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Even when they know what's coming, they call me "daddeh."

Got him by the tail. Hoof-pads scramble on hardwood floor.



Got a grip. He's still flailing.


Grab the head. Twist. Hear the neck snap. Body spasms, goes limp.

Skin. Gut. Cut into pieces. Coat with mustard sauce. Roast in oven, 300F for 45 minutes. Serve with rice.

Fluffies are nummies!
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FluffyOverLord: Fuck you, Go die
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Anonymous1: oh come on
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NTSNetLink: fuck this 100 word shit
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Anonymous2(1): its not even 100 words you weird ass food guy
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Anonymous3: You should have gone into more detail about the rice. What works best with fresh fluffy?

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guodzilla: @Anonymous: well, shit...it's got my vote!

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Bren: Better than natback
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Anonymous4: @Bren: That's what I was shooting for.
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Anonymous5: would it be charcoal at that heat for that long?
Because I get the feeling that fluffy meat would burn easily.
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Anonymous6: @Anonymous: Not if you leave the bones in. Without the bones, cut the cooking time to 15 minutes.
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