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'night bus'
by natback666

'it a terrible thing inside,
when your natural high has died
the weaker turn to dope
& put all aside their hope'
--curtis mayfield

jules stares at the crackhead near the bus door, holding a struggling fluffy by its tail.

'this is cypress,' the driver intones.

the doors open. the crackhead jumps out; other vacating passengers move around him. 'b-b-babylon fallin!' the crackhead roars, brandishing the sobbing fluffy, 'de wicked one drop!'

'nuuuuuu! wet smawty daaown!' the creature screams.

it defecates over the crackhead. he doesnt seem to notice, flinging the fluffy down. jules hears the creatures bones snap; it wails once. the crackhead stumbles over it, crushing it.

jules watches the fluffys shattered remains as the bus departs cypress.


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natback666: halfway point ya fuckin cunts; mad love to all of you bitches for the endless, unconditional support & encouragement LOL

regards niggas,
natback666 <333
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Anonymous4: reminds me of NY back in the mid 80s.
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Anonymous5: The story was a shitpost, the comments are shitposting intensified.We have actually managed to square the shitpost.

We have achieved Shitposted Squared. God Help Us.
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Anonymous6(2): @Anonymous: we need to go deeper
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Anonymous7: @natback666: you sound like a cuck
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