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Unnatural Born Killers (From the files of Dr. Elias Elmwood)

By Deadweight

Log Entry #7031

The data recorded in this log is for highest level Hasbio clearance eyes only.

It has been 11 days since Xibalba and the micro-swarm's first field operation. The results were extremeley positive with a 99.9% kill rate. Project Dreamtime has come to fruition. Xibalba remains relatively positive about the experience. The psyche eval shows she is stable, but concerns arise about her encounter with F-067. In Interview, she has explained she can read his mind, but it's hazy. Her influence over fluffies seems to be ineffective against him though and that makes her more angry than anything else.

F-067 has been tested, re-tested and gene sequenced. Throughout the procedures, he remains stoic if not indifferent. No emotional response is elicited from him. Upon interview, the stallion insists his name is Grey. Grey has many striking physical similarities to Xibalba and displays a level of intelligence comparable to hers. Psyche eval shows he shares a similar psychological profile to her as well, a cold detatchement and unemotional sociopathic drive. He has stated that his "herd" was merely a means of survival. They were little more than canon fodder to him. Upon receiving the DNA results, we are hit with another surprise. He is a 96.8% match to Xibalba's DNA sequence! Further investigation and gene sequencing proves that Grey somehow is a product of this lab. The signs are all there. Copyrighted propriatary markers are found in his genome that make it undeniable. Intensive research has determined a possible explanation for his existense. It took generations of fluffy eugenics and gene therapy to create Xibalba and resulted in dozens and dozens of test subjects with varying degrees of altered genomes. Many were used for tissue samples, some for selective breeding to encourage the change. When Xibalba was born, all remaining test subjects were ordered to be destroyed. 23 subjects were scheduled for incineration, but the records show only 21 reported. Cross reference with records show that Dr. Martin Alvis was in charge of the test subjects care until disposal. He was fired the week after the kill order came down. Upon discovery of this discrepensy, the Doctor is brought in for interview. Under threat of legal action, he reveals he smuggled a pair of fluffies out of the lab when the order came down to terminate them. Nadine and Sully were amongst the last generation of test subjects. He testifies he took them home and cared for them for months before his landlord complained. He left them near a construction sight and never looked back. The pair must have bred in the wild and since they were later test subjects, it resulted in Grey's unique mental and physical state.

Further testing has revealed his brain activity is almost identical to Xibalba. He cannot mind control fluffies, but he does exert a certain influence over them. A calming, luring effect. Fluffies in his presense seem blind to how dangerous he is to them and even seem compelled to include him. Mares find his cold indifference irresistable and all this combined makes him the proverbiale wolf in sheeps clothing.

All of this has lead to an interesting question. Can Grey be made a member of Xibalba's team? His life in the wild has made him into a unique individual with a cunning and coniving mind. We have decided that honesty is the best course. Grey is told of his parents origin here in the lab and shown archival footage of them. We explain to him what exactly he is. He seems to grasp it all quite well but is unmoved by the footage of his parents. More importantly, we explain his ties to Xibalba. That the two of them are very special fluffies. Not only are they born to kill stupid fluffies, but they are essentially related. This revelation seems to elicit a response from Grey as the interview is recorded.

"Shebawba am Gwey big sistuh? Gwey had udda sistuhs, buh dey was dummeh miwkie babbehs."

Grey gets a distant look in his eyes. Not an emotional display, but as if deep in thought.

"What happened to your sisters, Grey? What happened to your family?"

Grey blinks and looks back at me, his eyes icy cold.

"Daddeh go foweva sweepies befowe Gwey was even chiwpie. Gwey hab tu sistuhs an tu bwuddas. Mummah wuv Gwey fow few bwight times, but den mummah say am munstah and weave Gwey awone. But am smawt an stwong fwuffeh. Gwey get miwkies an gib dummeh bwudda foweva sweepies. Gwey watch hoomins an get mowe smawt. Feed mummah hewtie bewwies and bwudda an sistuhs an mummah aww go foweva sweepies."

The revelation that he murdered his own family only reinforces how much like Xibalba he is. After some more interviews and long discussions, Grey wishes to speak with Xibalba. After being fitted with a stun collar as a safety precaution, Grey is led into test chamber 3. As an extra measure, the plexiglass shield is lowered, dividing the room in half. After all is secured, Xibalba is lead in and the recorders roll.

13:00 hours. Xibalba enters the right side of chamber 3 and narrows her eyes as she spots Grey. She moves towards the glass and sits with a scowl facing him.

"Daddeh say wan tawk tu Shebawba, wut Gwey want?"

13:03 hours. The two sit wordless for a moment. Xibalba cocks her head back and forth before Grey speaks.

"Gwey can feew Shebawba in finkie pwace. Gwey saw wat Shebawba can do tu dummeh fwuffehs. Buh coat daddeh teww Gwey am diffewent. Gwey can stiww feew Shebawba, can heaw. Buh no can contwow Gwey."

13:06 hours. Xibalba angrily tsks and scowls at Grey as he remains stone faced.

"Shebawba aweady kno dat. So jus say whatchu wan, Shebawba am bowed aweady."

13:08 hours. Grey cocks his head and his eyes seem to warm for a moment. It gives Xibalba pause and she blinks as a wave of something akin to emotion flows off of him.

"G-Gwey kno dat Shebawba am big sistuh naow. Gwey hab udda bwuddas an sistuhs, but dey nu wike us. Gwey fink am onwy fwuffeh wike dis, den meet big sistuh. Gwey am sowwy fow twy to gib huwties, jus, jus wan hab smawty sistuh."

13:10 hours. Xibalba seems shaken by this confession and apology. Frankly we are all a little surprised. But Xibalba can read enough to know Grey is sincere. As the two sit sending silent messages between them, Norma rises from Xibalba's mane and sits next to her horn scowling at Grey. Grey spots Norma and goes wide eyed before looking away.

"Gwey am sowwy gib foweva sweepies tu wittwe munstah. Was angwy and no kno dat am famiwy. Pwease, no be mad at Gwey, wan tu be pawt of munstah famiwy"

13:17 hours. Everyone in the booth sits speechless at this emotional display. Someone in the back sniffles as Grey looks at them both for a moment before his eyes grow cold again and he stares right through them. Later study of the footage and sensor readings show Grey had a spike in activity in his Hippocampus during his emotional display. Xibalba is wide eyed at all of this for a moment before she regains her composure. Norma cimbs down her haunch and sits on the floor. The two mares look at eachother in deep communication before Norma nods.

13:21 hours. Xibalba turns to the booth and nods with steely determination in her pink eyes. The techs look to me and I pause a moment before I nod to them. They flick a couple switches and the plexiglass shield raises. We all hold our breath for a moment as the three are now face to face, unobstructed. The techs are ready to activate Grey's shock collar at the first sign of trouble. It's a tense moment before Xibalba moves forward and hugs Grey.

"W-Wewcome home, wittwe bwudda."

13:24 hours. Grey sits blankly leaning into Xibalba's hug. Norma latches onto his leg and they seperate soon after, blankly staring at eachother. I hear some awws from behind me in the booth and someone snaps a couple pics of the tender moment. Now that this bond has been established, we can move on to training.


Two weeks pass and the bonding and training seems to have gone well. Grey is introduced to the swarm and under Xibalba and Norma's lead, they forgive and welcome the newest monster into the fold. They all become a well coordinated crew. Testing on fluffy subjects show that Grey is invariably accepted by almost all herds. He may not have Xibalba's level of control, but he still exudes a wavelength that has been equated to allure. They have all found infiltration techniques and attack patterns suitable to their combined skills and we are ready.

Word comes in a few days later of a large grouping of herds heading south towards Flint. Several large herds have been driven out of the forests surrounding CS Mott Lake due to a wildfire. The groups have begun to converge and we are looking at the formation of a megaherd. The crew is loaded up and we head towards the southern edge of the forest to intercept one of the mid sized herds. If we can elimnate them, we can break up the megaherds formation at least a while longer.

We arrive shortly after noon and the mobile command center is set up as survey drones are deployed. A herd of 80 plus is about 10 minutes out from our location. The drones also record more herds heading south. If they remain on their current courses. they will converge into a megaherd by the time they cross the Flint county line. Xibalba, Grey, Norma and the swarm are prepped. Xibalba relays the mission data to the swarm and Grey is told his part. I check the command center to make sure our insurance policies are active. Grey has been fitted with a subcutaneous poison capsule. If he becomes uncontrollable, the tetrodotoxin inside will kill him instantaneously. Xibalba has had an implant placed under the muscle fibers of her back. The device is tied to the command center and when active will only allow Xibalba to fly so far from the signal before it alarms and delivers a very mild electrical pulse to her musculature. This will temporarily lock her wings and force her to glide to a landing. Finally, Grey and Xibalba are fitted with inner ear coms devices. By now , the herd is nearly on us. If we don't stop them here, they will be the first ones to cross Carpenter Rd. into Flint. We deploy them into the tall grass and start their body cams as Grey heads towards the front of the herd.

12:22 hours. Grey makes no attempts to hide his presense as he approaches the herd which has been designated MH1. He noisily snaps brush underfoot until he emerges in front of a pink and brown unicorn stallion which has been designated MH1-001.

"H-hewwo fwuffehs. Am Gwey. Wost hewd tu scawy wawas. Fwuffehs have nummies? Whewe fwuffehs goin?"

12:26 hours. MH1-001 pauses at the surprise appearance of this odd, lanky stallion. But he does not act aggressively.

"Hewwo Gwey, fwuffehs nu have nummies. Buh goin dat way tu fine numies. Fwuffehs have to weave housie in da woods cuz bad smokies and buwnie hewties num aww da twees. Gwey can come wif tu fine nummies if want."

12:29 hours. Grey nods and files in with the rest of the herd. He remembers to look back and forth to give us visual data on the whole group. The drone hovers over head, tracking their movements. Norma and the swarm are approaching and surrounding the herd silently. Grey's mere presense seems to have a soothing effect on MH1. But it also seems to dull their senses and reflexes. Their guard is down as they now seem to be following Grey. He begins to veer them off course and they follow blindly, not even questioning it. Norma closes the circle and the swarm begins at the back of the herd. MH1-002 through MH1-007 are felled by sheer numbers. The micro's make quick work of gnawing through jugulars and dropping the sluggish fluffies almost silently.

12:43 hours. The swarm has made 3 passes by now. MH1-008 through MH1-016 all drop in the grass, hardly any of the fluffies notice until MH1-017 is brought out of it's stupor by the gnawing of micro's at his left hind leg.

"SCREEEEEEEEEE! Bitey munstahs! Hewp fwuffeh!"

12:46 hours. MH1-017's panic seems to lift the others from their daze. They erupt in totzl chaos, screaming, running in circles and veering away from Grey as the swarm are thrown wildly into the grass. Shit, we had hoped to guide them towards the other herds while thinning them out to get more of them together. This would maximize the effectiveness of Xibalba's influence, but that plan is shot.

"Send her in."

12:51 hours. MH1 collectively stop and lookas a gust of wind blows through the tall grass and Xibalba rises above them. They shriek as the swarm envelops them and begin to panic again. Xibalba gains altitude and then swoops low over the chaotic scene. MH1-017 through MH1-043 collapse in an instant. Those not swarmed by biting micro's notice this happen and try to run away.

12:57 hours. Xibalba gains altitude again, the camera records a spectacular view. Honestly it's still awe inspiring to watch her soar so effortlessly. She turns and swoops again. MH1-044 through MH1-061 fall dead in an instant. Xibalba flaps her wings, they beat audibly from here as she rises again.

01:01 hours. MH1-062 through MH1-081 are surrounded by the dead. They sit and weep and eveacuate themselves in fear as the micro's criss cross in the grass and Grey approaches.

"Whewe dummehs fink dey goin? Shouwda jus fowwowed Gwey. Buh naow fwuffehs made big sistuh angwy."

01:05 hours. A loud whoosh is heard as Xibalba dives once more and the remaining members of MH1 go limp and dead. Grey looks at them as coldly as their lifeless stares and then looks up as Xibalba gains air again.

01:07 hours. Xibalba has reached a height of 113 feet and soars over the open grassland. Her camera records the other herds and even some of the fire burning in the distance. She zeroes in on the next herd and begins to descend.

"Daddeh, see mowe dummehs. Shebawba gib aww foweva sweepies."

01:11 hours. The proximity alarm begins to sound as Xibalba nears the threshold of her operationl range.

"XIbalba! Come back to command, you are straying to fa-bzzzzzzt!"

01:13 hours. Xibalba's com is fried and so is her camera and GPS as the shock implant works a little too well. I watch in pure horror as her wings stiffen and she veers wildly before gliding out of sight beyond the trees.

"Shit! Shitshitshit! We lost sight of her and can't track her! Get the mobile recovery teams out there! Plot her trajectory and figure out where she landed! Get her back! Is this thing still recording? Turn that goddamn thing o-."

Log Terminated


Xibalba goes wide eyed as a pain like the buzzing stings of dozens of bees goes through her back and a screeching noise squelches in her ear. Her wings stiffen and her left one flaps abruptly. She starts to veer towards some houses at the edge of the grasslands. She almost faints from the shock of it all, but manages to control her descent. She comes in low and closes her eyes as she uses some thick weed patches to slow her to a halt and she tumbles end over end into an open yard.

Xibalba aches, but nothing is broken. She is sturdier than your average fluffy. She has a few lacerations from the whipping weeds and some ringing in her ear. She winces at the spasming muscles in her back and whimpers as she stands with an angry look. Suddenly she snaps to attention when she senses something. She turns to see a tall mare looking at her with feline eyes. A green mare with a curly bi-colored mane and tail that swishes as she looks at Xibalba wide eyed.

"Hewwo! Am Cwaiw! Whus fwuffehs name?"



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deadweight: The plot thickens! Stay tuned for more in the next chapter, Family Matters!

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