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Every Fluffy Story Ever
[A green and white fluffy mare is walking down the street. This is Lily. She's been a feral ever since her daddy forgot her in the park, now she's hungry and just wants some food. She walks past Anon's house.]

Lily: Tummeh su hungwy, wan nummies!

Anon[to himself]: That little shitrat...

[As Lily walks, a small piece of shit dislodges from her back fluff and falls on the sidewalk in front of Anon's house.]

Anon: Fucking smarties shitting up my street, I'll fucking teach them a lesson.

[Anon stomps across the yard and pulls Lily up by the scruff.]

Lily: Eep! Nu wike upsies!


[Anon runs back across the yard, carrying Lily into his house.]
[Anon carries the hapless fluffy across his living room and down his basement stairs. He throws Lily onto a table, bought specifically for fluffies. He straps her on, belly up, with straps specifically for fluffies. He then crosses the room and opens the tool cabinet, bought specifically for fluffies. He chooses a saw, a bat, and a welding torch, all bought specifically for fluffies.]

Lily: Nice hoomin? Wet fwuffy gu?

[Anon drops the tools and leaps across the room with more grace than his slightly pudgy frame would seemingly allow and puches Lily right in the snout.]

Anon: I'm doing the fucking talking here!

[Anon then elbows the fluffy in her stomach, causing her to shit all over the table and floor.]

Lily: Huwties! Fwuffy sowwy fow bad poopies! Huu huu, why huwt fwuffy?

[Anon sees the fountain of feces squirting out of the fluffy and is driven into a fit of rage.]


[Anon proceeds to amputate the fluffy, set it on fire, and carry it to his front porch, where he punts the burning fluffball into the street. It is promptly run over by a car. Anon brushes the dust off his hands and heads inside for a celebratory drink for a job well done.]


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Anonymous1: Pretty much. That, and poorly maintained fences.
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PeppermintParchment: You forgot to mention that she was a soon-Mummah! How can you have your clichés without a pregnant mare? ;)
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Anonymous2: You then need a sperg in the comments to make a comment about wanting/thinking about milkies.
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ThaneMacFluff: There are only so many different directions you can take 'person abuses and kills fat pig-rat-horse creature' in.
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Anonymous3: I'm here to fill the cliche of anonymous person complaining about YOU DIDN'T CONFORM TO MY HEADCANON, THEREFORE YOUR STORY IS BAD. In my opinion, fluffy gestation periods should be 2 weeks, which makes me right!
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Anonymous4: I liked it. I can picture 1/2 of the 4channers doing just this.
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Anonymous5: [Anon drops the tools and leaps across the room with more grace than his slightly pudgy frame would seemingly allow and puches Lily right in the snout.]

I fucking lost it.

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NesasButthole: Spot on!! Not that I don't like good abuse stories, but when you read the same thing 100 times...

Then after writing it the author would have to spend five hours repeating autism memes in the comments of everyone doing anything original.
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Anonymous6: @NesasButthole: Hey, FoalOut's meme thing is literally his only negative quality.

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NesasButthole: @Anonymous: Oh, I didn't mean FoalOut, I agree with you completely there, maybe he lays the "miwkies" stuff on a bit thick, but he's a cool guy. I should have worded it better though, I meant the guys who have the memes ABOUT autism, posting "the sperg is strong in this one" or whatever the phrase of the week for them is on every story that doesn't end in "fluffy drowns," that kind of thing.
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Anonymous7(6): @NesasButthole: OIC. Yeah, they could at least be original. The word autism has basically become meaningless.
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Anonymous8: Was the mare singing "do wah diddy diddy down diddy do" as she was walking down the street?

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NesasButthole: @Anonymous: Yeah, I mean I get that it once was a thing going back to the 4chan origins and all that, but these days it's turned into the crutch word for a certain few who don't have any real criticism beyond the "doesn't conform to my headcanon!!!!!" line above, or maybe it gets more favorites than their own art or something.
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Anonymous9: @NesasButthole: considering the booru has been beseiged by a sperg-rush lately, it's been thrown around heavily due to all the trash content
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