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Author's note:
From the comments on the last story, I'm going to be making a start on going down Dhylec's route, and I'm trying to address some critiscmism's in this part, so sorry for lengthyness. Also, this installment makes this the longest series I've written thus far.
Kate Pt 4

>The alarm rings.
>Still me
>Open my eyes, see the sun through the window.
>I threw off the covers, and swung my legs around.
>Bringing my head down, eyes coming to rest on my palms.
>I started rubbing my eyes, gradually massaging the bleariness out.
>finally, I look up, expecting to see the wall.
>Oh yeah. Kate's here.
>gonna have to be quiet, don't want to wake her.
>slowly walk over to her.
>she actually looks incredibly peaceful.
>obviously I didn't know the full extent of her torture, but from the brief descriptions, It sounded like some sadist turned it up to 1000
>Finally, I make my way over to the door. Gotta take a shower, and continue my caffeine addiction.
>I make my way to the upstairs bath room, unlocking the kitchen door on my way up.
>As I am about to step into the shower, I notice the blue hairs scattered about haphazardly.
>"Shit, gonna have to clean this later..."
>I then move across the corridor to the master bedroom, and go into it's bathroom.
>On the off chance Miles came to stay here, he used this as his harem room.
>Often choked full of the whores that follow Pat's players around after wins.
>"Fuck it" I think, he probably won't be coming back for a while, what with the Patriots playing a tournament in England.
>I open the ensuite, and step in the cubical.
>The warm water running down my body, cleansing any last bits of tiredness from my body.
>fucking Godly.
>Finally, coming out, I use the toothepaste from my laundry bag, to whiten up my teeth.
>General cleanliness helped me ingratiate myself with the townsfolk.
>Generous tips often came my way after that.
>After this, I went down to fetch some clothes.
>Stopping in the kitchen to take out a cofee pod, and stick it in the machine.
>Finally, I returned to my humble basement, walking over to the closet, and opening it with a swooshing sound.
>The same as usual: polo shirt with nametag and logo on it, jeans, some expendable white socks, and a cheap pair of trainers.
>generally putting on my personable self helped, but some clothes aren't found in closets.
>pausing, I take out a Guns n Roses T shirt, and some baggy shorts I had lying about.
>Not much, but about as gender neutral clothing as I could get without being ridiculed, or red flag-ish.
>I then went up to the kitchen and got some cereal.
>huh, seems we're almost out, gonna have to go shopping after work.
>I sat down at the table, and took out my phone, usual shit
>unread messages(156)
>Fuckers been up all night on the summoning chat...
>wait, people were still using that?
>you shrugged, unlocked your phone, and moved to the exit chat button.
>suddenely, you feel a warm hand on your shoulder
>"Hi, the cereal is over there..." you say, pointing in the general direction of the fruitloops.
>Certainly she understands the concept of clothes.
>"Don't mention it." She goes off, and looks inside the box, peering into it, and sniffing it.
>"Look let me do it." You get up, and take a bowl from a cupboard, and set it down in front of the box.
>"And then, you just pour it in." tipping the last bits of cereal into the porcelain bowl.
>"Sowee... T-tankoo agin..." she replies timidly, her right hand clasped onto her left forearm, like she was expecting me to blind side her.
>"It's Okay you can relax, I'm not gonna hurt you. Hell I'm probably not even gonna return you to your rightful owner."
>"Thank you, Thank you so much..." she said running over to me, stopping and looking at me curiously.
>She continued over to me, hugging me, feeling some more tears run down her cheek.
>After some amount of time, and a good deal of crying on her part, she finally let go
>"Don't mention it." I go back to exiting and deleting this stupid college chat.
>with a couple of taps and swipes, I navigated over to snapchat.
>stories were all crap, some shitty videos of event's that barely even warented an exhilation of air.
>the others stupid jokes only understood by small cliques of friends.
>Finally, I get up, and Say
>"Well, I'm off for work, I need to show you some rules though. Okay?"
>"Uhhhm... Otay.." Her right hand again clasped around her arm.
>It actually looked kinda cute, not gonna lie.
>"Okay, First off: If you see any feral fluffies in the yard" I helpfully pointed to the 'garden'
>"take the BBGun from downstairs."
>"You can shoot them, but you aren't obligated to."
>"Frankly I don't care what you do to them, as long as you don't do it in the house. Also, as long as they never comeback."
>"Secondly, If anyone comes knocking, you were a gift from my Brother, at Sun Biosystems. Nothing more. Nothing less"
>"Okay..." she said, in a much less quivering tone.
>"Oh, and don't leave the house, there is some bread in the Fridge, So I guess you can have that for meals, since we ran out of most food yesterday."
>I walk out, locking the door behind me, and remembered last night, when I saw her admiring herself in the mirror.
>Fuck, that was the most perfect ass...



>"Fucking, Bryan. Holy shit, Leave it to kids in the middle of butt fuck nowhere to doze off in the middle of quadratics."
>Today was pretty shit. Bryan, Being the Idiot that he was, had used valuable math tution time to sleep.
>Plus it was while he was explaining imaginary numbers.
>"Leave it to a teenager to make a valuable aside, and then sleep through it, had to explain that shit twice!" you continue grumbling, pushing a trolly down an Isle.
>"Yup, Lucky charms, Fruit loops, what else... Oh yes, Bacon and eggs."
>I pulled up to the check out.
>He's that weird prepper, tin foil hat guy who lived on the edge of town.
>He employed a bunch of private contractors to build some sort of fallout shelter.
>I was Hired in for the Wiring and electrical safety.
>I don't seem to remember him having an eyepatch, or having a limp...
>my memory is probably faulty, I suspect
>whatever, more inconseuquential, inane bullshit.
>finally, I gtt home, and begin hauling the groceries to the kitchen.
>I kind of wanted for Katy to greet you, but whatever, you sigh, fantasies and what not.
>Finished unpacking the groceries, you go back to your basement, and begin booting up your computer.
>Suddenly, I heard a sudden, and quite loud
>"SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE" coming in from the shed.
>'Fuck, Katy probably stumbled across my soldering Iron, shit!'
>I Ran upstairs, and Bolted across to the shed, through the garden, My socks getting all muddy.
>I quickly undo the latch, and yank the door open.



>I'm Greeted with Katy pushing a power drill into a fluffy's hoof.
>By the look of it, she had also burned it in some places, the soldering Iron currently jammed down its throat.
>panting, I gasp
>"jesus, you got me worried..."
>she stops drilling
>"Oh yeah, Sorry that I got blood on the shirt, It was a necessary mess."
>"Oh... I just thought..." I trailed off, seeing more bloody remains scattered around the interior of the shed.
>"Did there use to be only this fluffy, or is this part of a herd?"
>"I don't know, maybe you should ask smarty over here," she smirked, finally pulling the soldering Iron out of the creature's mouth.
>It began to break down
>"Huuuu huu, meanie hoomi-fwuff gif wowstest owwies to smawty an make smawty see hewd get wowstest huwties and fowevew sweepies, wowstest heawt huwties, huu..."
>"Thats quite enough" I said, jamming the soldering Iron back down his throat, already sick of it's annoying crying sound, to be met with frantic gurgles of pain.
>After looking around I finally concluded
>"You really got creative huh?"
>"what can I say, shooting them got boring after about the second one..."
>I laughed, christ she was even somewhat witty.
>"Aight, well I'm just gonna be inside preparing dinner, knock when you want to come in."
>"Don't wear that one out! could be a while until we get another."
>That being done, I went back up into the house, making a mental note.
>she clearly preferred to be creative with her abuse.
>I remeber some light weight fluffy abuse I carried out before Phoebe found out.
>ruthlessly efficient.
>Trying to quantify pain.
>I ought to get back into fluffy abuse, I thought...


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pillowManiac: just realised: I started calling her katy in like the last half of the story, Shit pls spare me booru
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pillowManiac: Too all those wondering, and looking for Anthro porn, chances are, I'll be turning her into a fuck toy next part, But i'm not sure as yet
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pillowManiac: @FluffyOverLord: fuckin chill, she got her fair share of abuse in parts 2 and 3
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Anonymous1: Dude, you REALLY have to stop changing the perspective all the time, jesus fuck you jump from first, to second, to third person all the fucking time.

And what the fuck is going on?? I can't understand shit that is going on anymore. She started torturing? Who the fuck is Bryan? What.the.fuck. bro??
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FluffyOverLord: @pillowManiac:
*Inaudible anti-anthro screeching*
Just, Make her die a painful death at the end for keks
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Anonymous2: Is this story gonna be hugbox ? Don't get me wrong, i like your style but i can't stand hugbox (especially anthro-furry love)
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Anonymous3: @FluffyOverLord: @FluffyOverLord: Marty Stu! Marty Stu!
Because that what you two are, you want to author to change their story to please you.

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Howlz_at_the_Moon: The plot has potential, however, you are making the anthro too human. Remember, even though it has more human characteristics that your standard shit rat, it is still a fluffy.
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dylan: I kinda agree with what anon1 said about changing perspective, or atleats give a clear sign of when it's switching characters.

When you say you'll be turning her into a fuck-toy, do you mean pillow her and fuck her till your hearts content, or rape, or like they're friends with benefit s type thing?
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pillowManiac: @dylan: as in usual anthro porn, he gets back from home, she is horny and then they fuck a whole lot, but I might introduce some rape
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dylan: @pillowManiac that sounds good, i like where you're taking this. Buy why the rape?
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pillowManiac: @dylan: There is actually a reason for that, which will be explained in the next one
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dylan: @pillowManiac, OK when do you gonna it will be out?
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