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When I try to hugbox
Part 1

Tokyo, December 21

It’s been a while since I’ve been out. I don’t blame myself, in this weather the last thing you want is to freeze in the snow. It’s one of the coldest winters of the century in eastern Japan, It’s 5pm, it’s snowing, and I’m out to buy grocery. Should have remembered to do it last Saturday… Anyway, my name is Shinji, occupation: student. I’m lucky enough to have my parents taking care of my finances while I study for med school. It’s a bit of a shame, sometimes, to depend on them, but they say it’s not a bother and that my education is important. So here I am, enjoying vacation in the most boring way possible: in one of these giant supermarkets that sell pretty much everything. They’re usually better than local convenience stores because of the overall price of the items, and have a much wider variety of food brands.

As I walk around the corridors, cart already full, and trying to remember something I might have forgotten, I see myself in a section dedicated to pets. It’s extremely colorful, a long and wide corridor filled with food, toys and general goods for cats, dogs, parrots, and of course fluffies.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I don’t inherently hate them, but fluffies are some weird things. It’s been 10 years since they’ve been created, and of course about 9 and a half years since the Japanese industry found uses to them. Not that it would be hard to do, people around here love furry, small, fictional animals, which sometimes have the ability to speak. It’s been in our popular culture forever.

So when Hasbio lost control of their creation, many smaller companies were born around the newborn fluffy market, with all kinds of strategies. Pet shops started to breed and sell them, artists started to use them for entertainment, and of course, given that these little things reproduce like rabbits and ferals have become a problem in both big cities and rural areas, many people started to acquire their livelihood by termination services.

This tendency was very strong here. After the USA became a giant trash bin from these things consuming the environment and leaving destruction all around, the Japanese government decided it wouldn’t have any of it. Of course the government couldn’t beat popular opinion and forbid them in the country, but by law, wild ones should always be terminated, and only registered sellers could commercialize then. Though many government actions prevent their numbers to get out of control, they reproduce so quickly that abandoned or wild fluffies are not an extremely uncommon sight, even in large urban areas such as this pile of concrete blocks we call Tokyo. People don’t mind them much, though. Ferals are like pigeons, ignored by most, fed by some old folks in parks, and generally kicked around by passing children.

Even so, Japan is Japan. The number of fluffies living with humans is high. Approximately 1 in every 5 houses with children in the country have at least one fluffy nowadays. They’re usually considered lovely pets to have at home, but oh so accident-prone. Children always end up killing them by accident, one way or another. I’m pretty sure if I had one it wouldn’t have such a short life as they have in the hands of the kids.

Me? I don’t own any fluffies. Never wanted one, actually. They’re usually so stupid that it’s hard to like them, no matter what they look like. And I hear they’re as messy as untrained dogs and can leave shit all around the house. No, I don’t have time for that.

Also the toys and products for them, so useless… People spend so much money on that it’s even scary. This corridor is solid proof. There are people buying right now, and I even see a kid carrying a white fluffy in its arms. It looks happy, but damn, both the fluffy and the kid seem so boring. No, I probably won’t ever own one of these.

And here, dear reader, is where I must bite my tongue.

As I walk back home with a few bags full of food, I hear a small noise that sounds like crying coming from an alley to my right. Curiosity winning over caution, I go towards its source. In a dark corner there are a few boxes, probably abandoned there earlier today, since it’s really rare to see garbage around here. In one of them, a very small creature is looking at me, its face showing fear. When it realizes I’m looking back at it, it gasps and runs back to behind the boxes. I slowly get up, go near that spot, and see the whole picture.

There are five foals there, with a - clearly dead - mare. Her yellowish eyes stare into nothing, her tongue is hanging from of the mouth, already dry. There’s a bad smell in the air, which indicates she’s been dead for at least a day already. Her foals are around her, one hugging her back leg, another asking for milk. The others are just crying and saying something I don’t really bother to register. Not really understanding why I’ve even bothered to come here, I turn around to go away, leaving these creatures to their own luck, when I feel something in my ankle.

‘Pweez mistah,’ a little red thing says, trying to climb my leg and looking at me with eyes full of tears, ‘Gib mummah nummies… Pweez… Babbehs tummy owwies…’

From what I can understand, this foal wants me to feed its mother. I sigh and kneel to get closer.

‘Listen, fluffy. Your... Er, mommy, is dead. She can’t feed you anymore.’

I didn’t realize how shocking this obvious piece of information would be to the foal. Upon hearing my words, it runs away back to its dead mother, crying and screaming.

…Meh. I forget it and grab my stuff again. As I turn to leave, I can hear more crying. Sounds like the foal just gave the bad news to its siblings, and now they’re all crying together.

I know they’re doomed. I know it’s only a matter of time until they die of thirst, or are killed by someone’s cat, or just thrown in the trash truck. I must be losing my mind. Yeah, because I can’t explain my next actions in any way.

I walk back to the fluffies, grab one of the cardboard boxes (one that doesn’t look too dirty) and start putting the foals inside it. They try to run, protest, hug their mother, but they’re helpless, really. I kick the mare’s body to check I’m not leaving any behind (I’m not touching this decomposing carcass with my bare hands), close the box and take them away.


Ten minutes later we arrive in my house. I live in a small flat, but as I’m alone it’s enough for me. I hope it is enough for these little guys too.

The five of them look like this:
> A red male with a horn, the one who spoke to me:
> A light blue female with no special features whatsoever;
> A brown male, the smallest of them all, no features;
> A yellow female with wings, she seems to be scared of almost everything;
> A green male with yellowish hair already growing, is the biggest crybaby of them all and is also the one who craves the most attention.

At home, I put them all near my door, still inside the box, and go straight to my computer. I have no clue of what I’m supposed to do to take care of them. I suppose they need a bath, but I don’t know if there are any special details about cleaning them. I also don’t know what they can and cannot eat.

I ask on the /pet/ board at 1Chan, and try to filter through the trolling and obvious bad advice most anons give. By the answers, they say I need to warm water a bit so it doesn’t make them feel cold or hot, and put it in a recipient large enough for them to play, but with the water level low enough to cover only their feet. Then I can use neutral soap or fluffy shampoo on the water and clean them with a soft toothbrush. After that, I put them in another recipient with clean water to take out the soap. The anons also say I should dry them with a towel, because the sound of the drier can scare them.

I follow this advice as best as I can, but it still backfires. Since the fluffies are dead afraid of water, they all start to cry when I put them in it, and no less than three of them shit themselves out of fear. Now the water is useless, and I have to prepare their bath all over again. I make a mental note to research on how can I make them poop before I clean them, otherwise it’ll be a mess every time.

After the struggle that was cleaning them, I put them in a pillow to sleep, but they’re obviously hungry. Some ask me for “miwkies”, others cry and keep repeating “wan mummah”.

I warm some milk and try to improvise. Since there are 5 of them, I take a latex glove and pinch a small hole in each of its fingers. It miraculously works and they feed from the milk I’ve filled the glove with. I mean, most of them drink. The green one has a taste and walks back, with a sad face. It looks at me and starts complaining, almost crying:
‘Nu wike bad miwkie! Mummah bettah! Wan mummah!’

The brown one slowly comes with its siblings and also doesn’t seem to like the taste of the milk. He only looks sad and doesn’t say anything.

I try to cheer the green one a bit, by scratching its head with my finger and saying ‘Mummy won’t come back, little one, all we have is the milk I bought.’

My words make him cry again. Loudly. He’s now calling his mummah and saying ‘babbeh hungweeh’.

The others notice it and stop feeding, too. The blue female goes and hugs the green one, saying something about hugging ‘til saddies go away’ while the others also start to cry and call for mommy. Damn, this is what I’m talking about. I know babies of any species are stupid, but this is ridiculous. I get a little upset and speak loudly, just a little angry.

‘Shut up and eat!’

This creates an enormous overreaction. All of them, even the sick brown one, run away in random directions (slowly of course, these things can’t run to save their lives) screaming in terror. The red and green ones, who managed not to shit in the water during the bath, of course literally shit themselves now. I’m surprised for a few seconds before I sigh and easily chase them back.

In just a minute I have them all back in a box babbling nonsense, and now I’m completely clueless. What should I do? The green one is still crying, so I pick him up and start to caress him. It seems to calm him down a bit, and he answers.

‘Gib huggies and wuv to babbeh, wuv daddeh!’
‘Er… I’m not your daddy, I’m just taking care of you.’
‘Daddeh gib wuv, am daddeh!’

And with it, he hugs my fingers, closing his eyes and looking happy for the first time. Apparently he believes that if you caress a fluffy, you automatically become its “daddeh”.

Fluffy logic.


Red baby was very confused. In just one day his life had changed so much he couldn’t even understand it. Just yesterday day he was with mommy and brothers and sisters, and they were the happiest fluffies ever. They did so many funny things, they ran, they hugged, they played with so many colorful toys! And mommy always had the best milk for him and the other babies! Red baby loved his family so much it always gave him the best heart feelings when they played and hugged. He wanted his life to be like this for all forevers!

There were also the humans who appeared sometimes. They didn’t come to play with them, only to feed mommy and take the “poopies” away. Red baby sometimes cried when the humans ignored them. He didn’t understand why, but he wanted a human mommy or daddy so much! Of course he always got over it with love and hugs from mommy and his siblings, so he didn’t have to endure too many “meanie saddies”.

This day seemed just like any other. Red baby woke up, still in the middle of his so warm and pretty fluffpile, and called for mommy. Mommy was there, but she was still asleep. He decided to wake her up so they could play and have milk. Red baby then started to touch mummy’s face with his hooves.

‘Wakies mummah! Am bwight times!’

But no matter how much he tried, mommy didn’t wake up. His siblings were waking up one by one now, and blue baby joined him in waking mommy.

‘Siwwy mummah,’ blue sister said, happily, ‘Wakies fow miwkies!’ but it was no use. Why didn’t mommy wake up? Was she tired from playing?

Deciding he wasn't that hungry, red baby left her and started to play hugs with “nu speakie bwuddah”. They played and ran and together managed to stack two blocks! So tall! But then the human came. Red baby ran to the edge of their safe house (a large glass aquarium with a cardboard floor painted green) and asked for the nice mister to wake mommy up. The human looked surprised, grabbed mommy and left.

What? This wasn’t what red baby wanted, don’t take mommy away!

‘Nuuu, nu take mummah! Jus’ wakie!’ he cried, but the human was already gone. The other babies had seen it happening too, and were all crying now. Red baby ran to his siblings and they all hugged together, but they wanted mommy! The “saddies” didn’t go away with hugging, why was the human this mean? Taking mommy away was the meanest thing ever!


Meanwhile, inside a vet room in the pet shop;

‘Yeah, she’s dead. Heart attack, I’d say. You know it usually happens with fluffies, weak circulatory system and all… Poor thing, at least she died in her sleep.’

‘But doc, she had five foals and they still need milk for at least one more week until we can put them to sell. What do we do with them? You know other mares won’t take them, and we’re not starting that milkbag bullshit again. We’re a serious store.’

‘What? You say it like the milkbags were my idea. But it worked for a while, didn’t it?’

‘Yeah, but we’ve lost six litters in the same week because of that. With all the foals milking from the same mares, that disease spread faster than a new Final Fantasy game.’

‘I know, I know. One hell of a week at work. Well... Five foals, you say?’

‘Yep. You remember them. That litter with the brown one who was born with underdeveloped vocal cords.’

‘Oh, alright, rare condition, really. Well… Based on the… Circumstances… I think euthanasia is the most humane option. Otherwise they’ll just starve, right? I’m pretty sure the store won’t spend milk with them, and without a human caretaker they’ll end up untrained and won’t be sold.’

‘Hmpf. Ok, I know you’re in charge of this kind of medical procedure, but… Can I take care of it this time? I’m a vet student after all.’

The vet thought for a few seconds. There was no way this kid would do it. He liked fluffies like they were real animals. He would probably take them home or just abandon them and hope for them to be adopted. Pretty stupid, really. Being put to sleep peacefully would be a better end for them than freezing in the snow, but he agreed. It was Saturday and he just wanted his turn to end. And why bother so much about the destiny of fluffy ponies, anyway?


Red baby was not sad anymore. The human had brought mommy back! She was still asleep, but it was mommy! But then something strange happened. The human put mommy in a small house the same color of “nu speakie bwuddah”, then all babies were put there too. Red baby didn’t like it. It was small, didn’t smell pretty, and there weren’t any toys here. Then the house was lifted.

‘Huu, nu scawy upsies!’ Red baby said, ‘Mummah hewp!’ The others started to cry and say similar things. They were all so scared!

Some time later (how long? red baby didn't know, they were all hiding by closing their dark see-places) the new house stopped moving and they were all… Where? The brown box was laying on its side, making the space in front of them visible. He saw the human going away, saw how far he was now, and saw how… big the place was. It was so open there was no end to it. How big was the world? This thought left red baby as soon as it came. This new place was cold!

He ran back to mommy, expecting her fluff to warm him, but she was so cold too! Yellow siister was crying, hugging mommy.

‘Huu… Meanie cowd times, nu cowd mummah! Pweez! Huuhuu...’

Red baby was so sad to see sister like this, he wanted tot give her the biggest huggies ever and make all saddies go away, but before he could do it, he heard noise nearby. He thought the human was coming back and ran towards the corner where he’d heard it. It was a different human. This one came close, looked at them, then at mommy... and left! Humans were so big and scary! But humans are good, right? Humans can be mommies and daddies, and baby always wanted a new daddy to play and love…

Then he thought of a plan. He was a smart baby. Daddy could wake and feed mommy so she would feed the babies! And babies were so hungry they had “tummeh owwies”, they needed their “bestest miwkies” so much.
He was so afraid of the human. But he would try. He would be a brave baby. He ran to the human and hugged his leg.

‘Pweez mistah, gib mummah nummies… Pweez… Babbehs tummy owwies…’

The human looked surprised for a moment, and said that mommy was… Was… But she couldn’t be, it was the worst of the worst! Dead? It meant forever sleepies!?


Forever sleepies was so sad it couldn’t exist, but the human said it! And red baby knew (though he didn’t understand how) that humans didn’t play mean games, if human daddy says it, it's true! So mommy… Mommy...

He was crying so much and so desperately he couldn’t see where he was going. He kept screaming for mommy, and finally reached her, her once warm fluff now cold, her milkie places now empty, her “mummah songs” that baby wanted so much to hear, at least once more, now forever silenced.

He hugged her and cried more.

‘Nuuu, meanie fowevah sweepies! Gib mummah! Wan mummah! Huuhuu…’

Apparently the other babies heard it and understood what red baby meant, because soon they were all crying and hugging mommy, trying to hug the forever sleepies away. But it didn’t seem to work…

And then, suddenly, they were all thrown back in another small brown house and taken away. Red baby tried to hide by closing his see-places again and didn’t look back, not realizing that he had just seen mommy for the last time.

All of them hugged each other in fear, innocent, unknowing, incapable of understanding what life really was, incapable of understanding the amount of pain they were feeling now... And that they would feel later.
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RandomAnon: So, I'm finally on vacation from work (after a hellish month) and had time today, so I wrote this.
The synopsis is simple: A normal young guy with no knowledge of fluffies whatsoever tries to raise some foals he found abandoned. You should expect him to fail. Miserably. But perhaps he could manage it... Who knows.
I don't know how many chapters this story will have, but I'll try not to extend it enough for it to become too boring.
Also, you might notice that english is not my first language, so please excuse me if there are any mistakes.

Oh! I really didn't have the time, but if someone who's reading this was following "Fluffybooru Chooses", be aware that I'll get back to it in no time. I've already illustrated most of the next page (and might illustrate a bit of this one here too).
Thanks a lot.

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RevMe: If you ever wanted to do an abuse version of it, you could have Shinji set up speakers booming YOUR MOTHER IS DEAD at them 24/7.
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NTSNetLink: very enjoyable to read, please more

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AIDS: Hopefully there will be more.
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FluffyOverLord: Please no "ABUSE ALL OUT OF A SUDDEN, LET THE FLUFFIES HIT THE FLOOR" I want to see where this goes

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Browniest_of_Poopies: nice story. i really like that kind of line, where the human is not a dumb retard, but tries to deal with the situation in a smart way.
Looking foward to it.
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Anonymous1: the brown can talk to mice
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FoxHoarder: Perfect story this far. The fluffies are so adorably innocent, it's exactly what I love about fluffies in general! And the human characters are nice and reasonable too, which is perfect for a story about frail little creatures like this. Good work RandomAnon, I can't wait to read more like this!
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takemitakemio: "and only registered sellers could commercialize then"
So why fluffies arent neutered? Sold fertil fluffies is a big mistake
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