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Leg Babbeh

By: LinePaperPens

You are a fluffy. You are gray and have white spots, and your mane is a not so
pretty darker gray. You don't know what your name is, but that's probably because
the smarty never gave you one. Nobody in the herd has a name, just what the
smarty calls them. The blue fluffy with the red mane is 'The Toughie", the little
brown babbeh is the "Dummeh Poopeh Nummy Findew". The smarty calls you
"Dummeh Enfie Mawe!" and that suits you fine, as you get to have more babies
than you could even imagine! You love babies.

It was nice that bright time, Dummeh Poopeh Nummy Findew found a place with
lots of nummies the last bright time, and he and some other fluffies went
to go find it. You played with some of your babies and waited for, as the smarty
called them, The Nummy Patwol to get back with nummies. If you ate the
nummies you could give miwkies to the babies!

The babies were so cute, playing Hide 'N' Peep with you. It was almost your turn to
hide when you heard a one of The Nummy Patwol! They were back wi-


human! It's exactly what you'd been waiting for! While you loved having as many
babies as you wanted, a human would love you and your babbehs and even give
you sketty! That's what The Smarty said!

You started to run towards The Human as fast as your legs would carry you! You
rise above the "Big Hiwwy Gwound" and see a human! He... also has a bawky

You can't move. You want to, but your legs won't. "THERE ONE IS NOW LIONEL! GO GEDDIT!" The Human yells at his bawky munstah. The bawky munstah runs at you, it's teeth are exposed, terrifying you to your core, leading to you making scaredy poopies on the ground beneath you.

The bawky munstah jumps at you... and misses, landing on the fluffy nest where you and the other fluffies live!

"Dummeh bawky munstah! Toughie gib 'ou fowevew sweepies an' sowwy stompies! Gib him sowwy poopies Toughie Fweind!" You could hear The Smarty yell. The Smarty is the best fluffy ever, and you know it's true because The Smarty said so.

You watch as The Toughie struts up to the bawky munstah, smirking. You know The Toughie will give the munstah forever sleepies, because The Toughie is the toughest ever! Or so you thought before the bawky munstah bit his head and shook him around like a stuffy friend. Boo-boo juice flung from The Toughies lifeless body with each shake, some flying and hitting you in the face.

"WUN! BAWKY MUNSTAH GONNA NUM AWW DA FWUFFIES!" You scream, running towards where you safely keep your babies. "DUMMEH ENFIE MAWE GOTTA SAVE DA BABBEHS!" You run towards the nest, but you never make it, as the bawky munstah hits you with his not-hoofsies and you go flying into the grass, much farther from the nest than you intended.

"Dummeh Enfie Mawe su dummeh! Nu smawt wike Smawty!" You hear The Smarty gloat. "Smawty gib fowevew sweepies to dummeh bawky munstah an' den hab good feews wif Dummeh Enfie Mawe! Smawty am s-SCREEE! Nu, pwease mistah bawky munstah smawty jus' being siwwy! Nu num smawty! Smawty am onwy wittwe babbeh! Hu huu... num Dummeh Enfie Mawe! An' babbehs! An' Nummy Patwol! Just pwease nu num Smawt-EEEEEEEEEEEEee."
That was the last thing you heard The Smarty say.
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LinePaperPens: Combine both parts and delete the other uploads? Genius!
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Anonymous1: I love the horror that dawns on fluffies as they realize that, without humans to spoil them rotten, they are prey animals. Food. Meat. Nums.

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AIDS: @Anonymous: Bon appetit!
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Anonymous2: Nice start. Healthy dose of reality.
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Anonymous3: @Anonymous: !
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FoalOut4: The adventures of leg babbeh!
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FoalOut4: leg babbeh nees miwkies!