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'old flame'
by natback666

'you like the way the water tastes?
it's like gunfire
you knew that it was never safe
think once more'

jules stares at the bus-stop flyer in the fading afternoon light.

'lost designer fluffy: raspberry-dollop, earthy mare. age: 2. spayed, unchipped, collared. generous reward if found! please contact...'

jules smiles softly, running a hand over the vials in his pocket, boon of another uneventful workday.

jules feels tugging at his ankle. a mangy, shit-caked mare pulls at his pantleg. it cries up, " mistuh... pweez be nyu daddeh? fwuffy mummah-no-mowe... speshaw fwiend go 'way... fwuffy hab nuffin no mowe..."

jules' nostrils flare; he sees the trail of filth the creature left behind, leading back to a nearby alleyway. his foot twitches.


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natback666: sup niglets, here installment #4 of this shit. concluded writing it at like 300 words & edited it down to 100 :DD
hope yall autistass crackbabies enjoy reading it as much as i did writing & editing it lolol. more 2 cum

regards all yall fuckin worthless faggots,
natback666 <333
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Anonymous1: Seriously, please stop.
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Anonymous2: Still bad sociology major. This isn't the place for your poetry. There's a reason you've yet to receive any praise.
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Anonymous3: why are you still doing this? Just post em all at once in one file so we only have to ignore one thing
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Anonymous4: Thanks. I enjoyed it.
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Anonymous5(2): @Anonymous: Don't anon, Natback. It's really easy to do an IP check.
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Anonymous6: Anon3 has the right idea.
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