you be at peace, it seemed right, something inside you told you that this is how he's supposed to smell, this is the right smell, so you drift to sleep by his side, letting the shitrats out of your mind, forgetting the rage you felt as the bitch dared to call him ‘Daddeh’, you could deal with her latter.


Your mind is too young to understand the world. To understand life itself. Most of what you feel and know was programed, it’s not natural, it was made to emulate what others feel and know, and from your perspective, it is the right thing.

The initial plan was to achieve a point where you and all the ones of your kind would be perfect bio toys. You’d learn, you’d feel instead of emulate; love, fear, friendship, envy, gluttony, self sacrifice, silliness, you’d be a perfect mirror of your creator's mind, the pinnacle of creation for any race, the perfect artificial intelligence.

But something went wrong, rather, outside interference made things go wrong. And you’re a defected product, having to live by with a defected coding, one that is re written by the experiences the previous generation gathers before giving birth to the new one. And as a defected product, the experience that is passed forward is not always much, seeing that you all breed so fast, and in such short time. It’s unnatural, it goes against nature's plans and rules, but you all go by, one day at a time. After all, nature finds a way.

But you don't know any of this, even if you did, it would make no sense to you. All you know is that you’re just a little baby, and babbehs need milkies.

You have three brothers, and you love them all very much. A pointy brother and two earthy brothers. You give them lots of loves and huggies all the time, and you all sleep in a fluffpile, in the best nestie ever! It’s soft, and warm, and smell like Fluffy’s! Like a Mommy Fluffy, so you love it! it’s not your Mommy smell, it’s been many forevers since you felt your Mommy smell, but you still love it!

You also have a Daddeh! THE BESTEST DADDEH EVAH! He gives you milkies and love and have the best fuff! It’s so big it covers all his body, and it’s soft, you love to hide your face in his fuff. You can’t always hide your face in his fuff, because he is very very big, and he have to hold you close to his fuff with his no hoovies, but wen he do, you hug him as tight as you can so he feel all your love.

But there is also a monster living with you. A black monster. A big hissi monster that hates you. You know she hates you, she told you that she hates you. You tried to ask her why she hates you, but your talkie place didn’t work, all you could do was scary poopies and chirp. You chirped and chirped trying to ask her why? Why she hates you? Are you a bad babbeh? You HAVE to make your talkie place work as fast as possible, maybe if you tell her that you love her she will love you too. Maybe she hates you because you didn't talk to her, or because you made scared poopies, you don't know, you will ask her.

Your talkie place is working, you could make it work on the bright time, you said ‘Daddeh’! And he smiled! He was happy! You will make him the happiest Daddeh ever because you love him very, very, very much! And you will also make the monster love you. Your Daddeh seems to love the monster. The monster is always close to your Daddeh so it must not be a bad monster, right? Because your Daddeh is the bestest Daddeh evah! And the Bestest Daddeh know what is good.

You will make him love you, you will make him happy, it’s what your Fluffy heart tell you. To love, to forgive, to devote yourself to him. And you will do it.

And if the monster can’t love you, if it dosen’t understand that Fluffys are for love, and huggies, and play; you will fly away with your Daddeh and brothers! You have wingies! You can take everyone away with your wingies, far, far, far away from the monster, so you all can play, and love, and give huggies.

You smile to yourself dreaming about that, feeling your brothers around you in the Fluffpile, and flapping your wingies without even noticing it. A happy place where you all can play, and eat sketties, and hug each other with the bestest Daddeh evar for all forevers!

Evelim was sitting at her bed, a half empty bottle of wine on the nightstand by her right side and a file opened in front of her, her newest subject file. No, he had a name, Vladmir. That was his name, she couldn’t allow herself to become as cold and detached to others as her grandmother was. Never, she’d never step so low as to call others ‘subjects’.

For how long had them being doing this? She had already forgotten. It started as an interesting project. Could they correct the Fluffys defected programing? Could they use humans as a conduit for experiences and pass it on to the next generation of the Fluffys that interacted with them?

Fluffys seemed to hold very little experience besides what was programed into them. If they hadn’t undergone great deals of abuse they wouldn't lose their trust in humans, and their naivety and trust was so easily regained it seemed impossible. They were also incredible prone to “bugs” on the programing, like the “Smarty” syndrome and spoiling, becoming unbearable and intolerable after the slightest mistakes from the owner, what made them useless as children's toys, after all, a child is unable to understand limits, so must fluffys abused the naivety of children to obtain what they desired.

A defected product, no doubts about that, but maybe the one humans deserved. On her years working as a psychologist Evelim understood that humans had very little love for one another, at least the majority of the population, and a naive and ever loving, ever forgiving existence like Fluffys was beyond what some humans deserved.

But at the same time they could be demanding, bratty, tyrants, selfish, ruthless monsters that would kill their litter without thinking twice if it was defective, if it had a bad colour, if they were starving. But that was a part of the coding that was made. It had the human DNA and psique as it’s base, and so much animal dna and behaviour was incorporated on it that mistakes were bound to happen. Had Hasbio had time they would have achieved the perfect pets, like the Puffy Griffins proved to be.

But the Fluffys? The Fluffys were the big question. Was it possible to make the defected product, perfect? Would it become perfect by itself? Or was human intervention needed?
Could she and her grandmother team achieve what Hasbio was robbed from?

That was the initial idea of their project. To achieve the perfect Fluffys. To overcome the defects on the programing. To rule out the Smarty syndrome and completely eradicate it. To delete the color favoritism Hasbio drilled into the Fluffys so their sales would go up with the mares focusing only on the best colour foals, the more valuable ones, to make them think instead of just acting as they were programed to, to make them actual living beings instead of bio toys. To eliminate the faults, the greedy, the cannibalism, the cruelty they were capable of, to make them the perfect ever loving existence they were meant to be.

It sounded too good to be true, but the Fluffys proved to have the potential to make it possible, and for Evelim it was a dream coming true. Putting everything she learned to try and reverse engineer a human mind? Or at least the closest she’d ever get to it? If they were able to do it, if she was the leading psychologist on this team, it would be revolutionary, it would mean humankind could step into another direction; jails would be useless, the human mind could be conditioned, it could be broken and re-written, just like it was done with Fluffys.

Criminals could be turned into useful members of society in just some weeks. Pedophiles could be cured, OCD, PTSD, Depression, the worse memories someone holded could be erased or replaced. If she was able to crack the code, if she and her grandmother team were able to fix a defective program, they could give the next step, they could help humans.

Yes… that was the initial idea… where did things go wrong?

Maybe it was her grandmother starting to be around Fluffys for so long. To be in direct contact with the defected mind of the Fluffys would eventually get to her, Evelim knew this, she warned her grandmother about this, but Daniele would have none of it. She was a scientist, the leading one, she would understand the Fluffys, and break them, find the problem, create the perfect program, get to the next phase, the next step.

Or maybe it was the discovery that her grandfather was an abuser.

Evelim couldn't tell. Daniele would rarely open up to others, and even if they shared the same blood their relationship was always a distant and cold one, a professional one most times after she graduated.

All she knew was that at some point her grandmother became obsessed with the abusers, the Smartys, the most depraved humans and Fluffys she could find. She argued that their minds holded the key, that much distorted minds where the perfect canvas for understanding the problem, if they could crack this minds, they could crack all the others with ease.
It holded some kind of sense, even if it was a distorted one, and Evelim agreed to help her understand those minds, to dive into the problem, to let the Fluffys experience the utmost terror of abusers before she could analyze them, to push the abuser to their breaking point before giving them a Fluffy to use as an escape valve. How many times had she seated in front of a Fluffy that could only repeat ‘wan die’, trying to get into it’s mind, to understand what was done so it would reach that point, and reverse engineer it so it could be useful in some way?

She lost count. All she learned all this time was that humans could be incredible despicable. And that Fluffys, the ones that survived so she could study them, on their ever forgiving, ever loving nature, were able to cope with the abuse, even being dragged back from the breaking point of ‘wan die’, if enough love and attention was show to them. If Evelim learned anything, was that the Fluffys defected programing was their blessing.

What of the abusers? What of the mans and womans she drove to the breaking point? What she learned was that some minds seemed to be impossible to recover. They would most of the time find an excuse. “It’s a bio toy”, “it’s not really alive”, “she was a pain in the ass”, “it demanded things”, “it was a smarty”, “YOU told me to do this”, “YOU said i should get one”, “the meds didn’t help!” most of them would run from their responsibility. But some… some would change, some would show real regret, the Fluffys nature would touch something inside them, something most humans weren't able to.

One cry for help kept Evelim on that journey despite all the failures. It was from an abuser she treated, one that got a Fluffy from Daniele, one that was engineered to be as loving and forgiving as possible. What the man said, sitting besides a legless, one eyed Fluffy with more scars than fuff on it’s body, made Evelim think that maybe, maybe they were walking in the right direction. He looked at the Fluffy after Evelim asked him why he hated it so much, why he would hurt it so much, and blinked, looked at her, back to the fluffy, and started crying.

“I don’t hate her. I want to love her, i really do! But i don’t know how!”

“Even after all i’ve done, after how much i tried to make she hate and abandon me like all others did, she still keeps telling me she loves me. She coos for me if i pet her, she sings for me, she even tries to hug me if she sees me sad, even if i took away her legs on a fit of rage because my boss told me i was useless. She’s the best thing that ever happened in my life, and i fell like a monster for only hurting her. Help me doctor. Help me to give her the same love she gives me.”

“Robert Hughes” - Evelim said lost on her memories.

Maybe he was the key, maybe he was the proof that it was possible to achieve the initial intention of the program. But he was killed, like all the others. Once they proved to be useless to Daniele’s cause they would be disposed off. Robert was eliminated because in Daniele’s words “He already served his purpose”.

That was the part Evelim couldn't understand. She worked with ‘Tulip’, Robert’s Fluffy, until
Daniele deemed she was also useless to them. She extracted all she could from the Fluffy. All she had suffered, what she remembered, how it made her feel, why she never seemed her ‘Daddeh’ as a monster, how she was able to love if all she got was hate. And what she got was what Daniele told her the answer would be “Because Fluffys are for love, silly”.

What was Daniele doing behind her back, what was the programing she was so devoted and proud of, what answer had she achieved that she kept for herself? Those questions would rob Evelim of her sleep, but she would push on, motivated by Robert’s desperate plea for help, and for the promise that she could be know as the one that helped change human history.

But now… now there was Vladmir.

Daniele was very specific with the type of subject she needed for her next phase. She needed a predator, an animal, a being so filled with rage and savagery no human would survive an encounter with it, one that could evoke into humans the “flee or fight” response with its mere presence, and it needed to be hidden into human flesh.

“I don’t work with rapists and murderers, Daniele” - Evelim argued the day Daniele told her about the next subject, and her answer was simple.

“Maybe it’s time you start to.”

Two weeks latter Evelim was nominated as the head psychologist responsible for analysing the possible reintegration of violent individuals into society. Evelim have no idea how Daniele could get in contact with so many powerful people to make that happen, but she could, she always could. Daniele was the type of woman to always get what she desired, and there was nothing the world could do about that. And three years latter Vladmir was at her office.

The boy’s sheet didn’t indicate he was what Daniele was looking for, nor did their sessions.
Yes it could be said he had a rough past, a very rough one from what little information Evelim could pry from him and was on his sheet. And yes, the situation that led him to court indicated he had the potential to be a extremely violent individual, but that could be attributed to his biological condition and a extremal emotional response to the events that occurred, nothing showed that he was the subject Daniele desired. He was probably going to be another failure. Another mentally unstable individual Evelim would have to deem unfit for society and to be locked inside a facility like all the others before him. All that separated him from the others was the hypnotherapy session to make it easier to pry information from him and plant a suggestion on his mind to release his innermost desires while around the fluffy he would be given, and to wait for the consequences of giving him said fluffy, programed and delivered by Daniele, like happened to all the others.

The hypnotherapy session was the turning point. Everything was going smoothly, everything was the same, it was simple, it was as expected, that was, until Evelim told him to let his consciousness sleep.

He opened his eyes, looked at her direction, and smiled.

Fear… primordial fear, one like Evelim never felt before filled her body and mind under that gaze and smile. She knew she had to tell him to wake up, she knew she had to end the session right that instant, but she was paralyzed. He seated, never breaking eye contact, and putted his right index finger in front of his lips.

“Ssshhhiiiii… easy now. No screams, no tears, we are not going to hurt you.”

It was a lie, she could read it into his words, into his body language, into that smile, and he knew she knew, cause he started to chuckle while getting up.

“How many time have you done this, love?” - He asked her, getting closer with slow, short steps, chest sticking out, opened arms with his hands palms turned up to show her there was nothing to fear, no weapon on his hands, no sight of harm, but his eyes, his eyes betrayed him.

“How many times have you been eye to eye with something as we?”

His voice was devoid of all emotion, his actions a facade, after years analysing the human behaviour Evelim could tell nothing about the man in front of her was genuine; the smile, the soft voice and the friendly tone, everything was a lie.

She couldn’t speak, she couldn’t move, her mind was racing but her body was there, being useless, being completely consumed by fear. Never in all her life had all the safety she felt been robbed from her like it was happening right now.

It made no sense, that was not the same person, it was impossible, it was unnatural.

“Vl….Vlad…” - She was finally able to mumble as he stood in front of her, bending down so his face was direct in front of hers.

“Yes, Doc?”

“Wa… wake up.”

“We are awake.” - He said putting his right hand on her left cheek, and she could feel warm tears streaming down her eyes under his could touch.

“There… there… no need to cry” - He said as he caressed her cheek - “We told you we’re not going to hurt you. You don’t deserve to be hurt, do you?”


“Do you know why you’re feeling so much fear right now, Doc?” - He asked her, gently cleaning her tears with his fingers and tasting them.

“It’s because you’ve seen our last handwork.” - He said, a big proud smile taking hold of his face - “You know what we’re capable of, you know the consequence of being in the same room as us, but you haven’t met us before. You’ve been talking to Vlad, and Vlad… Vlad is a sweet boy, a wonderful boy. The perfect son. The perfect boyfriend. The perfect father. The perfect friend. The perfect stranger.”

“And we… we punish those that hurt him, because he doesn't deserve to be hurt, does he?”

He looked at her, and she wanted to answer ‘no’, she knew that was that he wanted to hear, but the words never came.

“DOES HE?!” - He exploded slamming both hands at the sides of her head, making her chair start to fall back, and stop as he holded it in place, the wood creaking beside her ears as she could see his arms muscles contracting.

“NO! NO!” - She was finally able to yell, closing her eyes and pulling her knees to her chest, hiding her head between them, a childish action to seek comfort while sobbing and rocking back and forth, one that she hadn’t used since childhood.

The chair was slowly pulled forward until it’s front legs connected to the floor again.

“Who is watching us, Doc?” - He asked her while rubbing her head, and she bited her lips.

She had completely forgotten about that; the security cameras. Daniele had a security team ready to help her if things ever got out of hand, she insisted on installing the cameras and monitoring the sessions not only to ensure her safety but to also pinpoint the new subjects. They should be arriving soon, right? They must have seen what was going on, THEY HAD TO!

“Doc… are you trying to hurt Vlad?”

“No! NO! NO I’M NOT!” - She said, louder than she intended to. That answer, that one she knew she couldn't let be met with only silence.

“So why did you tell him to sleep, Doc?”

“For you to open up! You never talk, never let me know about your past! I need to know more about you so i can help you!” - Evelim said trying to buy her some time, no concern if he could or couldn't remember the talk they were having - “Your parents deaths, the incident on your school, the incident on the bar and the last one. You don’t remember them, rather, you seem to have suppressed them, you barely can remember your childhood, i need…”

“Shhhiiiii” - He said patting her head, dread filling her as he did it.

“Some things are better left alone.”

His hand was gone, and there was only silence after that, broken by someone unlocking her office door. When she raised her head Evelim could see Vladmir sleeping on the couch, and the two securities Daniele had assigned her looking with disbelief to the scene.

They replaced her chair, that had cracks around the place he holded it. Waited around until she calmed down, stayed with her while she finished implanting the suggestion on Vladmir’s mind, more out of sheer pressure from the securities being there than from her will to carry on the project, and left before she told him to wake up.

Once he was up he was the same as always. Shy, averting his gaze, submissive, extremely polite, always saying sorry for his slightest mistakes and even ones he didn't commit.
She wanted to end it that night, but Daniele was thrilled by the boys reaction, by finally finding the subject she's been searching for all this time.

“There's nothing to be gained by studying a mind like his! HE’S UNSTABLE DANIELE! DANGEROUS! I THOUGHT I WAS GONNA DIE!”

“He did nothing to you, girl, calm down.” - Daniele said with a dismissive wave of her hand.

“You don't understand! I’ve never felt so much fear in my life! It was… it was unprecedented! It was wrong! This is NOT safe! I can’t let someone like him roaming the streets, let alone taking care of a living being!”

“And what was the reason for all this fear, girl?” - Daniele asked her - “Why were you so disturbed?”

“I… i…” - Evelim stuttered trying to find to words to describe the experience.

“You can’t put your finger in it, can you?” - Daniele said smiling - “You just KNEW you were in danger. It was beyond you.”

“Don't it make you wonder? Don't it makes you curious? Just what was it? Instinct? A hunch? Your survival instinct kicking in? How can someone like him walk among us?”

“Just imagine it, being the first one to really pinpoint a dangerous individual like Vladmir. Being able to program a Fluffy so the same reaction you had is triggered on them just by smelling such individual. You know their sense of smell is beyond a dogs, the combination of so many animals gave them senses we haven’t fully understood. Imagine the data we can gather from a Fluffy that lives at the side of such an individual.”


“The plan is the same, nothing changed, we finally have our next subject.” - Daniele said in a finishing tone, there was no arguing, no explanations, no buts, her decision was final - “I will get in touch as soon as all preparations for his Fluffy are done, and then you can send him to me.”

The idea was to give him a Fluffy. Evelim could live with that. She never felt the same fear around Vladmir, but never felt truly comfortable either. A part of her desired to know more, to explore more, as long as she was never subjected to such fear again. And another part told her it was inhuman to let a Fluffy experience that fear in a daily basis, she doubted it would take more than one look at those eyes for it to scream ‘wan die’ with all the strength it small lungs allowed it to.

Maybe that was the reason why Daniele assigned the boy a Puffy. Maybe. Evelim was kept on the dark, as she always would be, and the Puffy was nothing like the Fluffys she had worked with before. She felt like she was going nowhere with both of them, and was relieved when he called her telling about moving to a cabin in the woods. That was good. Isolation was good for that individual, let the terrible actions that would come forth be committed there, were no other person could be hurt by him.

But a call came from the pharmacy of the city near Vladmir’s new location. Evelim knew the location, it was protocol, he had to inform her of his location, inform the authorities, he was on probation after all. He was out of the meds; that could prove to be a problem.

Had he noticed the meds true intention? Was he aware of their side effects?

She informed them it was ok, that the meds were not crucial to his treatment, but to get in touch with her if he tried to buy anything of a list she was emailing them. She would get in contact with the authorities so they needn't worry about anything, they had done a good job.

“Those meds… did you knew, Vladmir? Did you notice?” - Evelim mumbled to herself looking at his file.

“What will you do next time we meet? What will you do after the next phase is activated? I’ve been doing my best to avoid activating your Puffy programing, but Daniele is upon me, i’m at her hand just like you are. Our next session is probably our last.”

“Which will be the consequences of what we are doing?” - She sighed looking to her windows, trying to find some comfort in the night sky she could see from living on the twentieth fifth floor of her building. It had helped her on others nights, but not this time.


I woke up, Bast still in front of me, no sign of sunlight coming from the window behind me.

How long had i slept? Was it too early? I felt rested, so i got some sleep.

I got up, stretched hearing my bones creak, and walked inside the living room. The fire was almost gone, so i had a full night of sleep, i tossed some more wood into the fireplace and looked to the foals bed. Not too much of a mess today, good, thank god for that.

I walked to the kitchen, opening the water barrel and washing my face, getting my toothbrush on the sink and tending to my teeth as i looked at the pile of dirty dishes that was inside it, and sighed. I had to get another water barrel, or at least start cleaning the dishes as soon as i dirtied them.

I got the iron pot full of water, read to start my morning routine, and stopped looking at the window. I could see something moving outside in the dim light, i wouldn't be able to see it if it wasn't of such a bright yellow color, but there it was, walking into the forest behind my outhouse.

“A feral Fluffy?” - I asked myself in a whisper.

‘Didn’t you promised your little girl you'd take her to hunt if you found something?’

“I sure did” - I said looking at the figure as it got out of the forest and started walking in the direction of my outhouse - “But last thing i need is another dead stallion with a pregnant mare
waiting for him to return.”

‘You can go out there and ask him, or her, if there's any special friend waiting for them’

“I could, but i need to take care of the foals.”

‘What about taking care of her? She used to hunt daily, you think she doesn't have some build up stress from all this time being unable to hunt? You going to wait until she vent it out on the foals?’

“She’d never do that, they are pets.” - I said shaking my head - “She knows the rules.”

‘She’s not perfect, Vlad. You’re not perfect. Cute the girlie some slack. Go out there and find out if that feral can be killed.’

“What good comes from killing it?”

‘You can store it’s meat so she eats it. You can use the pelt to keep the foals warm, heck, you can use the entrails and bone as fertilizer like John told you he does, use your imagination’ - My mind argued while i looked at the iron pot. I averted my gaze to the window, hoping the Fluffy was gone, but he was sniffing my outhouse door.

‘Come on, don't tell me you told her you’d hunt with her just to humor her. Is that what you are now? A lier? Just like that man was?’

“No, i’m not.” - I said putting the iron pot on the counter, and walked outside dressed with just my pajamas pants.

The fluffy was an adult, a little bigger than Bast, but it could be from its fur. It was covered in old shit crumbs, dead leaves and some sticks, and he was paying me no attention, sniffing my outhouse and even trying to dig under its door.

“Good morning!” - I said as i approached him, and he jumped back, looking with scared eyes in my direction.

“Ni..nice mistah?” - He asked me eyes full of doubt, looking from me to the forest.

“Yes, i am a nice mistah, are you a nice Fluffy?”

“Yes! Fwuffy am gud Fwuffy!” - He said wagging his red coloured tail - “Nice mistah gif nummies? Wawm housie? Be nyu daddeh?”

“That depends” - I said getting closer to him and stretching my hand to him, and he walked in my direction, letting me scratch his head, emitting the ‘coooo’ they always emit while being pleased - “Are you alone, or do you have a special friend? Do you have a herd?”
He seemed sad, and looked at the ground, fat tears rolling from his eyes to his cheeks and being absorbed by the fuff.

“Fwuffy nu haf hewd, nu haf special fwend nu mowe, big dummy smawty say fwuffy bad dummy poppi fwuffy, say fwuffy gu way fo nu findin nummies. Fwuffy aww awone”

Well he was cast away from his herd, maybe that could be a problem.

“Is your old herd nearby?” - I asked him, and he seemed to have trouble understanding - “Are they close to us? Can you take me to them?”

“Hewd say hewd find wawm nesties fu culd times, leave fwuffy behind, teww fwuffy tu gu way” - He sobbed - “Fwuffy wawk fo many foweves, bwight an dawk times, eating gwassie nummies, gween nummies, bewwy nummies, an hiding fwom dawk munstahs. Pwease nice mistah, be nyu daddeh!”

“I will litle guy, i will” - I said scratching his back, trying to calm him down, and he was filled with so much joy i felt ashamed for what i was about to do, but Bast was more important to me.

“I will tell you what. If you are a very obedient Fluffy, a good Fluffy, i will be your new daddy, ok?” - I said getting up, and he nodded with a determined look on his face.

“Fwuffy gud! Fwuffy obe..abed... Fwuffy gud!”

“Ok, a good fluffy does what he is told to do, so you have to wait for me, and don’t move until i tell you to move, ok?” - I said starting to get back to the cabin, still looking at him, and he agreed sitting on his ass while looking at me.

I got inside the cabin, and walked inside my room, putting on my work clothes and boots.

“Bast, hey Bast, wake up” - I whispered shaking her.

“Five more minutes…”

“Don't you wanna go hunt?” - I whispered on her right ear, and her eyes opened as she lifted her head.

“Hunt?! We going to hunt?!”

“Shiiiiii, keep your voice down, i don't wanna wake up the foals” - I said while she got up, stretching and looking at me, eyes full of expectation.

“Ok, ok, i will be silent.” - She said getting out of the bed and rubbing her head on my legs.

“Now listen to me, there is a Fluffy outside, a feral one, we can hunt him, but don't make it be too fast” - I said as we got out of the room, and a big smile took hold of her face.

“Let him run, let him go as far as he can before hurting him, i want his screams to be as far away from the cabin as possible. And don't get this one blind, it will make things too easy” - I said stopping at the kitchen, fiddling with the cabinet drawers looking for my hunting knife. It was nothing fancy, and i’ve been using it more for meat slicing or can opening than for real hunting purposes, but at least it had a leather sheath i could use to carry it inside my pocket without worrying about getting cut by it while we chased the Fluffy. I found it after some minutes, also getting a ziplock and trash bag, hiding them inside my pockets.

“I am going outside, and i will get him into the mood for running, count to twenty before coming out, and remember, let him run as far as he can before attacking, let's make this one last, ok? We don't know when we’ll be this lucky again.” - I said looking at her as we stood in front of the living room door.

“I know, i know, i promise i will make it last” - She said almost being unable to control herself, biting my legs and rubbing her body on them as she talked.

“Ok, count to twenty”

I got outside, and walked to the fluffy with large steps, he stood, wagging his tail.

“Fwuffy gud fwuffy! Nice mistah nyu daddeh nao? Gif nummies? Gif wuv?”

“Fwuffy! Fwuffy! There's a problem!” - I said faking fear and concern in my voice.

“Wha?” - He said, eyes widening with fear and starting to shake.

“There is a big black hissi munstah inside my house! We have to run fluffy! Run as fast as you can!”

“Fwuffy nu undestan! Fwuffy gud! Munstah? Wha..” - He started saying, and shutted up as he saw Bast getting out of the cabin, at first she was walking in our direction, but soon she started running.

“RUN FLUFFY! RUN!” - I said aloud, and the little guy bolted to the woods, screaming as loud as he could and leaving a trail of liquid shit and piss behind him.


“Make it last, Bast!” - I said as she passed me, and started to jog after them.

I could see Bast slowing down, her mind getting the better of her as she noticed she’d make it too quick if she kept her initial pace, the Fluffy looked behind him, and she roared as loud as she could, making him scream his lungs out while letting out another long spray of liquid shit and some piss.

Bast was giggling while giving chase, dodging the liquid shit, and my heart was racing as i jogged behind them, dodging branches and tree roots.

“RUN FLUFFY! RUN! THE MONSTER IS TOO FAST!” - I’d scream every time i noticed he was losing his will to run, and for some reason my voice seemed to fill him with determination.

“HEWP NICE MISTAH! SAVE FWUFFY!” - He’d scream back from time to time, and that would always make Bast close the distance between them, hissing loudly and grazing his ass with her claws, just enough to take away some fur and motivate him to run faster.

We kept that make believe chase for what? Fifteen, twenty minutes? I don't know, i was impressed the fluffy could run for so long, but my years of being a slob where charging their price.

“FOR FUCK SAKE! THAT’S FAR ENOUGH BAST!” - I screamed while fighting for air, ashamed of how out of shape i was.

She quickly closed the distance between her and the fluffy, and pounced at him, biting him on the scruff and rolling on the floor with him.

“SSSCCCCCCCHHHHEEEEEEE! NU HUWT FWUFFY! -” He screamed as they both rolled on the ground, and Bast was quickly on her feet, clawing his nose as soon as he lifted his head trying to figure out where he was.

“SSSSCCCRREEEEEEECCCCHHHH! SMEWW PWACIE HAF BIG HUWTIES!” - He screamed as blood flowed from the claw marks, and Bast clawed him again, this time on his chest, taking away a big chunk of fluff and making blood quickly gather on the remaining.

“SSSCCRREEE FWUFFY GUD FWUFFY! NU WAN HURTIES! JUS WAN WUV AND PWAY!” - He pleaded trying to run, and Bast bitted his back left leg, pulling him with so much strength he fell to the floor and was dragged while screaming.

‘oh god, oh god, i am as fat as i can be!’ - I thought trying to catch my breath, sitting on the floor and breathing heavily.

“SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE SPECIAW WUMPS HAF BIGGEST OUCHIES!” - He screamed, and i looked at them, just to see his balls hanging outside it’s ball sack amists a mess of blood, fluff, and meat.

He curled up on the floor, putting his tail between his hooves so he could hug it and crying, and Bast started surrounding him, hissing and clawing him from different direction, making him sob and chirp more and more as his body was covered on claw marks.

I got up after getting my breathing under control, and approached them as she was laying in front of him, angrily flailing her tail and looking at him with a pissed off expression while he sucked his left front hoof with closed eyes.

“He won't fight back!” - She hissed frustrated - “I hate when they do this!”

“It’s because you’re too strong, you have to learn some self restraint or it will always end too soon” - I said crouching beside the fluffy, and i had to start patting his head so he would calm down and look at me. While petting him i could feel that there was more fur than meat on him, he probably wasn't going to be that big of a meal. He flinched at first, but slowly took his hoof away from his mouth and looked to me after some time of petting.

“Nice mistah? Pwease hewp fwuffy! Make mustah gu way! Pwease!” - He cried, eyes red and filled with fear.

“I will tell you what. You're a brave fluffy, aren't you? A good fluffy!”

“Fwuffy an gud! Pwease save fwuffy!”

“Yes, you’re a good fluffy, and good fluffys do as they are told, right?” - I said scratching him behind his head, and he sobbed agreeing.

“So what i want you to do, is to give that big ugly munstah sorry hoovies! And sorry poopies! And sorry bities! Give her forever sleepies!” - I said getting him up on his feets, and he whined in pain.

“Bu fwuffy haf owsies ouchies! Dawk time munstah tuu fast, gif tuu many ouchies, speciaw wumps haf biggest ouchies evah!” - He winned not in any mood to fight, and i patted his head.

“Can you fight for daddeh? Can you do it for daddeh? Teach that munstah to stay away from daddeh, and i will give you a warm house, and toys, and hugs, and a special friend, lots and lots of love, and sketties!”

“Sketties, weally?! Pwomisse?!Be nyu daddeh an gif aww wuv, and hugs, and toises to fwuffy?!” - He said after gasping aloud, eyes full of hope, pain apparently left aside.

“Yes! I promise! If you give the munstah forever sleepies daddeh will even give you a name! Your own name!” - I said pumping him up, and that seemed to be the motivation he needed.

“Fwuffy gud fwuffy fo daddeh!” - He looked at Bast, making what i think was the equivalent of a fluffy angry face while puffing his cheeks, a silly thing that almost made me laugh -

He stomped the ground with his hooves, and charged head first into Bast direction.


I gotta give credit for the little guy, i don’t know if he was so desperate for all i promised, or if it was his survival instinct kicking in after he tried fighting back, but he lasted some good ten minutes against Bast. She dodged pretty much everything he tried, but man did the little guy try.

After he missed his initial charge, he tried biting her, after that he tried kicking her with his back legs. He noticed she dodged and quickly turned around, stood into his back legs, trying to crush her with his front hooves. He missed, got clawed, screamed, but tried to bite her again. When that failed and he got bited on the nose, he fought back trying to give her sorry poopies, he even got some out of his ass, i was sure it was already empty, but no, a little stream came out, nothing near the devastation he left behind while running away in fear, but hey, he tried; a shame Bast used his failure to claw his already destroyed ball sack again, that made the little guy scream so loud my ears hurt a little.

He was down after that, back on the floor chirping, but he looked at me and i told him to get up, he could do it, he could defeat the munstah! And he got back up again after crying some more, puffing his cheeks and doing his goddamn best to fight back, always screaming it was for daddeh.

Bast seemed as happy as a kid in the middle of a carnival! I would cheer for the fluffy every time he tried hitting her, giving him more and more confidence, saying how proud i was cause he was fighting for daddeh, promising everything a Fluffy could wish if he was able to give the munstah forever sleepies; and the grand finale came when Bast let he hit one of his kicks, just one, and rolled away, moaning pretting to be hurt, staying on the floor as he looked at her dumbfounded.

“YOU GOT HER, FLUFFY! NOW GIVE HER FOREVER SLEEPIES!” - I screamed to the Fluffy, and he charged at her, raising his front hooves again, and Bast quickly pounced at his chest, making he hit the floor hard and wave his legs around screaming that he was facing the wrong way and his legs were not working.

“DADDEH PWEASE HEWP FLUFFY! HEDDIES NU WOWK!” - He screamed in desperation as Bast approached him.

“You can do it Fluffy! Don’t give up! You can do it! Puff your cheeks to make her go away! Show her that you’re a big strong Fluffy!”

She stood in front of him, grinning as he puffed his cheeks in defiance, blowing a raspberry at her.

“STUPID UGLY POOPI MUNSTAH! FWUFFY GIF YOU FOWEVAH SWEEPIES! FO DA…” - She bited him on the throat, i could see she putted all her strength on that bite, going deeper and deeper with her fangs as a crushing sound filled the air. The Fluffy eyes bulged out in disbelief, life slowly fading from them, and a gurgling sound came out of his mouth as he farted, probably would have shitted himself if he had any shit left. He stretched his front hooves in my direction one last time, a useless and weak desperate attempt to receive help or some comfort, and Bast violently jolted her head to the side, making a loud “CRACK” come from the Fluffy neck. His eyes completely holled to the back of his head, letting only the white visible, and he stretched all his hooves into the air, going limp some seconds after as life finally left his body.

She keepeth the bite for some extra seconds, and finally released him.

“He’s my father, you piece of shit!” - She hissed after making sure he was dead, and i approached them.

“Well, he’s as dead as it can be” - I said scratching her head - “Good job Bast.”

She looked at me, seeming to be proud of herself, and dragged the body to my feets.

“You get the first bite, as promised” - She said looking to me, eyes full of expectation.


‘Oh jesus fuck, why?!’ - I thought looking at her, and crouched looking at the carcass.

“You’re the one that always eat them, what part do you suggest i go for first?” - I asked her, and her face lighted up with happiness.

“Their fluff can be a problem so avoid the parts where it’s thicker, like the scuff, the neck, and the chest. But the skin is really soft, once you pass the fur it’s easy to open it, and their meat is tender and sweet, so biting the belly is best because it have a great concentration of fat and meat.” - She said hitting the fluffys belly with her right paw - “I hate getting close to their behind, cause there's always old shit crumbs on the fur around there, and i have to be really careful to not bite into their entrails and get shit on my mouth, yuck!”

“The eyes are really good too! They pop inside your mouth!” - She said giggling - “Oh! And there’s the tongue! The tongue is a little hard to bit down, but its inside is soft, it have a unique feel to it.”

“I also like to eat the hearth, it's the hardest organ they have, but it's soooooo good! Their liver also tastes good, but not the stomach, i didn't like the stomach, or their lungs, it was terrible to bite and had a horrible taste!” - She said with a disgusted look on her face - “Er… and… OH! Oh yeah! The brain!”

“The brain?!”

“Yeah! The brain is also pretty good!” - She said hitting the fluffy head - “It’s hard to reach because you have to open the cranium, but it’s not impossible, their bones aren't that hard to tell the truth. The Earthy ones are sturdier, with the Unicorns coming right after them, and the Pegasus are the easiest to pry open.”

I was nodding with my head my head as she talked, trying to figure out the best wait to get out of the situation i got myself into, and decided to go for the tongue. I had eaten cow tongue on the past, it was cooked and stuffed with bacon, tasted great actually; i was hoping the raw thing texture wasn’t very different.

I was going to tell her i had decided, when i remembered something i read on the forums and apostille. Fluffys groomed themselves, just like felines, sometimes they would even groom other fluffys, herds even had caretaker mares for this sole purpose, to help a pregnant mare move around and groom her with their tongues to keep her clean because she was unable to do it herself. I looked again at the Fluffy, disgust filling my mind as visions of him licking his dick or his feces assaulted me, and i shook my head thinking about another part to aim for.

‘If you became a litle girlie after all this time, aim for the safest parts, go for the heart if you’re having second guesses about it’ - My mind said as i looked at the carcass.

“That might work” - I said pulling my hunting knife from my pocked, and crouched beside the carcass. Bast’s eyes widening as i unsheathed the knife and approached it to the Fluffy anus.

‘No my man, that’s not how you do it’ - My mind protested as i positioned the tip of the knife over the Fluffy anus, and was almost shoving it inside to make a single cut from his anus to his throat - “If you shove the knife inside the anus, you get it covered in feces, making it useless to open up the meat, the idea is avoiding the bacteria that is present in the feces to spread to the meat, not making their job easier.’

‘Here, it seems you’re a little rusty, let us help you with that’

A feeling of nostalgia took a hold of me as my hands seemed to work on their own. I tried making a small incision above the anus, just big enough so i could cut around the penis and it’s scrotum and clear the path to open the base of the belly, but i was surprised by how much fluff there was. I needed to clear some of the fluff before i reached the Fluffy body, and a little smile took hold of my face as i finally made my incision and removed the little penis and what Bastet left of the scrotum after attacking it twice.

‘There's almost no resistance’ - I thought after spreading the fluffy hinder legs and making an incision just above the removed penis, having to be carefull with the knife so i wouldn't go too deep, i would easily punctuate the fluffy entrails if i was not careful.

I stuck one finger inside the incision, pulling up the hide and placing the knife inside it, cutting him from above the anus to the throat in almost one fell swoop, passing the ribcage with no problem at all.

‘If only the deers were so easy!’ - I thought cutting his esophagus, and moved to his diaphragm, which was also removed with ease, i spreaded the ribs a little, looking at the organs in front of me. Their anatomy was not very distant from that of a deer; there was no way to deny their stomachs and intestines where big, taking hold of most of the Fluffy body, and there was a lot of muscles around the intestines, kinda explained how they could make the sorry poopies go so far and hold so much shit. The lungs were also big, small heart, liver and kidney, and i was tempted to see the brain; this was my first time opening a fluffy and i was being consumed by curiosity.

I cutted out the heart, popping it inside my mouth without even thinking, and started munching it as i was humming to myself. I cutted the liver and present it to Bast, giving her a wink as i could see a smile going from ear to ear on her face, and her eyes were full of wonder. I raised the Fluffy carcass with my left hand, gravity making most of my job before i could get my right hand inside him and scoop everything out, the tissue giving little resistance as i did it, and i had a pretty empty carcass on my hands after a minute.

‘Well, we can try and skin it, but we don't believe there's much you can do with this hide, the little lady sure had her fun while killing him. Skinning him would be too much work for little results, maybe you should teach her about a clean kill so you can use the hide next time you both go out for hunting” - My mind said as i put the fluffy carcass down, opened belly to the ground so the blood would leak out, and i was nodding in agreement.

“Wow Dad! Where did you learn to do this?” - Bast asked me with her eyes sparkling -
“That’s AWESOME!”

“Ah come on, it’s nothing much, just some tricks i…” - I started saying, but stopped mid sentence. Just some tricks i what? What the fuck was i talking about? How the fuck did i knew how to open and clean an animal like i just did?

‘Let it come back to you’ - My mind said, as a deep feeling of dread took a hold of me, making me shake my head with force.

“NO!” - I shouted, making Bast jump scared, looking at me with concern.

“Dad, what’s wrong?”

“I… i… i forgot to take the kidney out for you, it must be amidst the entrails now, sorry” - I lied trying my best to look upset with myself, and she seemed to buy it.

“It’s no problem dad, we still have all the meat!” - She said coming closer to the body - “Can we eat it now?”

“Sure, sure!” - I said turning the fluffy belly up, letting her indulge herself to the meat, bitting as much meat as she could with voracity.

‘You can’t deny us forever, Vlad’ - My mind said as i looked at Bast, and i shook my head trying to make the voices go away.

“More?” - She asked me after indulging herself to the fluffy meat for some time, and i declined, telling her i was satisfied for now, she could go ahead and have her fill.

I’ve never seen the little girl eat something with such enthusiasm as i was seeing her eating that fluffy meat, and looking at how she was ripping everything apart my initial idea of saving some of the meat was cast aside, no way she was going to left too much of the meat behind, he wasn't that big or fat of a fluffy to begin with.

I sat on the ground, and she dragged the carcass closer to me, laying down and eating with a smile. The air was filled by the smell of blood and the sounds of Bast ripping flesh and snapping bones.

A strange calm took hold of me while i waited for her to be finished. It didn't seemed wrong, all of what we had just done. It felt natural, it felt right, there was even a faint sensation of nostalgia on the back of my head. Why? Why was i feeling so good with what we had just done? And at the same time, why was i so afraid after hearing the voices telling me to let something come to me?

I stretched my right hand to Bast, petting her as she ripped the fluffy meat, and she started purring. I stayed there, petting Bast for some time, trying to understand what my mind meant, and why i was so afraid, but nothing came to me. I stood after some time, and looked at the carcass. There was nothing i could use it for, maybe i could take it to the cabin for Bast to eat what was left of the meat, but i decided against it, the Fluffys would probably freak with the smell of blood.

“Do you think you can bury what is left of him, honey?” - I asked Bast motioning to the carcass and the entrails, and she agreed with a smile - “I’m going to the river to get clean, ok? Be right back.”

I walked to the river and cleaned myself while Bast dug the hole, feeling the cold water making the point of my fingers go numb, and no matter how much i tried to not think about the voice statement, i would keep going back to it. Just what the hell was i so afraid of?
It took Bast half an hour to bury the carcass, and as we walked in the direction to the cabin i stooped, got her on my arms, raising her to be at eye level with me, and looked inside her eyes.

“They can never know. This is our secret.” - I said serious, and she agreed.

“When we arrive at the cabin, go to our room and clean yourself, don’t walk around their bed still smelling like Fluffy blood, their sense of smell is pretty good.” - I said putting she on the ground, and like i asked, first thing she did as we entered the cabin was go straight to our bedroom, ignoring the chirping foals.

I went to the kitchen, washing my hands with soap as best as i could, and after that i got the iron pot, going to the living room and putting it on the fireplace after throwing some more wood inside it so i could start the routine of cleaning and feeding the Fluffys.

The Pegasus was the first to stretch her hooves on my direction, happily screaming ‘Daddeh’ and i told her to wait a little cause i needed to clean her first. I looked at her brothers as they came to the border of the cardboard box, all sitting straight up and also stretching their hooves in my direction, and the Unicorn was the first to surprise me.

“MILKIES!” - It screamed, and was imitated by the two Earthys. Funny thing was that the biggest Earthy repeated it fast and without any problem, but the smaller one said: “Mi..Miiiiiiiillllllllllkies!” and happily chirped as i scratched him behind his ears after doing the same to his brothers.

Just like the Pegasus, their voice seemed incredible artificial and wrong. There was no difference on their voices. Hearing the Unicorn speaking was the same as hearing the two Earthys speaking. Maybe it would get some personality of it’s on as they grew older? Maybe Hasbio didn't had time to give each and every fluffy its own voice so the only thing different on it was their gender? I don't know, but it sure as hell bothered me.

“Daddeh! Daddeh!” - The Pegasus screamed as i got her out of the cardboard box, ready to start her cleaning, and she cooed as loud as she could, hugging my thumb with all the strenght her little body was able to produce.

I got the Fluffys cleaned and fed, fixed something for me to eat, and was out the cabin, focused on finishing the deck roof and starting the work on the tool shed. I finished the roof in the middle of the afternoon, and got inside the cabin, wanting to eat something before i moved to the tool shed building.

‘It would be wiser to paint the deck with waterproof sealer before going to the tool shed. It can start snowing anytime now’ - My mind said as i was looking at the wood to use on the tool shed, and i sighed, getting the paint and the brush.

I was able to fully paint the roof and the columns before night came, and i would need to give them a second hand of paint before going for the deck floor. I would need to get out of the cabin by a window after painting the deck floor, last thing i needed was to paint everything and ruin the work myself.

I got back inside the cabin, and started the routine of cleaning and feeding the foals for the second time and fixing myself and Bast something to eat. I was sitting beside the foals bed, looking at them on their fluffpile while eating some canned chicken soup while Bast ate some cat food next to me, and the Pegasus looked at me, stretching her hooves in my direction after sitting.

“Daddeh!” - It said, shaking her hooves to me, and just to indulge her i got her out of the cardboard box. As i was lowering her into my lap she looked at Bast, and let out a scared chirp.

“There, there girl, Bast is not going to hurt you” - I said petting her as she kept her eyes at Bast, who was ignoring her and fixated on her food.

The Pegasus stayed on my lap for some time, never looking away from Bast, and as soon as Bast finished her meal, laying on the floor in front of us and started grooming herself, the Pegasus once again was able to surprise me.

She started walking in Bast’s direction, and stopped atop my right knee, looking down and chirping in frustration. I got her with my right hand, and put her on the floor, curious about what was going to happen.

She looked at me, happily said “Daddeh”, and resumed her walking. Bast finally noticed the Pegasus approaching her, and the Pegasus stopped moving as her eyes met Bast’s eyes. They stood in silence for some seconds, and the Pegasus emitted a shy chirp, walking to Bast one step at a time.

“Dad… what is she doing?” - Bast asked me the closer the Pegasus got to her.

“Beats me… but don't hurt her, ok?” - I said wishing with all my strength that the Pegasus wasn't doing all that just to shit on Bast and get her really pissed off.

The Pegasus finally got so close to Bast she could touch her, and i was trying to figure out what that little thing was trying to achieve. She was as big as one of Bast`s paw, a little fragile thing that Bast could break with a single strike, so why did she decide to go to Bast? Wasn't she afraid? Well, she sure as hell was shaking, so i could bet she was afraid, yet, what drove her to get so close to Bast?

She got closer to Bast, and hugged her right paw, chirping and closing her eyes. I could see her tiny form shaking as she chirped with more strength, and i swear the expression on Bast’s face was priceless.

If anyone could picture the expression of pure surprise and unbelief it would be what was on Bast’s face right now. She was at a complete loss, she looked at the foal, looked at me, back to the foal, and back to me, eyes widened in a silent expression of ‘wtf?!’ all the time.

“wu...wu...wu…” - The Pegasus stuttered, and Bast expression got even more confused.


“WUV! WUV! WUV! WUV!” - The Pegasus started screaming, and Bast went nuts.

“What the hell is she trying to say?! Get her off me! She’s freaking me out!” - She almost screamed looking at me, and i scooped the Pegasus while laughing.

“She just said she loves you.” - I said as the Pegasus kept repeating ‘wuv’, stretching her front hooves in Bast direction.

Bast looked at her with a puzzled expression, that became enraged.

“Love?! She doesn't even know me! She can’t even talk! Why the hell would she say that? Is she trying to trick me?! Is she making fun of me?!” - She said visibly upset, and the foal started crying, big fat tears rolling from her tiny pink eyes as Bast grew more and more angry as she kept saying ‘wuv’ and reaching out for Bast.

“Bast, calm down” - I said scratching her head with my left hand - “Fluffys are not like humans, and not even close to you. They have a simpler way of seeing the world. She’d not trying to trick you, i doubt a Fluffy would ever be able to do that. She’s saying she loves you because she indeed loves you, they love everything, that’s how they were programed to be.”

“But… but… it makes no sense! You told me that love is important, it’s something we only feel for those that are really, really, important to us, every time you read about love you get sad, and every time i asked you about love you told me only a few lucky people get to feel it in their entire lives. Why is she saying she loves me? This makes no sense! Why can she love?!” - She said at a loss, and the Pegasus was now screaming ‘wuv’ while trying to reach Bast.

“Look, you see this? See how much she’s crying cause you got mad?” - I said lowering the
Pegasus so she would be on eye level with Bast, and she walked to the tip of my fingers, trying her best to reach Bast face, flapping her useless wings in a useless and desperate attempt to fly to Bast - “Fluffys need love, they crave love, they love everything and everyone, they were made to love. They are not like you and me, Bast. Their minds don't work the same way as ours, they only know what they were programed to know. That’s why people call them biotoys, thats why people cant see them as living beings but only as man made things.”

“Her love for you, even if it’s just a programed love, even if doesn't make sense to us, is real to her.” - I said putting the Pegasus on the floor, and she runned to Bast, hugging her paw again while sobbing and hiccuping, saying ‘wuv’ whenever she was able to - “I don't know why, but it seems she loves you, and is trying her damn best to show it to you, hugging you even if she’s shaking in fear. Do you think you can reciprocate?”

Bast looked to the Pegasus completely lost, and looked at me as if expecting for some help. I kept looking at her, we never really got to talk too much about love, only times we did was when i was reading to her or playing a game and the subject would come up. Love… love was an alien feeling to me too. I never felt love, all i knew growing up was fear, respect, hate, disgust, sadness… love? Love always seemed like something exclusive for books, games, movies and other people. I believe i love Bast, i really do, even if i was never able to say it to her, even if she also haven’t ever said that to me. But now, now there were beings on our lives that would blabber about love all the time. How would she react?

“I… i… i don’t know…” - She confessed, really at a loss, and seemed to muster all her courage to keep talking - “I… i lo… love you, Dad. But i don't love this things… what do i do?”

“I… i also love you, Bastet” - I said scratching her head - “And it’s ok if you can’t love them now. Love takes time, just try to give them a chance, ok?”

“I… i… i will try, for you... for you i will try” - She said looking at the Pegasus, but didn’t made any movement to try and hug the Pegasus back or show kindness to her.

“Thanks honey” - I said getting the Pegasus, putting her back at the cardboard box and getting up, being followed by Bast as i went out and started painting the deck floor.

I painted half of the deck floor before night came, and i got back inside the cabin through one of the living room windows. I fed and cleaned the foals again, listening the males excited voices saying “Milkies!” and the Pegasus said “Wuv Daddeh!” after i fed her, making me smile while Bast rolled her eyes and sighed. I put the foals to sleep, fixed myself and Bast some food, got ready for bed, and went for a early night, drifting to sleep while scratching Bast under her chin, listening to her soft purr and smiling.


You did it! You did it! The monster know you love her, and she didn’t hurt you! Maybe she loves you back! You never felt so happy before, maybe you all can live happy together, and give hugs to each other! You know that as soon as your leggies can let you run you will give the monster the best huggies evah!


Maybe… maybe you don’t have to kill them all… maybe you can leave them alive to make your dad happy. Maybe you can learn something about ‘love’ if you let them live.

You… you told your Dad you love him, and he told you he loves you too… you can’t remember ever feeling so happy in your life, it was hard to hide it, if the bi… the thing, was not hugging your paw you were sure you’d have jumped into your Dad arms and kissed him as much as you could.

Maybe… maybe they weren’t so bad after all.


“This way hewd, Smawty smeww nummies!”
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Dhylec: Sorry for the long time out on the Abyss, traveling around the country to visit family for the holidays and haven't got too much time for writing, had to format everything on the chrome book and it came kinda strange, sorry for that. Will do my best to upload faster as soon as we stop being on the road. Thanks for you patience and hope you all enjoy the reading

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kidsniffer: This is gonna sound retarded but, how do I post text on an iPhone? Also, awesome story. You've inspired me to write one.

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Dhylec: @kidsniffer: Kidsniffer, thanks for the support and glad to hear i inspired you, once your story is done please post it and lemme know, i'd love to read it.
On posting on the iphone, i don't have one myself, but i believe you can do the same i do if i need to post something while having no other option besides my phone. I log on google docs using chrome, or another browser, type the text (yeah it can be hell to type on the phone) download it as a no format doc (.txt), log on the booru using the browser and post the .txt that i dowloaded to my phone.
Hope it works for you.

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kidsniffer: @Dhylec: righteous, thanks man. I'll hit you up.

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boogeymansam: That herd is gonna get fucked up. I'm so excited.
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Anonymous1: Dhylec, you are something else on this site. Genius maybe even. Thank you for your work!

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Dirtbiker989: Smarty smells nummies, but I smell a hungry puffin who's about to have some real trust issues with Fluffies.
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Anonymous2: It's nice to see that Bast is growing and is developing from her edgy teen stage. Also when I first opened this I though it was going to be a a chore to read through but you spaced most of it out nicely so it was pleasant and easy to read.
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Anonymous3: Wow this is taking a interesting twist, really like the psychology part of this story, how Vlad functions, the experiment and the combination of the two in Bastet.

And no worries man, take your time, u'r doing a great job! Quality before quantity any day :)

And I must ask: are you a hunter as well in real life? "Vlad" really know how to take care of the carcass.
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Inb4U: @Anonymous:Forgot to log in

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Dhylec: @Inb4U: I'm glad the tale is able to get you interested, and thanks for the awesome support.
Unfortunately i'm not a hunter, godness know i'd love to be one, but in brasil we aren't allowed to hunt, we cant even carry a gun (you can have one, but you can only carry inside your house and to a shooting range, never getting it of your car while going to the shooting range, and believe me, if you shoot a trespasser you're stepping into a living hell as our law sees that as 'abuse of power' and not self defense...), so all the details for this chapter, and future ones, involving hunting are from research i did before writing about the subject.
Are you a hunter my friend? I'd love to get some tips from someone that lived the hunt instead of reliving only on my research.
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Inb4U: @Dhylec: Eeyup! I'm a hunter here in Sweden so we have the same gun laws.
Write me a PM and I can answer all your questions, allthough you have done your research really well!
The way you described how to take care of the animal is almost the same way as I do it irl, but you know i have a big fucking moose at 450kg so you cant really pry open the ribbcage and rip everything out as you can do with fluffys ;)
I also think your anatomy of the fluffys are quite real with big lungs, small kidneys and so on
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Anonymous4: @Dhylec: the fuck good is it if you can have it in your house but if you use it to defend yourself, you get fucked over?
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Anonymous5(4): i feel like I've missed a few sections... Perhaps I should go back a few chapters. Also, why does the cat talk?
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Anonymous6(4): @Anonymous: NEVERMIND, turns out I didnt read any of the other ones

Very very interdasting.

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Dhylec: @Anonymous: it's only good for our government cause you have ti oay a tax for the gun and carring license every year ;), brasilian government fucking you up and sucking away your money every way they can.
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Anonymous7: Honestly, at first I thought this was going to be a half-baked abuse story, but holy fucking shit I didn't expect to become so emotionally involved in this plot.
Also as a sidenote your English leaves me a bit confused sometimes. Your mistakes are basically not using the correct past tense of irregular verbs (ex. Writing 'bitted' instead of 'bit'), and a few other mistakes. Other than that you are actually quite good. Seriously, only a few tales on the booru could do this. Keep up the good work!

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Browniest_of_Poopies: oh man.... so much in this episode... so much to happen!!!!

Vlad mind is another personality, or a pack of them! Awesome. That scene with the doc was pure gold, and i was picturing it on my mind... a man that tall with only one expression: death.

I really like this story, still have a backward feeling for bastest, but looks like she is changing, even admiting that "they are not so bad" is a big thing for the girl.

Keep the good work man! Even if your chapters are a text wall, they are never hard or boring. I just miss the little girl from the city.
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GreatFieryDongoOfDoom: Dang this is a really good story. As much as I think ResidentEvilish part overcomplicate things, I think overall it's really one of best stories I've read here. Good enough to forget murderborner and follow the story itself rather than expecting torture porn. Good job.

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Ramennoodles: first of all, nice series m8, been very interested in them, but i dont like where this is going, Bast is going to finally break and accept the little fuckers? no good man, but that herd shit will probs make it interesting, i hope deep down that Bast ends up killing every fluffy in sight.
Keep up the good work
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