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AIDS: Stanley and Oscar signing their friendship song.

I guess it's some sort of talent show for fluffies (or lack-of-talent show) or something.

Anyway, a duet.

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AIDS: Oh yeah, for those of you who still can be arsed to follow my comic, the next episode will be drawn and uploaded sometime furing the weekend, possibly slightly earlier.
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Obama: I think their more than just friends.

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AIDS: @Obama: Kmeb did some stuff on that topic, a while back.
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Anonymous1: I'm impressed. The most singing I usually see fluffs do when they scream their "I'M NOT NUMMMIES" song in D minor.

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Soulvei: @Anonymous: I dunno... I think I like the newb song of "head-canon in D"

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Soulvei: @AIDS: Why are your chicken scratch fluffs so cuuuute?

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AIDS: @Soulvei: I don't know.
I guess I'm just lucky in finding my style. :D

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Soulvei: @AIDS: I think it's your storytelling skills too. You make these guys really likeable :-)

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AIDS: @Soulvei: Thankyou very much.
I hope I'll be able to keep doing that.
And to be honest, there has to be well-behaved, happy fluffies or people wouldn't have them as pets.

And of course, the contrast makes the hellgremlins seem even worse than they already are.

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Soulvei: @AIDS: Completely agree with you on the need for contrast. I feel like I could adopt one of your floofs :)

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AIDS: @Soulvei: Oh, stop! You're making me blush! :D
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