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The New Roommate 2

Luna Wright stood outside the apartment, with her beat-up suitcase by her feet. She kept checking her phone, scrolling back over into the message section to damn-near compulsively read over her text from her future roommate.

"I should be getting off work around 2:30 today. I'll be there to let you in and get settled. -Alex"

Luna then glanced at the time on her phone.

"3:01..." she sighed,

There was a loud banging of rafter metal, followed by glass breaking and loud screaming in the parking lot outside. It was high-pitched, making it hard to tell it was a girl or a fluffy screaming. However, Luna rushed down the stairs, phone in hand and ready to dial 911 in case of an emergency. What she had run into was something she was not expecting.

"DUMMEH MAWE AM UGWEE TOO!" a Blue stallion screamed at a sobbing pink mare,

The mare was in bad shape, missing big patches of fluff while exposing her sickly pink rat flesh, riddled with bite marks. Her hooves were scabbed, showing she must have been traveled a fair distance(possibly from the upscale neighborhood on the other side of town). The mare's stomach was also bloated, indicating she was likely pregnant and would soon be giving birth. The mare continues to sob, begging for the torture to stop.

"Pwease nu huwt Stwawbewwy Spwash! Amm soon mummah! Huuhuuhuu..."

She sobbed, hiding under her hooves as the other two stallions bite into her fluff, tearing it out clump by clump with their dull teeth. They then turn around, raising their tails as their little cheeks puffed. Each fluffy began to bombard the strawberry mare with wattery shit, staining whatever part of her fluff remained into nasty brown. As the mare continued sobbing, the biggest fluffy(roughly the size of a terrier) of the herd waddled up, raising his hoof over her head.

"Smawty gib ugwee dummeh mawe foweveh sweepies!"

However, before he can stomp her, he is side-winded by Luna's sneaker. As the smarty is comforted by his toughies, Luna kneels over the battered mare. The mare sniffled, looking up to Luna's soft green eyes in awe that she finally had a saviour.

"N-nice wady?"

"Come with me, I'll get you cleaned up and fed." Luna offered, but heard a (rather soft) pounding into the cement. It was the smarty, having barely managed to roll back onto his feet. He clearly was not happy...

"Dat mawe am dummeh and ou awe dummeh fow sabing ugwee dummeh!"

"Look...I dunno whats going on between you and this mare, but you and your gang need to back off now before you get hurt!" Luna warned, but the smarty seemed undeterred from his opinion. He simply puffed out his cheeks, taking an agressive canine stance in an attempt to scare Luna into submission. However, all that buildup and he sent his two toughies to harm Luna.

"DUMMEH HOOMIN!!!" the toughies grunted, punting Luna's shoes with their marshmallow hooves, leaving nothing more than a heart-shaped dirt print with the Hasbio logo on it.

The toughies kept punting, as the Smarty tried to sneak back over to the battered mare. Luna noticed, and reluctantly kicked away the two toughies, sending them tumbling into the garbage they had knocked over in their earlier scuffle with the mare. The toughies roll in place, sobbing and trying to hug their now-dislocated hooves and cracked ribs(or side huwties, as one of them called it). She then turned to the smarty, and swatted him away with her purse, shoving him into the dumpster with a soft CRACK. The smarty lays in the filthy dumpster water, sobbing loudly while now addressing Luna as a "Munstah wady". Luna then bends over, looking for something to put the mare in. The only thing she could find was an old ramen 12-pack box. She looks the mare in the eyes,

"I'm gonna have to ask you to trust me...but I need you to get in the box so I can take you home."

The mare nods, shivering as she climbs into the box. Strawberry splash hated the box, but now trusted Luna enough to set her fear of the sorry box aside as she is lifted up, and carried upstairs back in front of the apartment.

Five minutes later, the sound of gravel crunching under the weight of tires can be heard in the parking lot nearby. With the clicking and then the soft slam of the door, a man in an exterminator jumpsuit begins to walk toward the stairs. The man was tanned, with sandy blonde hair, probably in his mid-twenties.

"You the new girl?"

Luna nodded, smiling as Alex looked down to Strawberry splash. Strawberry splash looked up, smiling with some hope.

"Nyu daddeh?"

"You didn't say anything about a fucking shitrat."

Alex's reaction was enough to cause the mare to start sobbing. Luna sighed,

"There was a smarty and two other fluffies harassing this mare. I just saved her from being curb-stomped..."

Alex lifted up the box, causing the mare to look up in excitement, with her ears perking up.

"Yay, upsies!"

He started walking, ignoring the baby babble as Luna raised a brow, following behind until Alex stops at the stairs.

"Nyu daddeh and mummah gib sketties and toysies and wots of hugg..." Before she could finish, Alex flipped over the old ramen box, dumping Strawberry splash from it and onto the concrete stairs, where her bloated stomach caused her to bounce down, painfully hitting each step as the sound of fluffy bones can be heard cracking and crunching. The mare screed, until her jaw busted, leaving it muffled until she finally lands at the bottom. Luna was horrified, looking to the unfazed Alex as if to say something, but she rushed to the mare, who was a mangled mess of flesh and bone. Strawberry splash tried to talk to Luna, unable to do more than moan in agony. Just then, Alex made his way down, and pulled out a can of Flufficide, spraying the dying mare in the face. Deep inside, the chemicals were scorching her lungs and airways, making breathing even more difficult. A soft "PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFRT" can be heard, meaning that the foals were being born. Alex took the box, leaving it behind Strawberry splash so the foals can be plopped in.

"Just so you know, the landlord has strict anti-fluffy rules. If you're caught trying to help fluffies on the apartment grounds, then you lose your deposit."

Some of the foals didn't make it due to premature birth, and the foals that did were chirping weakly, reaching blindly for miwkies they will never get. They would go into the dumpster with the rest of the crippled fluffies he found when he got home.

For the time being, Luna had to get settled in.
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CalifornianCuller: Here we meet Luna Wright, Alex's new roommate that arrived to find a mare in danger. :3

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Dirtbiker989: Wow, Luna and Strawberry just got SHUT THE FUCK DOWN. I don't think there's a better way to say it. Luna saved Strawberry, only to have Alex throw her down the stairs in silence, all while Luna watched. That's gold.
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Anonymous1: Alex is a fucking bitch die in hell you piece of shit.RIP strawberry splash all she wanted was a loving home

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CalifornianCuller: @Anonymous: MLG for weeds Mountain dew HEADSHOT 360 noscope.
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Anonymous2: N O C H I L L S T O N E C O L D S A V A G E

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CalifornianCuller: @Anonymous: Stone Cold Steve Austin is the best xD
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Anonymous3: Isn't anyone thinking about the poor miwkies with no babbehs to think of them??
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Anonymous4: Aces mate. You hit the mare with a giant "Fuck you." 999/10
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Anonymous5(3): My only complaint is that there wasn't John Cena waiting to slam Strawberry at the bottom of the stairs.

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Budgie_Smuggler: I love the inclusion of the Hasbio logo in the fluffies' hoofprints. It really drives the meaningless of their existence home.
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Anonymous6: And then they fucked
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Anonymous7(3): @Anonymous: Natback,is that you?
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Anonymous8: @Anonymous: Actually John Cena let loves animals.
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