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Indigo The Blue Fluffy Who Loves Black Tar part 1
Part 5 of the Indigo series

Before Jon had ever gotten Indigo he had a drug problem. He was a known dope smoker, heroin to be exact. Overtime his habit had gotten much worse as he began injecting the drug, something he once swore he would never do. Now whenever he went into withdrawal it wasn’t just a little dope sickness he felt, it was full blown back hurting like a motherfucker, nose running, constant sneezing fits, cold sweats, endless diarrhea, vomiting, so forth. He tried kicking the drug but never could make it through it all, and his latest attempt gave him an idea.

For so long he had not been using a simple resource to torture Indigo, his fluffy whom he had set out to psychologically torture with the goal of getting a fluffy to deliberately commit suicide, something he had never seen or heard of happening. Of course he hated to waste precious black like that(around his area he could only get black tar heroin unfortunately), but seeing as Indigo was super tiny and opiate naïve it definitely shouldn’t require very much, especially not at first.

Now despite the previous tortures Indigo loved Jon. Indigo always said, “Gud mowning daddeh”, when he fed her in the morning and, “Wub yu daddeh”, when she went to bed. She trusted him fully and therefore would not require any special back story to be given shots from Jon.

“Indigo, I’ve decided to start giving you vitamin shots to make you healthy and strong. It will make you prettier as well.”

“Weawwy?!” Indigo replied her eyes wide with excitement. “Daddeh su smawtie, am bestest daddeh ebah!”
on chuckled. “Yes but it might hurt just a tiny bit”, he said as he drew out the needle. Indigo’s eyes went wide again, this time with fear.


“Indigo stop, you’ve gotten shots before at the vet. This is no different.”

“O-o-otay daddeh.” She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth. Jon had cooked up very little heroin into the shot. In fact it was about half the size of a match head. Seeing as she was so small and obviously had no tolerance to such a drug this would be plenty for her. Now Jon wasn’t about to go about looking for a vein on her, he went straight intramuscular, this way it would be less hassle, although she wouldn’t get the rush associated with IV use it would get her high and addicted with time. In a quick fashion Jon plunged the needle in and delivered the shot.

“There not so bad huh Indigo?”

Indigo opened her eyes. “Nu it wuz nuuuuu ssssooo bbbaaaaddd…”, mid-sentence Indigo began slurring her words. “Weuuuu. Iinndigo feeeww goood Daaddehh. Wiiike deessse viimmaamins.” Jon laughed quietly to himself. That shouldn’t last very long Indigo, he thought. He took her outside and sure enough it wasn’t long before Indigo was blowing chunks on the lawn. “Viiimmammmins maaake fwuuufffy siiickies ddaaadeh!”
“Don’t worry Indigo, that will go away soon enough. And then you will like them. You will like them a lot.”

This should be interesting Jon thought.
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KnownDopeSmoker: I saw someone actually made a somewhat recent comment on one of my stories telling me they like it and want another, so I cranked out another turd for you!
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KnownDopeSmoker: Now someone send me money so I can get more dope
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Anonymous1: Pls don't smoke heroin, k?

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boogeymansam: @Anonymous: or inject any marijuanas
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Anonymous2: That's gotta make the meat poisonous, or at least taste terrible. Blech.
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Anonymous3: healthy vitamnins
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Anonymous4: come on make more!
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Anonymous5: Lmao heroine fluffs
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