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Author's Note:
Dear Anon who asked who Bryan was I can quote the first story.
>So anyway, I had come back from a long day of fixing a client's power outage (the easy part), and then tutoring some brat from the local school named Bryan
yes, Bryan is definetley some random dude who I'm including for kicks, moron
On another, more serious note: Perspective, trying to improve, please enjoy
Kate Pt 5
>SunBiosystems(c) Lab Report:
>Project Sapiens
>Variable summary:
>Length of period of stress :Independant Variable
>Intensity of stress: Independant Variable
>Test Species:
>Homo Equus Sapiens
>Summarising Notes:
>As evidenced by test subjects 3 until 5 (inclusive), if an Equsapien is forced to undergo heavy amounts of stress for 3 months, or longer, the Equsapien's Neural and Bio-programming (Patent pending) will start to Break down.
>The Code broke down in a linear fashion, until 5 month's after which, due to no references being found for key bits of information, the Equ Sapien's Programming will begin storing new references for behaviour.
>However, after running two more repeats of the experiment, it was found that the level of knowledge retained varied with the exposure of the test subject to each concept, after even more experimenting.
>The Reason, has been filtered down to the method of sensory delivery, and the load-sharing which is undertaken by the brain, in order to prevent Equsapien body temperature from overheating, and prevention of excessive nourishment, which is seen in monkeys.

Andy's POV

>The crawlspace was scraping against my arms, as I pushed myself outwards.
>I crawl out from the small hole in the basement, and stand up.
>"Unfortunately, there is only bad news. The lightning storm caused a massive surge, on top of that, wires seem to have been chewed through, resulting in the electromagnets in the stepdown transformer were melted, meaning the potential energy was still there".
>"I managed to discharge most of it, but there is still too much to be safe" I say calmly
>"Okay, so what's the matter then? Why are you involving me?" the old man looked at me sternly
>"Dealing with this problem will require some equipment that we just ran out of..." I reply, feeling his dissappointed, and condescending gaze tear into me like a brand
>"Well Why don't You?" He struck back, the condescension in his voice rising.
>"Are you incompetent? Is the only electrician in town Incompetent?"
>"No sir... it's just that"
>"No Excuses! I'm paying for a service that you aren't providing" He finally shouts, accusingly, the house and his wife recoiling in silence.
>"If it isn't fixed by tomorrow, then I'm turning to someone else, and wouldn't it be a shame if your generous tips, and income started drying up" he said, much quieter now, his voice piercing my skull like an icicle.
>"I'm sorry sir, but we don't hove the equipment on us right now, and the combination of factors make this procedure extremely dangerous"
>"I don't care, I'm giving you a week to do this, or I'll find someone who will." His glare turning to his wife,
>"Call up the kids and tell them that the dinner will have to be postponed. Martha"
>"I will put in an order for the necessary equipment as soon as I can sir, But I can quote the job to take about a week and two days."
>"A week and one."
>"Thank you sir."
>Picking up my tool box, I push the door open, my tools jangling all the way.
>It had been about two weeks since I let Kate into my basement.
>I open the side door, flinging the tools in haphazardly, making sure to also take off all the static proofing which had been necessary in assesing the problem.
>Finally, I slammed the panel, cursing under my breath, they clearly weren't from around here, none of the famed southern hospitality which garnered me many affectionate words from old lady's and men from fixing circuit breakers and fuses alike.
>I stepped up into the van, running my hand's through my hair.
>It had taken all I had to not try and throttle him.
>since the two weeks ago when I found Kate torturing some smarty in the shed, I hadn't made good an any sort of fluffy abuse. Maybe I shouldn't view it as an exact science, and more of a punching bag.
>Stare into the windscreen, seeing my reflection bouncing back at me, my blue eyes staring back at me.
>I sighed, alright, time to head to Mrs Euson's house, maybe that'll be better.
>Oh wait.
>Bryan, her son, is a spoilt little shit, who eats like a pig,and has eyes just like one.
>fucking Bryan man.
>look at least it's just an hour.
30 mins later, at the Euson Household.
>"Bryan..." I tapped him again.
>His body was doubled over on the desk, his head only supported by his fat arm.
>From a distance, you couldn't tell, but he was actually sleeping.
>'That's it.'I'm tired of Bryan going to sleep in my lessons.
>Fucker gets a D in Maths class, and sleeps through summer classes which he agreed to do instead of summer school, then that's his fault not mine.
>I'm not getting paid nearly enough for this shit.
>$50 an hour is some horse shit for a problem case like this.
>Some how I manage to storm out, and not wake him.
>Up the stairs to the second floor, I find his mother's office, the door closed.
>I knock.
>"Yes come in."
>"Hello, Miss Euson, I have to talk to you about your son Bryan."
>"Yes what of my little Angel?"
>"Well, actually it's quite bad, you see for the last few weeks he has routinely drifted off during my class."
>"Oh really? Not from what he tell's me, and from what I've seen, he's perfectly awake, and asks very intelligent questions!" she retort's accusingly.
>Oh yes, the little shit sat opposiute a mirror which let him see if his mother was coming down.
>If I had set him a worksheet, he would just work on that, but If I hadn't, he would wait a bit eying the mirror, before asking a question which led into an aside... and you know the story.
>"Actually..." I said, nervously stammering,
>"He was actually asleep just now, which prompted me to raise this with you."
>"Well, how about you show me this, and if so, then I will punish him accordingly."
>She was actually on the plump side, so her foot step's especially on the creaky wood could have been heard from Asia.
>This must have woke Bryan up, because, as we neared him, we heard him thinking out loud, on the second problem set which I had set him.
>"Bryan, What is this that Mr Weskerson has been telling me about sleeping during his lessons?"
>"It's a lie Mom, don't believe him, I think he just want's me to go to summer school because he's lazy, and doesn't want to teach me any more!"
>"Are you sure?" she asked, only half convinced.
>"Yeah mom, I heard him whispering 'stupid little shit, I can't wait for fall'"
>Miss Euson turns to me, and stares at me angrily
>"How Dare, you swear to my perfect little angel, in my house. How dare you call him stupid, and how dare you lie to me! about him, If you're too lazy to teach my son, then quit!"
>"Fine then, I quit." I said, and then stormed off, shoving all the pen's, and sheets that I had brought.
>"Fine, there goes your tutoring reputation, I hope we won't be seeing each other again, you lying, disgusting vermin!"
>and with that I let my self out.
>fucking Bryan, getting me fired.
>I stormed back to the van, textbook, papers and all my other tutoring utensils lodged in my satchel.
>As I started my van up, I thought about what I had waiting for me at home.
>the cold atmosphere of rejection, after about a week and a bit of using my gentlemen's cloak with her, I'd managed to hvae sex with kate.
>admittedly amazing for me, as this was my first time, but clearly not pleasing for her, as afterwards, she had just walked off back to the couch, coldly, without a word.
>when I asked her why in the morning she replied calmly
>"It was boring."
>Screw it, I don't care if she says no.

20 mins later.
>At last, I open the front door, dragging my satchel in with my laptop.
>drop all that shit off in the basement to find that she isn't there.
>Seeing this, I made a beeline to the kitchen, stopping short and rebounding to the shed, third time's a charm right?
>look's like I was correct, the shed reeked of blood, burning and fear.
>Seems she's discovered the belt sander.
>Just as I thought this, she lowers a foal down onto the rotating channel.
>"peep chirp pee-SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEE-" it descends into screaming.
>"NUUUHUUhuuu pwease hoomi fwuff, nu gif huwties to gud babbaeh, it am too wittew fow huwties!"
>she continues, unphased, grinding down the foals legs, until
>"HUUUU HUUUUU HUUUU, pwease nu wastest babbeh (read second last), pwease nu take fowevew sweepies!, Pwease make chiwpies fow mummah.. Pwease Huuuuu HUUUUU HUUUUUUUU"
>"Shut up" I exclaimed calmly, quickly shoving the solder through it's wind pie, reducing it to pained gurgles and squeaks.
>"Awwwww, why d'you do that, I was having fun." she said in a both disgruntled and playful manner. I pulled her to me.
>"Yeah your about to have even more." I sneered, and got her into a head lock.
>finally, after much screaming and shouting, I managed to pull her back to the basement, and tied stray ties around her hands, and taped her mouth shut.
>this being done, I stalked around her, a tiger both stalking, and humoring it's prey.
>I saw something change, like a switch getting flipped.
>Her right pupil closed, then dialated
>She stood there quivering.
>she was about five foot six, her hair was a beautiful dark gold. Her fluff, was an ultramarine blue, with a more vibrant blue speckling it.
>her nose, was more akin to a pig snout with furr. I reached for my swiss army knife, grabbed her shirt, and pulled down, thus exposing her amply sized breasts.
>these too were covered in fur, and were actually colored a dark shade of blue.
>I could see her body quivering, tears streaking down her fluff, her head turned to me.
>I could see the Betrayal in her eyes.
>her eyes as open as wide as a black hole.
>certainly, I could see the tears swelling up, and the emotion painted wide on her eyes.
>I moved in closer, still circling like a vulture.
>"Pwease..." she trailed off
>"Ah ah ah", I retorted, moving my right hand to her chin, moving it up from a down cast position, closing her mouth, so I could now stare into her face
>my eyes burned into her skull, burrowing ever deeper, collecting emotions from her eyes.
>I slowly moved myself around her, keeping my right hand on her chin at all times.
>Finally, having completed my patrol, I pushed her onto my bed, and pread her legs.
>Standing between her legs, and watching her futile attempts to close them.
>I unzipped, and began, her body began moving up and down rythmically with her half hearted screams and fluffy-crying.
>Her head occasionally looking at me, her eyes, richly ladened with emotions, sorrow, betrayal, a deep dark depression.
>soon, this got boring, her screams mixed with groans, I quickly pulled my member out, lied down, and made her straddle me.
>obviously, what with her not wanting this, I had to use some of my strength to make her ride me.
>Finally, having been fed up of trying to make her ride me, I got up, and pushed her down onto her knees to finish it doggystyle.
>I could feel the build up.
>I managed to pull out, before Blowing my Load over her ass.
>At last, a feeling of pure ecstasy rippled thoughout my body.
>As I got up, I untied her bonds, and ripped the tape from her mouth.
>As I stepped in the shower, I could hear her crying.
>the warm water, coursing down my body
>washing away my sins.
>I stepped out of the shower, reaching for a towel to cool off.
>I could see that Kate had stopped shivering.
>She looked up at me with a nefarious grin on her face.
>"that was amazing."


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A line that killed a thousand Anti-Anthro fuckheads who boss OP around the comment section
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>"Shut up" I exclaimed calmly, quickly shoving the solder through it's wind pie, reducing it to pained gurgles and squeaks.
>shoving the solder down it's wind pie
>wind pie
I'm retarded
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