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Head Games (From the files of Dr. Elias Elmwood)

Part 4

By Deadweight

Log Entry #7016

The data recorded in this log is for highest level Hasbio clearance eyes only.

After months of arduous testing and data processing, the higher ups have finally given the greenlight for a field operation. Over the past couple weeks, Xibalba has trained in conjuction with the micro-swarm and she and Norma have formed quite a bond. In sad news, Subject #118-M, "Marice" has passed away. Marice was the original progenitor and primary breeding mare for the early broods of the swarm. Her contribution to science and the furthering of the feral eradication will not be forgotten. But one must look ahead to the future and today, it is promising. Our field agents have zeroed in on a herd near a construction site. According to data gathered and interviews of locals and construction workers, this herd is lead by an unusual stallion. Under it's guidance, this herd has built defenses and become adept at sneaking into the site undetected to steal food and supplies. This seems like a perfect test of Xibalba and Norma's coordinated efforts.

Scouts are sent out to the location for further information while Xibalba is given a round of booster shots, a full check-up and implanted with a tracking chip. Norma and the swarm recieve similar treatment. Reports come in that the herd is between 45-60 strong. They couldn't get exact numbers as they seem to have dug intricate dens below ground and laid out crude booby traps. This news raises a few eyebrows and the squad leader is brought in for an interview.

"Time is 3:15PM June 12th 2032. Interview of retired Sgt. Henry Markoff. Mr. Markoff, You said the herd had laid out booby-traps, can you elaborate?"

Markoff looks uncomfortable and slightly agitated as he adjusts in his seat before speaking.

"Well sir, it's the damndest thing I've ever seen. These little shitrats figured out how to rig tripwires. Angus was passing by an oak and a large bush. He snagged some kind of twine and a sapling we didn't even know was there popped loose from a peg, shot up from the side of the oak and whipped him in the face."

I raise an eyebrow at this and scribble some notes as he pauses before continuing to look increasingly agitated.

"I-I don't know how they could find the coordination to tie a peg trap like that, let alone bend the sapling. But the worst part was they had wrapped these bundles of leaves around the skinny branches. They were full of shit......"

I pause and meet his eyes.

"Excuse me?"

Markoff retrieves his cellphone and shows me pics of Angus covered in fluffy shit and the bent sapling with shitty leafs hanging from it.

"This is astonishing, that kind of planning and coordination has not been seen outside of lab experiments. Please Mr. Markoff, meet with the deployment team and see if you can offer a detailed map of what they can expect."

Interview terminated 3:45 PM.


A week later, the deployment team is on it's way to Wixom Mi. The site has been mapped and the herd count continues to rise. Reported sightings of the strange leader continue to trickle in, but no real description is given other than an unnerving stare. Xibalba may not show it, but she is very excited to have fun with some wild ferals. Norma and the swarm are salivating as Xibalba communicates to their minds what is coming. We arrive at the construction site by 8AM and are met by The site foreman, Alex Caganer. After a brief discussion, the site is cleared for the day and the carriers are brought in. We approach the treeline and release Xibalba and Norma. I give them a quick briefing as they look about at their surroundings, Xibalba can clearly sense fluffies already.

"Now girls, you know the mission, a bunch of dummy fluffies are in there making problems. We don't leave til they are all dead, got it? Now be careful out there and make daddy proud."

The alicorn and the micro nod at me as I motion for the other carriers to be opened. The 212 micro's surge out into the open and surround us. They look to Norma and Xibalba for instructions and soon turn and move into the woods. Cameras activated.

From this point on, the feral herd will be referred to collectively as HX-2 and all single instances as F-XXX.

08:15 hours. Norma sends 40 mirco's into the brush for recon, Xibalba see's all that they do. She narrows her eyes as one encounters a trip wire. She sends more to investigate and with their combined efforts, disarm the trap. Xibalba makes her way forward as the micro's clear a path.

08:22 hours. Xibalba stops as some branches snap off to the immediate east. A blue and brown earthy stallion emerges from the bushes and his blue eyes freeze as they meet her pink ones.

"Come tu Shebawba, fwuffeh."

08:23 hours. The stallion approaches her and sits in front of her wordlessly, face muscles begin to twitch and tremor.

"Teww Shebawba, whewe aww da meanie twaps?"

The stallion trembles and blood seeps from his tear ducts.

"N-nu am sposed to say, is big secwet tu keep hewd safies!"

Xibalba sighs and shakes her head before refocusing her gaze on him. Micro data transmitters in her collar record a massive neural pulse and the blue stallion shakes violently before pissing all over.

"Teww Shebawba, NAOW!"

F-001 peeps and sits motionless for the next two minutes as Xibalba stares him down, cocking her head back and forth. The stallion is bleeding profuesly from the eyes and ears before Xibalba reaches out to touch him and he collapses.

F-001 time of death recorded, 08:26 hours.

08:27 hours. Xibalba sends out a pulse that recalls the micro swarm. They pour through the underbrush and treeline to gather at her feet.

"Shebawba kno whewe aww da meanie twaps am. Wittwe munstahs go an bweak aww den we can sneak up on dummeh fwuffehs."

Xibalba scans the group of micro's, conveying the appropriate information to them before they disperse back into the trees.

08:35 hours. Branches can be heard snapping and some leafs rustling as the micro's cirsscross the forest floor disabling the crude traps. Snares, peg traps even shallow pungi pits with roofing nails lining them. Xibalba uses her abilities to cloud the minds of the ferals so the micro's go unnoticed.

08:42 hours. The swarm reconvenes and they all advance into HX-2's territory. The micro's disperse, following the scent of fluffies to track the ferals, F-002 through F-006 are taken out by a combo of micro attacks and Xibalba's mind control.

09:00 hours. Having cleared any ferals from the immediate area, Xibalba and the swarm approach the opening of the burrow. The camera on her collar shows it to be about 3 feet by 2 feet and considerably deep. Later study of the footage indicates it was a modified fox den. Astonishingly, the recent remains of a red fox and two kits were found nearby on final survey. Autopsy reveals the vixen was impaled on a trowel that had been buried up to the head in the ground and covered by brush. The two kits were stomped to death.

09:03 hours. Xibalba stares at the hole in deep concentration. There is a recorded spike in the delta wave spectrum being directed into the den. Norma directs half of the swarm into the opening and all is still before their is a chorus of distressed cries.

"EEEEEEE Nu wike bitey huwties! PEEP! Whewe wittwe bitey munstahs come fwom? Speshuw fwiend get outside!"

09:11 hours. A number of ferals rush and jam the den entrance. They squirm and climb over eachother in a struggle to break free, several getting hoofed in the face before the dam breaks. A wave of fluffies burst free and dash out into the scraggly grass. They seem not to even take notice of Xibalba, but part around her to flee into the woods. More follow the first wave, shitting and bleeding from numerous small cuts. A third wave claws its way free, bucking little scissoring micro's off of their hind quarters. A few more emerge crawling, weeping and screaming as they are covered with ravenous micro's. Others can be heard inside the den screaming, shrieking and gurgling as Norma sends more of the swarm in after them.

09:19 hours. Xibalba has remained motionless throughout this until she suddenly goes wide eyed. A wave of neural energy rushes out behind her and the 15 ferals furthest away stop suddenly and drop mid stride, smashing their faces into the ground and laying still and lifeless.

09:22 hours. F-007 through F-022 time of death recorded. Later autopsy reveals they all died of sudden and total cessation of brain activity. Their medulla oblongata's seem to have experienced rapid, massive cell death.

09:24 hours. The next furthest group skid to a halt as their brothers and sisters drop dead and lay twitching and shitting. They stand in wide eyed shock as Xibalba stands and turns to face them. F-023, a red and tan Pegasus stallion gasps and screams before collapsing and beating at its chest with flailing hoofs. F-024 and F-025, an orange and green earthy mare and a white and purple unicorn stallion to either side of him fall in similar fashion, as do 14 more down the line.

09:27 hours. F-023 through F-039 time of death recorded. This batch were felled by devastating cardiac arrest.

09:30 hours. The third wave is slow moving due to injuries and soon halt when confronted with the two walls of death. They turn and lay eyes on Xibalba for the first time. Several fat or wounded ferals catch up to the third wave. Their panic gives way to curiosity as they turn to see what the others are looking at.

09:35 hours. Xibalba has them all in her thrall in seconds and all falls quiet. The micro-swarm emerges from the den, caked in blood and surround Xibalba as she gives a cold smile and speaks.

"Come tu Shebawba, dummehs."

09:37 hours. F-040 through F-062 all file toward her and sit trembling, tears welling in their eyes and blood running from their ears. Weak sounds of injured fluffies emanate from the den behind her. Xibalba scans the remnants of HX-2 and nods her head towards the den.

09:40 hours. F-040 through F-046 stand and file past her like shivering zombies and enter the den. The others quietly sob as sounds of panicked screams and savage cracking sounds erupt from the den. Xibalba just smiles at the paralyzed onlookers.

09:46 hours. F-040 - F-046 emerge, covered in blood and shit. They walk in single file, tears staining their faces amongst the gore. They return to sit with the others who tremble in fear. F-063 through F-066 time of death recorded.

09:48 hours. Xibalba surveys the remaining fluffies who sit before her. Trembling under her influence as they sit terrified.

"Shebawba come tu give aww dummehs foweva sweepies. Nu twy tu fight it. Naow, teww Shebawba, whewe hewd smawty?"

09:50 hours. HX-2 collectively twitch and shudder as Xibalba flexes her influence over them. They double over as she makes their nerve impulses cause widespread muscle cramping. F-051, a pink and burgundy unicorm mare cries out as she writhes with the others.

"Gwey! Pwease save hewd! Huuhuu nu wike hewties! EEEEEEEEEE!"

09:52 hours. Xibalba continues to torment the helpless fluffies with her total control when a sound off to her left gets her attention. Not five feet from her stands a tall, grey and crimson earthy stallion. He is tall like her and his icey blue eyes burn a hole through her. It makes her tremble a little.

"Whatcu doin tu Gwey's dummehs? Dey bewong to Gwey an onwy Gwey decide when dey go foweva sweepies."

This must be the herd's smarty that we were told about. He is odd for certain. But also oddly familiar.

09:54 hors. Xibalba narrows her eyes at the approaching stallion, but her influence doesn't seem to affect him. Her recorded heartbeat increases as does the willpower she flexes out towards him. The stallion is unaffected and Xibalba sends out a few of the swarm to confront him. 133-28-M approaches the subject and begins to hiss and posture in usual fashion. But suddenly hesitates and sits, cocking it's head as F-067 closes the distance. F-067 reaches out and bats the micro away forcefully. Xibalba winces as it sails through the air and cracks against a tree. She felt a little of that due to her loose mental tether to the small monster.

09:58 hours. F-067 continues to advance and Xibalba's vitals spike as she experiences a very palpable fear. The stallion is almost upon her and the data recorder goes wild. In an astonishing confirmation of theory, Xibalba stands and spreads her wings. With a wild and panicked look in her eyes, she beats them hard and suddenly takes flight! There is a woosh of air across the grass and she gains an altitude of nearly 20 feet. She seems to have excellent coordination and control as she remains in a relative hover. There is a massive recorded spike in nueral activity and adrenaline.

"Kiww aww da dummehs! Shebawba wants dem tu suffa!"

10:02 hours. Xibalba flies off to a rock outcropping and gingerly lands as the micro-swarm pours over HX-2. They bite and rip into the fluffies with vicious, angry attacks. They are all blood frenzied under Xibalba's influence. But F-067 merely advances towards the rocks, micro's parting around him like he wasn't there. Members of HX-2 flail and run in panicked circles as they are slowly being eaten alive. Xibalba directs her influence over F-043 and F-058, A yellow and green earthy stallion and a red and orange unicorn stallion. The micro's drop off them and run for other targets as the two go glassy eyed and turn towards F-067. He has his eyes set firmly on Xibalba as the two stallions rush him from his left flank. F-067 dodges them as F-043 takes a swing at him and F-058 tries to headbutt him. F-043 continues to wildly throw hoofs, his eyes and ears bleeding as Xibalba focuses on F-058.

10:07 hours. Xibalba narrows her eyes and F-058 begins to puff his cheeks intensely. Sparks begin to crackle and pop from his horn. A few land in his fluff and fire begins to spread over him. Xibalba nods and the burning fluffy runs for F-067 like a flaming battering ram. F-067 glances up in time to dodge it and F-058 runs smack into F-043. The two tumble to the ground and scream as they both become engulfed in fire. F-043 and F-058 time of death recorded.

10:10 hours. Xibalba and F-067 share a glaring look. He gazes up at her with cold eyes as his herd is slaughtered around him. He seems unconcerned and utterly foused on Xibalba.

10:12 hours. F-067 flinches as Markoff fires a tranq gun from beyond the tree line into his haunch. The grey stallion wobbles and slumps to the ground, breathing steadily. Xibalba turns from him to gaze at the panicked remnants of HX-2. She narrows her pink eyes and furrows her brow as she stands and spreads her imposing wings.


10:14 hours. The remaining members of HX-2 stop in mid stride and all tumble to the ground. Micro's are tossed off before they begin swarming the lifeless corpses and feast in victory. The battlefield goes quiet as the herd is finished off. Two burning corpses, a field of glassy eyed lifeless ferals and one captured anomaly.

10:20 hours. The retrieval team is sent in to recover Xibalba, Norma, the swarm and F-067. Tally is at 66 dead ferals, 24 micro casualties and a new test subject. Xibalba seems unnerved and angry by the whole event. She is recovered as they crate the sedated F-067 and begin clean up of the dead.

The end result was near total annhiliation of the targets. F-067 remains a mystery at this point and is in the testing wing undergoing extensive examination. Xibalba was given a specialized psyche exam and appears to be recovering well from the incident. Norma and the swarm are treated for minor abrasions and small injuries and the breeding mares are put back into rotation to replenish their numbers. The results of this experiment were promising and I recommend further field operations in the near future.



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deadweight: Hope you all enjoy. Xibalba and Grey will return in Unnatural Born Killers!
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Anonymous1: Am I the only person who enjoys having Wetfluff around?
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Anonymous2: @Anonymous: No. I enjoy his art.
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Anonymous3(2): @deadweight: Thanks Deadweight.
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Anonymous4: Nice try wet fluff no
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deadweight: @Anonymous: yw =]

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guodzilla: @Anonymous: I have no real objections to WF being around. In my experience with him : Tact, no. Common-sense, yes. Seniority, yes. Also, artistic ability, superior.

Therefore, I may not like him, but for the reasons mentioned, I DO respect him.

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TitanFluff: @deadweight: I totally approve of Grey and Xibalba meeting up and not sure what to do about each other.
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deadweight: @TitanFluff: thanks, i been ruminating on the two of them meeting for months now. more to come!

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babbehteef: When I read about the herd in the construction site, I knew I was in for a treat. Hahaha great job!
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Anonymous5: @guodzilla: Hahaha, Booru SENIORITY? You're nuts man.
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deadweight: @babbehteef: thanks, i'm glad you enjoyed it

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MostlyHereToLurk: For a second, I thought Xibalba and Grey were about to fight. THey prolly would've if not for Grey getting tranquilized.

You write some of the most novel stories on here! Quickly becoming one of my favorite authors on here. Granted, I don't read stories on here as much as I look at the art, but still.