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A loving home.

by lolcow69

"Hewwo, nyu daddeh! Bwuebewwy wuvs 'ou!" Your new fluffy exclaims when you open the door to it's cage for the first time since adopting it.

You told the cashier to get you anything, and she took you at your word. Your new fluffy is a heavily pregnant mare with 3 legs. She is a nice dark blue with violet scruff, explaining the name.

She meets your gaze with eyes shining with love and trust. You are kinda put off that she was pregnant, but you did tell the cashier anything. You take the fluffy out and set her in the sink.

"Hello, Blueberry, and welcome to your new home. Firsts things first though, we gotta give you a bath." You tell the mare.

"Am baf time daddeh? Otay, am weady." She tells you, surprising you. She must've had an owner before, which would explain her name and lack of fear. You turn on the faucet to a very tepid, gentle stream, and carefully wash your fluffy.

She coos and sing to her babies the entire time.

"Pwease come owt soon, babbehs, mummah wan' tu pway wif 'ou...." She tells them. You grin slightly from the longing in her voice.

"Hey, Blueberry. It's time to tell you the rules of the house."

"Otay, daddeh." She replies.

"Number one is good fluffies make good poopies, and bad fluffies make bad poopies. Understand?"

"Yus, daddeh, Bwuebewwy make gud poopsies in da wittabawks!" She replies merrily.

"Okay, good, next is no lying. I assume you know what lying is?" You ask her with an upturned eyebrow.

"Wying am what bad fwuffies du, daddeh! Bwuebewwy awways teww da twuth!" She claims with gusto.

"Awesome. Next up is no begging. Spaghetti on Saturdays if your good. No exceptions. Begging for things is a very bad no-no in this house. Do not beg."

She nods emphatically.

"Well, good. It's nice to see that you can understand, and agree, to my rules. We will get along nicely, I think."

You spend the rest of the evening watching your new mare react to the different things you had prepared for her. She falls in love with her safe room, which has toys, a tv, a large bed, and a litterbox.

You also show her the sorry stick and box, to let her know that any transgressions will not go unpunished. She goes a little wild eye'd at first, but when she understands that she's not being punished, she calms down.

For dinner, you give her a large bowl of kibble and some water. She eats carefully, trying hard not to make a mess. You are quite impressed at how well behaved she is. Trying to develop a bond you talk about her foals.

"Hey, Blueberry?" You ask her after dinner.

"Yus, daddeh?" She looks at you with a satisfied glint in her eyes.

"Tomorrow, we will go and buy some things for your babies. Would you like that?"

She wags her tail at you.

"YUS! Fank'ou nyu daddeh, am da bestest daddeh eva!"

You chuckle softly.

"Wanna watch some TV before bedtime?"

"Otay, daddeh!"

She manages very well with only three legs, and hobbles to sit beside the couch and watch TV.

You make a mental note to look up a prostetic when you get a chance.

As you watch TV, your curiousity gets the better if you.

"Hey, Blueberry? What happened to your leg?"

She freezes in place and her ears lay back.

"....Bwuebewwy nu wan' tu tawk abowt it..."

The level of misery in her voice is heart wrenching. You decide to drop the subject.

"Okay, you don't have to talk about it, I understand."

You watch TV for a couple of hours and your fluffy quietly coos to her babies, taking care not to become too loud. You simply cannot believe your luck in adopting such a well behaved, if damaged, fluffy.

When it's time for bed, Blueberry makes no complaint, she simply walks to her bed and lays down. She is almost immobile by this point, and you'll have to get some advice on how to take care of her when she's completely handicapped by her pregnancy.

When you flick on the night light, she responds with a "Ooooohhh pwetty wights!" making you smile. You gently close the door, and climb into your own bed. Closing your eyes you drift off to sleep....

To be continued.
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lolcow69: I think this one is gonna be completely hugbox, guys. Trying to show what a good pet they can be. Like Hasbio intended. Let me know what you think.

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Dhylec: some hugbox for a change of pace, nice one so far, keep up the good work
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Anonymous1: Pls continue

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Dirtbiker989: I am liking this whole-hugbox route. Please write more.

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Fluffygod: Aww. Keep it hugbox man. Its great.
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Anonymous2: Please keep this hugbox!
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Anonymous3: Does that mean that there's no room for some sadbox?
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Anonymous4: > pregnant fluff
> three foals incoming

What a bargain! Soon-nummie-mummie comes with her own foals for sausage!
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Clockworkfluffy: @Anonymous: Dude fuck off with this forced meme garbage...It isn't funny, it's retarded

You're worse than foalout4 with his fucking "miwkies" obsession
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NTSNetLink: nice
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Anonymous5: Hugbox with sadbox!
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Anonymous6: Sadbox maybe with the past of the Mare? But nice chapter so far

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completely hugbox

Yeah, no thanks. I'll wait for your next story.

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UltraKek: Okay, despite my snide dismissal, I still read it. It was boring, which is pretty par for the course when it comes to complete hugbox. Without sadbox or abuse to balance it out, this story will pretty much shape up as "I got a fluffy. She was good. The end." Most people don't like full hugbox because it's pointless and unsatisfying.
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TheFoalFryer: I approve.
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blue_sun: @lolcow69: Interesting I like it! Don't be afraid to put elements of adventure into it as well. That may make it more interesting as it goes on without having to turn it into abuse or sadbox.
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GreatFieryDongoOfDoom: You somehow managed to produce a pregnant mare that I do not want see suffering through elaborate abuse. Are you a wizard?

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Browniest_of_Poopies: i like the justice story. A fluffy gets what he deserves. Since blueberry is a good behaved fluffy, she got good things. But if her babbies start to be brat and smarty, they shall gets what is comming for them.

Some hugbox to rip the shitload of blood on our eyes. thank you.
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Arazur: I was going to say hugbox mixed with sadbox is the best
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FluffyOverLord: >Inb4 mother gives birth to a brown poopie babbeh and refuses it and declares a bestest babbeh and becomes a smarty and gets all of her babies abused and then the owner keeps the runt
I swear lolcow, I fucking swear
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Anonymous7: @FluffyOverLord: nothing like that
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Anonymous8: I like reading some good hugbox for a change. If with them being released too soon, fluffies still were supposed to be the perfect pet. Makes sense that some/many if not the most are actually good pets and we only mostly read about the bad or abused or misfortunate ones since it's more fun...
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FluffyOverLord: @Anonymous: Wait a second, It's lolcow!
>Inb4 other timelines and universes where the mother does that
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lolcow69: @FluffyOverLord: calm your tits, message received, no brown babies. Fuck.
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FluffyOverLord: @lolcow69: Lol sorry, It's just from that bad mummah story you made and the first story's alternate timeline I was fearing you would ruin the sync, BUT FUCK ME DO IT IF YOU WANT ITS YOUR SERIES

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akufluff: @UltraKek: anyone that likes fluffy abuse is a fucking faggot and since you do guess that means you're a faggot gg bitch
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Anonymous9: @akufluff: the booru is everything.
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Anonymous10(9): @Anonymous: for*
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