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Soulvei: So... who is this Schafer Araks fayggit? His work is obviously being translated. It's not too shabby.
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Anonymous1: Not credible. A fluff hunter would obviously take a couple to skin and gut and cook over a roaring fire, rather than wasting the fluffy on impalement.

Meat and fur are valuable!
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FoalOut4: @Soulvei: He was posting his work (these same uploads) the other day on 4chan. Not sure if it's the artist, or just an anon uploading them here.
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Anonymous2: good stuff
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Anonymous3: I like it

I like wild fluffies

Its not nearly as overdone as city/suburb-dwelling ferals

Although wouldn't temperament be a bigger problem than typical ferals for wild fluffs?
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Anonymous4: @Anonymous: That'd run all the other fluffies in the area off once they smelled roasting fluffy.
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Anonymous5: Gorgeous.

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AIDS: @Anonymous: Would they be able to tell from the smell, though?

I'd rather assume ferals (and runaways in particular) would be attracted by the scent of food and beg and demand?
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Anonymous6: Nah... I'm not buying your headcannon, even though I appreciate the artwork. A fluffy wouldn't survive ten minutes in the wild where there were actual predators outside of the occasional stray cat or dog, not to mention the terrain alone would probably kill them within days. Fluffies are not made for environments not inhabited by humans and they aren't adaptable. You have to remember they were made, and poorly at that, and have no natural survival instincts or natural adaptability. It's the same reason why they seem so stupid and self-destructive, they literally have no ability for self-preservation outside of scavenging from humans.
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Gardel: @Soulvei: I seen him around /b/, asked if he wanted to join the booru but said he rather keep posting there
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Anonymous7: @Anonymous: Do you even Bowser and Skettiwand?
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