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>Be Pablo
>Your special friend just got the wortest burnie hurties on her special place
>It sounded so scary
>If you had let the human give you hurties would he burn your special lumps?
>You didn't want to think about it
>"Pablo get up."
>You quickly stand up, you make a teeny bit of scaredy pee-pees, fearful that the meanie mister is going to hurt you now
>"Nu huwt Pablo? Mistuh say onwy huwt Annie so nu huwt pabwo wite?"
>"I'm not going to hurt you Pablo, you can go back to your safe place and everything will be okay. If you do as I say."
>"What mistuh want Pabwo to do?"
>This was it! The meanie mister was going to let you and Annie go back to your safe place and be happy again!
>"Remember how Annie promised you special huggies?"
>"Uhhhh, yus?"
>"Fuck her."
>"What hoomin mean?"
>"Give her special huggies."
>What? But you couldn't do that, her special place her burnie hurties.
>"But mistuh, nu can do dat. Annie special pwace haf buwnie huwties and if gif special huggies it huwt Annie and gif Pabwo's special pwace wowstest buwnies!"
>"It won't hurt you Pablo."
>"But it wiww huwt Annie!"
>"If you don't do it I'll just give the both of you forever sleepies."
>You didn't want that, Annie didn't want that either.
>But there had to be another way... right?

>Be Keegan
>This is going to be awesome
>You pull up a chair by the table
>You place Pablo on the table in front of Annie
>"Annie nu wan speciaw huggies! Speciaw pwace am too bu- owie!"
>You punch Annie in the mouth
>"Mistuh, pwase nu make Pabwo do dis... nu wan."
>You raise your fist as if you were going to punch pablo causing him to flinch
>"I'm about to fucking kill you, do it now Pablo!"
>Pablo looks at Annie with tears in his eyes
>"Huuhuuhuuu, so sowwy Annie, need to do dis..."
>"Nu! Pabwo nu! Speciaw pwace am too buwny"
>Slowly, Pablo moves his dick towards Annie's vagina
>"Pabwo! Pabwo nu! SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"
>His dick barely even touched her.
>Pablo thrusts back instantly
>"Nu can do dis, huuuhuuuhuuuuuu."
>"Fuck this."
>You reach for the branding iron
>Like you haven't heard that already
>You heat the branding iron up with the fire, you can hear Pablo crying to himself from the other room
>You walk back inside and flip Pablo on his back
>"Pwease nu huwt Pabwo's speciaw pwace!"
>You say nothing, you press the branding iron against his belly
>You pull it back, and just like last time, charred skin and fluff comes off with the branding iron
>"Owie owie! Tummy huwts tummy huwts! WAN DIE!"
>"You don't get to die yet."
>You press the branding iron against Pablo's belly again
>You pull the branding iron back, you then put Pablo back onto his legs
>"Then do it."
>"Huuhuuhuuu, otay."
>This time Pablo doesn't hesitate, his mounts himself on Annie, much to her protest
>"Pabwo nu! Pwease fow Annie!"
>He thrusts forward
>You hear a crunch sound, not like a bone snapping but like someone walking on ash or leaves
>Annie is going batshit
>Pablo look up at you, once again crying like a little pussy
>"Finish." You tell him
>"What mistuh mean? Aweady gave speciaw huggies!"
>"Keep going until you cu- until the no-no juice comes out."
>Pablo doesn't protest, he knows where that will get him
>He keeps thrusting
>Annie is thrashing violenty, desperatly trying to escape the pain. Good thing you tied down her legs.
>"Huuuhuuuhuuu, no-no juice am coming!"
>Good, good.
>Pablo pulls out, there is still some semen leaking out of Annie
>"Huuhuuhuuu, Pabwo am munstuh, nu wan huwt Annie..."
>"Good job pablo."
>He's crying really hard now
>"Pabwo and Annie can weave now? Can go back to safe pwace and be happy again?"
>"You can, but Annie is staying."
>"But mistuh said-"
>"No, I said YOU could leave. Annie is pregnant and I am going to take care of her babies. Now get the fuck out of my house."
>"Nu weaving without Annie! Pwease mistuh!"
>This pissed you off.
>"Be that way then you little shit."
>You pick up the branding iron and head out of the room
>At the very sight of the tool Pablo shits himself
>You once again heat the iron up using the fire and head back into the room
>"Mistuh Pabwo wiww-"
>You smack Pablo in the face with the iron
>He clutches his now bleeding nose and falls from the table
>You then press the iron against his face
>"Too late for that bitch!"
>You press down even harder
>You press down much harder this time
>Blood and brains spill everywhere
>"Pabwo nuuuuu!" Annie sobs
>Looks like the bitch still had feelings for him
>You exit the room and locate your cat's old food bowl, you then fill the bowl with kibble
>You reenter the room and flip Annie onto her stomach, once again taping her legs down
>"Why gif Pabwo fowevew sweepies?"
>"Pablo was a bad fluffy Annie, now eat up, you have babies coming."

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icepickvasectomy: Kind of nice to have these shorter episodic stories every once in a while.
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Anonymous1: This story is good. I like that Keegan makes it look like it is all Pablo's fault
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Anonymous2: Didn't he stab her in the stomach a bunch of times? Why is she still pregnant?
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Anonymous3: Be annie, witch has a burned up skin that she used to call special place.
"BIGGEST POOPIES", the birth fluids flow thru her, with cause the now cured pussy to be irritaded.
the first foal try to get out, but the flesh just dont let him. MC rips it with a solding iron.
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Anonymous4: Also, it's not safe yet, whether he's just toying with her again or if he seriously believes that, after stabbing her in the belly multiple times and then burning her "special place", there's any chance whatsoever, she's not gonna miscarry (given she can still get pregnant).
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TheDarkestNight: Good, fuck Pablo. Hope Annie and her children suffer.

Also, like Anon2 said, didn't she get stabbed several times?
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Anonymous5: Autherooni here. Explaining all that in the next chapter
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TheDarkestNight: @Anonymous: Cool. I just assumed he stabbed her in ways that wouldn't harm the foals.

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WetFluff: @TheDarkestNight: There you go "assuming" again.. Thinking isn't your strong suit.
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TheDarkestNight: @WetFluff: That's the weakest insult you can muster. Try harder.

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WetFluff: @TheDarkestNight: Its because you are that weak minded it goes over your head.
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TheDarkestNight: @WetFluff: Oh, I knew what you were getting at. That's why I said try harder, you cuck.
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Anonymous6: @TheDarkestNight: why is "cuck" the new cussword of choice on the internet now? most of the time it's not even used properly, you might as well just call him a faggot

or are you one of them redpill alt-right fucksticks, obsessed with arabian dicks fucking your sister?
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Anonymous7: @WetFluff: It's weird that you stalk him.

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WetFluff: @Anonymous: its weird that you care.
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TheDarkestNight: @WetFluff: It's weird.

That's basically it.

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WetFluff: @TheDarkestNight: What weird is your autistic obsession with unfinished projects.. must be OCD.
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TheDarkestNight: @WetFluff: What's weirder is your obsession with me, stalking me wherever I go.

Do you want me to be your nyu daddeh?

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WetFluff: @TheDarkestNight: Suck it up buttercup! This ride never ends.
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Anonymous8: @WetFluff: I wanna get off Mr. Bones Wild Ride.
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TheDarkestNight: @WetFluff: "This ride never ends."

Well, depends on the person.
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Anonymous9(8): @TheDarkestNight: Is that a reference to those dead people.
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TheDarkestNight: @Anonymous: Nope. But I can already tell WetFuck will believe that.

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WetFluff: @TheDarkestNight: I'm in your head son..
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Zephirot: This is exactly what I'd do with fluffies. So damn amusing lol.
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