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Choose Your
Own Adventure

Little Sister's
Fluffies - Part 2

By Hornlarry


Note to Reader: Read Part 1 first:


You are Anon Smith, and you are 10 years old.

Yesterday your younger sister Candice was given three baby fluffies.

Now, you find yourself staring at them, wanting to hurt them, but not wanting to get in trouble, yet again.

There are three fluffies, sleeping soundly in a fluffpile by the light of your sister's night-light. There is a green fluffy, which Candice named "Princess Holly". She was the "bestest-baby" of her litter, and you just know the fluffy will become the worst kind of brat if it is allowed to live and grow. Then, there is Dora (an explorer don't you know), a blue fluffy, known for exploring things. You are sure this fluffy will end up in your room, shitting on your floor and making a mess of your things. It must die too. Finally, there is Barby, the red fluffy. Small, weak and timid, and known for crying at the slightest surprise. This fluffy becomes deathly afraid any time it is separated from its siblings. Its suffering must be exquisite.

But you don't want to get caught.

By now, your sister and parents are sleeping also, and in the darkness of the night, you are alone to ponder the fluffies fate. Various ideas flash through your mind's eye.

Seeing the little bastards sleeping in their adorably cute fluffpile makes you want to immediately smash them to a pulp with a hammer. Oh how sweet and joyful it would be to mash them to a paste with blow after blow, while they wake and scream and beg, seeing their siblings murdered, crying as their legs are mashed, and finally going quiet. You have visions of your sister, and then your parents waking as you crush the fluffies with blow after blow. "NUUUUU! Pwease nu mowe huwties!" they beg, but you keep on hitting. Eventually, mom and dad would stop them, but you fantasize about breaking free from their grasp, just in time to get the killing blow in on the last fluffy. Licking their blood and tears from your hammer, you sit down, only to realise that you would probably be sent to some school for completely fucked up kids.

No, you mustn't get caught.

You consider sneaking off with the fluffies. You could make it look like they ran away, like the gerbil that your sister lost, which was never found. Dad had told her that the gerbil had gone "exploring" but you knew that if it wasn't in the house, it was dead in the Maine winter outside. Taking the fluffies would be easy, so long as they didn't wake. You could hide them somewhere, and then really take your time with them. Starving them, beating them, cutting off their legs and pitting them against one another for scraps of food. Oh how they would shake and weep with fear as you opened the cellar door. You would make sure that Princess Holly lasted the longest, or maybe the pitiful Barby. If a fluffy gets hungry enough, will it eat its own legs? What about its own sisters?

Best of all, you wouldn't get caught this way.

But no, to really get revenge on your sister for all the times she got you in trouble, the best way to do things is to get HER in trouble.

You decide to make the fluffies lives a living hell, but slowly, and in a way that makes your sister get the blame. You need to be patient and play the long game. Eventually, you could make it look like one or more of the fluffies had ran away, and then really go to town on them. But for the meantime, you have to make the fluffies suffer, and make Candice get the blame.

Remembering that the fluffies are afraid of the "Dawk tiem" you think about turning off the night light. Then you remember, old incandescent bulbs break if you shake them enough, and it will just look like it burned out. Taking the night light, and glancing over your shoulder at your sleeping sister, you shake it until the bulb blows. The room is suddenly dark. You can see nothing, and hear nothing except your own heart, hammering in your chest. One of the fluffies stirs in its sleep, squeaking slightly, and making your heart skip a beat. It settles down though, snuggling back with its sisters.

You continue to kneel next to the fluffpile. Reaching for your phone, you switch on the flashlight, and illuminate the fluffies. Red, Blue and Green. Your plan if they wake is to say you heard them squeal and wanted to check if they are OK. The dead light bulb is your cover for their fear. Now, you think about which fluffy to mess with.

Knowing their tendency to shit when they are afraid, you decide to remove the fluffies from the nest. Dora is the obvious candidate. A natural explorer, surely she would leave the nest at night? Princess Holly was also very disappointed at not being able to sleep in Candice's bed. You think about putting her in bed with Candice, where she will either shit herself or get crushed by Candice rolling over. Looking at your sister's bed though, you realise there is no way a baby fluffy could climb in for itself, or even an adult fluffy, without some way up. Instead, you decide to put Princess Holly on the floor near the bed, as if she was trying to get in. Finally, there is Barby, the scaredy cat of the litter. She wouldn't leave the nest, but gets terribly upset when separated from her littermates. You decide to leave her in the nest alone, making the plan easier, as it is one less fluffy to move. She will be terrified when she awakes.

The moment of truth comes when you have to move the first fluffy. You gently cradle your hands around Princess Holly, feeling the warmth of her fluff, and the gentle rising and falling of her abdomen as she breathes. Working carefully, you ever so gently separate her from her sisters, and creep over to the foot of your sister's bed. The duvet has fallen on the floor slightly, and would be the natural place for the fluffy to attempt to climb. Very carefully, you place the sleeping fluffy on the corner of duvet that is hanging on the floor, and tip-toe back to the fluffy nest.

Next, you slowly repeat the process with Dora, cradling her in your hands. Where to put her? You decide that the dolls house she was exploring earlier is the obvious choice. It is far from the other fluffies, and an antique, having belonged to your great grandmother. Hopefully, the fluffy will panic and crap itself as soon as it wakes up.

Finally, you return to the nest. Eager to hurt Barby, to crush her and maim her, but knowing your life would effectively be over, you are forced to leave her in the nest.

Returning to your room, you prepare to wait, but impatience gets the better of you. Opening your bedroom window, you lean out and grab a loose roof-tile. Then, you hurl the roof-tile at the neighbours fence, knowing it will wake their large and angry dog, which will bark for a good ten minutes before it calms down.

THUD. Slams the roof-tile.


"SCREEEEE!" comes a wail from your sister's room, "DAWK TIEM MUNSTAHS!"

"Mummah! Mummah!" cries a feeble sounding fluffy.

"Huu huu huu," cries another fluffy, "Scawedy poopies!"

"ARHR ARHHR ARHRH AJHRHR ARHRH!" the dog continues to bark, as if challenging the fluffies for waking him.

"Wha? Fluffies? Mom!" yells Candice.

You have to bit the insides of your face not to laugh your little ass off at the calamity you have caused.



"Huu huu huu!"

"Dawk tiem!"



"Candice!" Calls your mom, "What is going on!"

"Its the neighbours dog! He's barking and its scared the fluffies! The light is gone and... Eeeeeeew..."

"What's happened?"

"Mom! Its pooped all over my duvet!"

"Oh no, its all over the carpet too, and Oh God is that one crapping in maw-maws Doll House?"

"I'm sorry mommy!"

"Hewp! Fwuffy am wost! Hewp!



The pandemonium lasts about five minutes before your mom is able to capture all of the fluffies. You make the excuse that the noise has woken you up to go and witness the carnage caused by your actions. First, you see you sister, holding Princess Holly, who's poop covered ass is still leaking intermittently. There is poop on the carpet, the duvet, your sister's pyjamas, and both sister and fluffy are crying profusely.

Then you see your mom, chasing the terrified Dora around the Doll's House, growing increasingly irate with the fluffy, which is apparently too scared to let her pick it up. Eventually, she grabs it, far more roughly than baby fluffies are supposed to be picked up. It cries out "Bad upsies!" and starts huuing in earnest as your mom spanks its little butt, calling it a bad fluffy for pooping on maw-maw's doll's house. The trail of shit covers the interior, on walls, floor and ceiling. Dora's scaredy poopies must have been practically explosive.

Your dad comes downstairs, and you both find the final fluffy, Barby, hiding in the nest. Amazingly, this fluffy seems to have managed not to poop itself, although it has pissed itself in terror. It is hiding half under a blanket, and quivering with fear. You make a show of comforting Barby, and make sure that your dad sees you doing so.

Later, your mom takes the dolls house downstairs to clean, telling Candice that the fluffies need a "proper safe room" and telling your dad to clean the fluffies. You watch with glee as your dad uses the electric shower to wash the scaredy poopies from the fluffies fluff. This provokes yet more terror from the fluffies. "Nuuu! Wawa am bad fow fwuffies! Nuuu!" the fluffies all wail and cry as your exasperated father cleans them up. The poopies that somehow managed to stay inside Barby, escape with gusto when the shower water hits her fluff. Barby wails as if she were being showered with sulphuric acid (now there's an idea) but eventually, the showering is over, and the fluffies are returned to their nest, which is put inside a large cardboard box, so they can't climb out.

"Huu huu huu huu huu," weeps Princess Holly, "Why put fwuffies in sowwy box? Nu wub fwuffies nu mowe?"

"Nu wike scawy boxie," adds Barby.

"Pwease wet fwuffies out!" begs Dora.

You make a show of staying to comfort the fluffies and your sister, and your exhausted parents seem grateful. After a long while, the fluffies settle down, and fall asleep in a fluff-pile. You hear your mum, arguing with your dad about the antique doll's house, that she had played with as a child, but they eventually go to bed.

Returning to your room, you lay awake, dreaming up ideas and making plans for the next day. Set on a slow plan, you decide to play the angel in public, and the devil in the shadows. You decide to play with the fluffies all day the next day, but if there should be some kind of "accident" during the day, what could it be? And how could it look like it was all Candice's fault?

What do Anon?

What do?

is covered in poop and


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Hornlarry: Part 2 for you all.

I basically went with Fatalsirenz's idea, combined with the "blame the sister" idea. I had Anon THINK about the other ideas though, as some of them were great.

What should Anon do next?

Repeat of the rules:

1) One idea per named person on the Booru or Anon
2) Anon's cannot vote (too easy to samefag) but are allowed to suggest ideas
3) REMEMBER - Anon Smith has been caught by Mom and Dad before, so the idea is to be DAMNED SNEAKY about hurting or tormenting the fluffies. Make them last a little while. Immediately putting one in the microwave will not work, unless there is a damned good reason why Anon Smith could make it look like an accident.
4) I can veto any idea, because I'm the writer, but I won't be a total dick about this
5) I will write one part of this story each night, to avoid spamming the Booru
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Anonymous1: is covered in poop and
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Anonymous2(1): Someone said something the last time about feeding them the wrong thing. Maybe sneak them something too rich for them, or let them have too many treats or something, and the sister gets blamed for overfeeding them, while they all get sick

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Hornlarry: @Anonymous: Its a good idea anon. Nice and sneaky and easy to do...
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Anonymous3(1): @Hornlarry: maybe he should wait on that until the next day or something... If he goes all in too fast, he'll blow it

maybe he sees his sister sneaking them treats even though they're in trouble for the "night wander" and it gives him the idea.

He should be going for the long con, right? I'm still anon2, was just thinking about it more.
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GreatFieryDongoOfDoom: Kinda dissapointing only one of them ended up being spanked but that's good enough.

Now... let's feed little bastards something unfit for them, that will not kill them, yet will cause some chaos... Something a silly little girl would feed her pet. I say let's give them some candies or chocolate doused with laxatives. I don't think parents know enough about Fluffies, so they might think that wrong kind of food caused them to have diarrhea. Either they are going to make a mess agaian and thus further thin parents patience, or they will have an unpleasant visit at vets.
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Anonymous4: Subtly encourage best baby syndrome make a smarty.

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guodzilla: Find something fragile, valuable and close to the ground. Lure the fluffies into playing with it,at which point it breaks or otherwise gets ruined. Now, when I say "lure," don't tell them to play with it; they'll blab. No, hide a treat in, on or around it which will attract their notice, or maybe a bright-colored toy or something.
That way when it gets ruined, they or Sis will get blamed, not you.
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pillowManiac: >mum
Implying hornlarry isn't from America
But seriously, this is good, I think he should manipulate the fluffies, make holly go full hell gremlin smarty, with casual (secret) encouragement from Anon
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FluffyOverLord: >Go to fluffy food/treat storage
>Get fucktons of viagra and laxatives
>Paint them the same color as treats
>TIP: Hammer those viagra/laxatives into dust
>TIP: Put it in their milkies/water
The last two are just additions, Anon should blame his sister for giving them things that they shouldn't eat
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Ewik_da_Wed: Noice.
Now do the mindfuck thing, please.
Also, Anon4's idea of encouraging the bestest babby to become a smarty is nice.
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GreatFieryDongoOfDoom: @Ewik_da_Wed: Truth, although it's likely to get Fluffy killed/thrown out, so I would save it for later.

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boogeymansam: Put Dora through a hole in the fence and let her get fucked up by the neighbors dog.
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FluffyOverLord: @boogeymansam: The dog would get in trouble

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Hornlarry: Lots of good ideas, please keep them coming. Once there are a few more, you guys need to vote on which ones you think are best.
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LinePaperPens: Once again, have Dora explore the neighbor's doghouse. Tell her that the dog is just a guard for sketty-land and only fluffies are allowed in. When Candice takes them outside Dora will explore the neighbors yard through a hole in the fence, and boom.
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GodOfThunder: Anon convinces sister to let Dora explore the back porch. When she isn't looking he shoots a rubber band at her while she is near the end of the porch. Not a far fall, only about a foot but enough to break a foals legs. Mother yells at sister for not watching her pets and letting them get hurt. This is overheard by Dora who now believes that sister broke her legs on purpose.

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Fatalsirenz: @Hornlarry: *Hand rub* lets do this. Again play the night game. Little sister goes and spends the night at a friend's house but she's there for the day. Ignore the fluffies and then around their bed time have anon go to the pantry and warm up some beans and put it in their food dish without them noticing. Fluffies will just think it's a new treat for them. Sister was home all day and being young figures they can eat whatever playing into the parents seeing her as irresponsible for not asking them what they can and can't eat.

Naturally they'll start farting and shitting up a storm cause fluffies being too stupid to realize they're just farts. Sister gets home the nextt day and gets yelled at despite her protest. Then the next day have anon mix their water with some flavorless miralax before they're let out of their saferoom for the day. They explode shit all over the living room dining room etc. parents again blame sister and beans for causing the shitting and make sister clean it up while they whoop the fluffies and rub their noses in the shit.

Or anon gets responsibility of them for the day. It's a nice sunny day and he doesn't want to deal with them so he lets them run in the backyard while just playing his DS or something. The fluffies eat grass n whatnot until one of them find a poisonous mushroom. Anon sees it and knows mushrooms around there are poisonous but let's it eat it anyways. and the fluffy stupidly thinking it's more food eats it. Since it takes awhile for mushroom toxins to get through the body but it's A. A baby, and B. Small it won't take as long. Slowly during dinner time the effects start taking over the foal and it dies. Anon feints sadness and "takes the blame." But plays the dumb card that he didn't know there were mushrooms in the backyard.
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Stealthderp: Be nice to the fluffies. If Anon makes sure that the fluffies love him more than his sister it will drive a wedge between the mutants and Candice. If they die, they die and it will take a two way trip to replace them. But if he makes sure she feels abandoned by them prefering him, the disappointment will last for live and no replacement fluffy will make up for that. Might even drive her to mistreat the little abominations considering how self-centered spoiled brats at this age sometimes are. Why get your hands dirty for a quick one if you can use others nice and slow while getting away with nothing but telling the truth: "I only did my best to be nice to the fluffies, honestly!"
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Anonymous5: whut he said^
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Anonymous6: Whatever happens long as it ends with little sister forced to make her fluffs into a feast, I'm all for it.
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LinePaperPens: @GodOfThunder: AH YESSSSSSSS
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Anonymous7: I have a very good idea here for a future chapter: a feral fluffy finds its way into the yard while Candice has "accidentally" left the door open, allowing her fluffies to escape into the yard. I'll just let your imaginations go from there.
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Anonymous8: what is with all this pedo stuff?
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HappySlappy: Something involving an AC Vent.

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Browniest_of_Poopies: @Anonymous:
like putting beans from the lunch on their kibble... scaredy poopies and farts all night long.

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puffinfluff: +1 to the "letting fluffies eat something bad", but I had an idea to add. Suppose it's a nice day out and the fluffies are having a romp through the garden/front lawn in the sunshine. The fluffies are eventually going to find dandelions and will naturally try to eat them. Anon could play the part of the angel and stop them before they do and send her sister to ask her parents if dandelions are ok for the fluffies to eat (they should be, most animals can eat dandelions safely).

When her sister returns to tell the fluffies Anon can stop her and explain that they're not going to understand what a dandelion is, and to just tell them that "pretty yellow flowers are good nummies for fluffies" so they'd understand. The fluffies are overjoyed and eat the dandelions without an issue.

Did you know that daffodils are toxic? And would also certainly qualify as a "pretty yellow flower"?
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Anonymous9: Getting them to eat something toxic, that would make them shit and puke all over the shop, is a good plan.

I also think the idea of the brother telling them about a terrifying monster to make them on edge and scared is also still a good idea.

But whatever you do next, one of those fucking shitrats better get savagely mauled to death by that neighbor's dog down the line.

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RevMe: +1 for the FatalSirenz bean plan. (not so much the mushroom plan.)

I like StealthDerp's kill-with-kindess plan, too.

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RevMe: But I hope none of the foals die this early — they can cause so much more hate and pain alive.
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Anonymous10: +1 to Fatal's idea and perhaps the one to treat them kindly for now. We need to gradually turn the parents and sister against the fluffies until we're finally able to isolate and kill them.

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UltraKek: Anon10 was me.

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RevMe: @Anonymous: YES. Ideally the fluffies will ultimately see as Anon Smith as their only true friend.

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Fluffiesareminorities: Here's an idea, have anon put laxatives in their food (it'll work great in milk) making the shitrats crap everywhere, then have the parents scold the sister for not training them properly, effectively turning her against them.
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Anonymous11: Sneak "SgtSmawty's Carolina Reaper Sauce" into the shitrats' food. LOTS of it.
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