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AIDS: Stuka the determined pegasus foal.
In flight.

See source for previous part.
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Anonymous1: Q: How the fuck?
A: I don't know, but the first person who figures out how to breed flying fluffs is going to be a hero to hugboxers.
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Anonymous2(1): I swear to god, if that thing shits on my car, it's fluffy filet for dinner.

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AIDS: @Anonymous: As far as the narrative has established, Stuka simply flies through willpower and ignorance of the laws of physics.

@Anonymous: Birdshot should do the trick.

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Rick_N_Fluffy: I bet his own "Scree" will do well as Jericho trumpet
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Anonymous3: love that name kek

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Bren: "Stuka"
instant nut

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AIDS: @Anonymous: @Bren:
Along with the Me 262, the Ju 87 is my favourite WWII aircraft.

It is highly likely.
As you may have noticed, Stuka has yet to come to grips with how to land. And he does seem to be going quite fast.

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Soulvei: @AIDS: There's a poem that the great author and poet Shel Silverstein wrote called "Gooloo" which is about a bird who flies for its entire life because it has no feet with which to land. It's touted as funny but his drawing of a crying bird laying an egg while in the sky and hoping it lands somewhere safe always made me feel kinda sad.

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AIDS: @Soulvei: I can imagine. Poor bird. :(

Suffice to say, Stuka won't remain airborne forever.
As to how/where he will land, remains to be seen.

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Bren: I personally like the Northrop P-61

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AIDS: @Bren: Oh yes!
That's a sexy beast!
Those twin-boom machines look badass.
Viz: P-38
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