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guodzilla: No, little micropotamus, you may not. Noway, nohow, no ma'am.
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Anonymous1: Sure, but you don't get to keep them.

As soon as you shit out them babbehs, you get fowebba sweepies

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goatvoid: yes
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Anonymous2: Sure here you go
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GreatFieryDongoOfDoom: Ohboi ohboi ohboi
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Anonymous3: Time for a "Lionel Messi Abortion"!

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AIDS: At least she has the manners to ask.

As to whether she will abide by a "no", if presented with one remains to be seen.

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Browniest_of_Poopies: of course you cannot, since u are augly as fuck.

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spaceFluff: Given that any responsible owner would have already had their fluffy neutered, the correct answer should be "go ahead and try if you want".

Because what kind of idiot (other than a breeder) doesn't get their fluffy neutered?
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Anonymous4: I would, of course, encourage Alice to have babbehs.

The very best ones would live and have babbehs of their own!

Those who are not up to par, however?

Their meat will feed my family.

Their fur will help keep us warm in winter.

Their deaths will probably be excruciating.

Does Alice know this? I doubt it. She thinks fluffies are for luv not for num. But what if she did? What kind of monster would she be?

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Dirtbiker989: Spay her and have her give up hope. Or, Let her keep trying until she's in a suicidal depression, then just buy a new one.
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Ponyopteryx: Looks like a retarded cow xD
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