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FluffTV Singalong Part 2
by gilfifth

Wow, they actually did real music. Actual songs, just fluffed, instead of more of that singong nonsense fluffies are prone to do. You're impressed.
You look down at your little herd to see how they liked the new show. No surprise, they're all trying to sing the words and mimic what they saw to play air instruments.
As the first song involved "huggies for nothing," the mimicry quickly devolves into a giant hug session.

"So, you guys liked that?" You ask them.

They all clamor back with "Ooh yes daddeh!" "bestes new teebee show!" "wan more sing wong, wan moW!"

"Well just calm down, the commercials are almost over," you say as they unify into a chant "wan mow!"

Sure enough, no sooner than the words leave your mouth that the stage comes back on the television screen.

The stage rotates different groups of fluffies in and out as they perform everything from rock and roll to pop music.
You notice how the fluffies "performing" always have an aesthetic closely resembling either the band the songs came from or just that general genre stereotype.
You ask if they'd like to watch anything else, or maybe go outside in the yard and play, but they're all too enthralled by the music and all the different fluffies dressed up.
They're all perfectly content to just stay there, glued to the television, so you take the time to start cleaning up around the house and taking care of some chores.
The time gets away from you, however, and suddenly you realize it is way past the fluffies' bed time.
As you walk back down the hall towards the TV room, you hear the music. Its loud, much louder than you remember leaving it for them. Also the music sounds much heavier.

"Sigh, if one of you guys touched the remote, there's going to- What the hell?!" You exclaim as you round the corner.
The remote had indeed been moved from the side table onto the couch. However, there's also shit and piss all over the couch where you had left them, but no fluffies.
You notice there is a trail of blood that starts on the floor right by the couch, leading underneath it.
Once you hit the remote, the sounds of some "huu huuu" sobbing can be heard under the couch, where the blood goes. You tilt the couch backwards to see what is going on.
As the light hits them, the three fluffies who had all been covering their eyes like they were hiding, scream "MUNSTA!" and try to continue to run away with their eyes shut.
They can't see where they're going though, and just all run into each other. You might have laughed if they hadn't shat everywhere in fear.
And if you hadn't seen why the fourth wasn't covering his eyes with his hooves.

"Jesus Groot, what happened?!"

Upon hearing your voice, your four fluffies opened their eyes, visibly relieved that it wasn't a "munsta" They all looked very happy, except for Groot, your brown earthy.
You named Groot that because he was large for a fluffy, brown, but also didn't say many words. He wasn't restricted to just three like character he was named after, but still.

"Buu huuu huu, daddeh, weggies owwies! Munsta! Mean floow! Scawie! Owwie!"

"Monster? What monster?" you ask, genuinely confused. FluffTV shouldn't have any shows involving monsters, but then it hit you.
Apparently, this late night version of the singalong was doing all sorts of heavy metal, hardcore music.
That explains the shit all over the couch. They were also so terrified of the "song munstahs" that they jumped off the couch to hide from them.
Groot behind larger and heavier had a harder landing, resulting in him breaking his forelegs. You pick Groot up and wrap him up in a towel nest to help comfort him.
You let the other three fluffies into the safe room for bed time, clean up the mess they made in the TV room, and then take Groot to the nearest 24-hour fluff clinic.

When you arrive at the clinic, you have to wait a good while before you can be seen.
Groot had been comforted by the towel nest, but occaisionally one of the other nearby suffering fluffies would wake him up until he cried himself back to sleep.
Finally, the fluffy vet was able to see you! He examined Groot's injuries and pulled you to one side of the room.

"Sir, your fluffy's legs are nearly shattered. Or, at least the part below what would be their elbow is.
Now, there's not much hope for mending his legs, a cast won't do any good here, there's just too much damage. However, we don't have to amputate the legs entirely.
I've been moonlighting in this clinic to conduct some field research on a new type of prosthetic for fluffies. If you'd like, we can attach them to your fluffy.
If not, you have two options. The first is complete amputation of the front legs, and you can purchase a wheel board for him to move around. The second being pillowing"

You weren't sure about this. You know that Groot wouldn't want to lose any bit of his legs, being the largest of your fluffies with longer legs, he enjoyed outrunning the others.
But... you didn't see any way around this. The vet had shown you the X-rays, there's just too much damage to those bones for them to heal properly.
You shuddered at the thought of pillowing poor Groot, that option is clearly right out. So it comes down to two half legs or two no-legs.

"Tell me more about these prosthetics you've been working on..."

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Gilfifth: So I decided to take the singalong idea and shift it completely into it's own story. Still have no clue what to tag my posts with, but hope you enjoy!
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Anonymous1: Do we get to keep the cut-off parts to eat? Fluffy leg meat makes great stir-fry.

- Reply
RQ: I like this. It's cute, and fluffies also get hurt in it.

I'm not sure what fluffy hardcore would look like, though.
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Anonymous2: I like it.
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NTSNetLink: very promising

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Basswhooper: @Gilfifth: @RQ: In my (infrequently updated) ongoing story, the fluffy actually likes heavy metal.
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Anonymous3: There was a "Phil O'Hanlon, Fluffy Surgeon" story that had some shit about putting something like a beer cozy on a half-limb, but it was skinnier and longer and more padded. He tested them on a mare after cutting off half of all her legs. It turned out to be an effective method of making a fluffy even slower and easier to catch. Then, if you didn't want it to walk, just take away its prosthetic leg/hooves.
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Anonymous4: @RQ I was picturing them making the fluffiest breathe sulfur dioxide or whatever the gas is to make voices deeper and then they just screeeeeeee
- Reply
Gilfifth: @Anonymous: Sulfur hexafluoride, but that's what I was imagining partially too. Also just the loud aggressive music.
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Anonymous5: But how does it taste?
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Gilfifth: @Anonymous: @Gilfifth: I was also picturing the fluffy metal/hardcore bands to be all alicorns, which are already regarded as monsters by fluffies.@Basswhooper:
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