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by Pozole_de_Potro

I’m a /pol/ shitposter.
A pretty regular one, even though no one cares about my opinion, since I’m Mexican.
I have always been interested on those “Fluffies around the World”, Echan threads. Because everybody is interested I give my point of view:
> Be Mexican.
> Don’t know why anyone would bring fluffies across the frontier.
> Shitrats don’t talk Spanish.
> Shitrats had been classified as pests by every country in the world.
> 1 dollar = 30 MXN.
> Can’t buy shit over there since Trump closed the U.S. economy.
> We have the Gulf Cartel dominating half of the country.
> Peña declared himself lord and emperor of the country in 2019.

That’s what I usually post, but we really don’t have too much fluff related issues.
Shitrats have stablished some feral communities in the southern states, where the Teacher Cartel use them for food.
Here, in the north (where I’m from), it’s really simple: Temperatures reach 45° degrees Celsius (113° in old fashion Fahrenheit) at summertime, so any fluffy outside dies of heatstroke.
It actually can become pretty gross, streets reek of decomposed shitrats many times, so we organize and clean the streets sometimes, and it helps because we kill the surviving foals.
The problem is, and will always be constant; with all the mounts and mountains they hide and shelter from us: and they reveal themselves looking for a family or when they are dying from dehydration.
We aren’t too savage with fluffies, most of us see them as a pest so we use repellent and pesticides, but we see the buy-sell factor in them.
The “hubboxers” over here are just people too afraid to kill them, the people you see cowering over insects and rats. And some of us keep a shitrat sometimes, because who are we shitting:
Those fuckers can be cute.
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Pozole_de_Potro: My first time posting anything, I know I may be wrong with tags. I brought the lube, be gentle.
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Anonymous1: Not bad, and your English is better than many native speakers I know.

Also, what's the Teacher Cartel? I know about the Zetas, the Templars, etc..., but not the Teachers.
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Anonymous2: Not bad! But I'm guessing the gasoline riots are going to get Peña kicked out before 2019.

Why wouldn't Teacher Cartel fluff cuisine spread to the hipper parts of Mexico City, and from there to north of the US/Mexico border?
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Pozole_de_Potro: @Anonymous: It's a little something I invented, investigate something about what the Oaxacan teachers are doing, they might not be drug dealers but they are pretty annoying.
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Pozole_de_Potro: @Anonymous: Jajajjajaja with how sheepish we are, I don't think so.
It would be interesting to view that, but there are a lot of vegetarians in the north, and picky people.
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Anonymous3: @Pozole_de_Potro: yeah but check out the fluffies_as_food tag.
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Anonymous4: Nice English. Some sentences at the end need a little work and you need to pay more attention to capital letters but then I am also a non-native so I may be wrong.

"with all the *mounts* and mountains they hide and shelter from us" - Check what mount is and rethink this sentence.

Otherwise: Good.
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Anonymous5: Dale cabrón jajajaja muy buena tus chingaderas, espero le sigas
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