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>In a Korean restaurant on a back street in Philadelphia, not far from the legendary Trocadero Theater, the cooks were getting ready for the Friday night rush.
>It was a dingy, poorly-lit place but their food was excellent.
>Their specialty was fluffy pony.
>Tasting like a combination of pork and beef, many Asian restaurants had learned about the wonderous gift from the Hasbio gods not long after they escaped into the world.
>The fluffies rapid growth and ability to breed at a young age made them a staple of Asian cooking.
>Soon restaurants across the country had a few fluffies in their basement, for cooking or breeding.
>Miss Lee's Poonani Palace specialized in fluffy foals.
>The breeding mares had learned quickly that their offspring would never grow up.
>They learned that they would not get huggies or milkies.
>They learned that their foals lived short, painful lives and would be eaten by humans.
>The mares, predictably, were not happy about this.
>Boon-Yi, the assistant chef, hurried down the basement steps. The head chef needed a foal for his special sweet and spicy foal dish.
>Six cages were pushed against the back wall of the restaurant near a window. When the shit smell got too bad they could open it to get some fresh air.
>In each cage a mare had been crammed. They were in various levels of pregnancy.
>Two had foals. The first, Bamboo, had only given birth a couple of days before.
>Bamboo's foals would be fattened up with a combination of their mother's milk and a rice porridge made with sweetened milk and growth hormones.
>The other mare, Sum Ting Wong, had foals that were a week old.
>Ready for cooking.
>The mares all looked up in horror as Boon-Yi approached their cages. Bamboo held her chirping foals close to her, closing her eyes as they dripped salty tears.
>Sum Ting Wong started to shiver. She grasped desperately at her foals, but they had already grown quite large. Too big for her to hold more than one.
>"nuuuuu... nuuuuu.... nu take babbehs... nuuuuuuuuuu..." she whined pathetically.
>"Don't care."
>Boon-Yi opened the door of the cage and grabbed at a mewling, babbling foal. It had no idea what was in store for it.
>"nuuuuuuuuuuuuuhuuuuhuuuuu!" The mare tried to bite at Boon-Yi but slapped her in the face.
>It wasn't enough enough to draw blood, but the mare was stunned briefly.
>Boon-Yi grabbed a light blue foal by the scruff of its next and yanked it out of the cage, slamming the door shut with one of his feet.
>The foal began to panic. "wahhhhhhhhhhh! mumma! wan mumma! hewp! mumma hewp babbeh!"
>Boon-Yi was quick to deal with this draconian bullshit.
>He deftly popped a cork in the foal's anus before it had a chance to clench up and squirt shit like a chocolate sprinkler.
>"screeeeeeeeeeeeeee! poopie pwace huwt! eeeeeeeeeeeee! eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"
>Tired of the foal's screeching, Boon-Yi clamped its mouth shut as he carried the fat, struggling foal up to the kitchen.
>*plop* The foal was dropped onto a large cutting board. Around him there was fire burning, steam rising, and a multitude of people shouting, music playing and a generally loud racket.
>The foal had curled itself into a ball, sobbing pathetically.
>"wan mumma... nu wike... wahhhhhhhhhhhhh..."
>A sharp pain exploded on the creature's back as a chef inserted a knife between its shoulder blades and sliced deftly down its back. The first step of the skinning process.
>The chef had snapped a rubber band around the struggling foal's muzzle. It flailed violently as its top layer of skin and fluff was quickly cut away.
>The foal's screams were silenced as its head was cut from its body.
>Soon it would be twice-fied and then covered in a delicious spicy sauce.
>The short, painful, delicious life of another foal had ended.
>Not the first, and far from the last.

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deathproofpony: Been done before, but I wanted to try to convey more of the neverending sadness of the mares as their foals are repeatedly taken and cooked.

Man, it's gettting harder and harder to come up with original ideas.
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Anonymous1: Nice writing.
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Zephirot: Still delicious. Loved the suffering.
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Anonymous2: Eww, you let the foals keep the shit inside them?
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Anonymous3: More fun when they're served up alive.

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deathproofpony: @Anonymous: I didn't get into it, but the intestines would have been removed after the foal was beheaded.
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Anonymous4: I'd eat pony sashimi.
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Anonymous5: @deathproofpony: I'd say that's a matter of preference. More suffering = more savory as the adrenaline burns sugar in the muscles. So for very savory foal meat you'd skin the foal alive and gut it alive. After it's gutted the foal bleeds out and dies.

For the sweat foal meat that goes in traditional foal sausage stuffing, it's best to just break the foal's neck before it knows what's happening.
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Arazur: I always like the fluffies as food theme. You should think about maybe continuing this showing off how various nationalities make fluffies into food and the suffering of the fluffies as a result of it.

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UltraKek: @Arazur: I like this idea. Different dishes and methods of preparation. And the suffering. That's the most important part.

Hell, NumAnon seems to have plenty to say about cooking fluffies. Why doesn't he try his hand at writing some stories?
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Anonymous6: Fluffy Gruel
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Anonymous7: 아줌마! 더 좋은 음식. 감사합니다.

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the_dodge: @deathproofpony: i feel that man. i open up wordpad sometimes, stare at the screen, then get up and do something else.

i dig this though. food theme was a little played out a while back but it's got the visceral feel to the story that has been extremely lacking around here. i'd read more
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Anonymous8: A DPP upload? Truly a gift from the gods.

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RevMe: @Arazur: I wanna say Gardel has before in his McPets faux-documentary series, but I could be mis-remembering.
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Anonymous9: @UltraKek: >>43788

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guodzilla: Sum Ting Wong, eh? *snicker*

Serve that foal right up with a side-order of Cream of Sum Yung Gai.
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Anonymous10: Miss Lee's Poonani Palace?
Sheeit, I can't stop laughing.
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